If you’re looking for ideas for a new project or need to finish your homework, a designated and well-planned study room design — one that feels comfortable and allows you to work without interruptions — is exactly what you need.

Things to Consider for a Good Study Room Design

A study room should be well-organised, outfitted and adorned to boost productivity. This does not, however, imply that it must be austere or uninteresting. If the study area is for your children, it should be created with the correct furniture and colour schemes to encourage creativity and concentration. 

However, it is not necessary to have a huge home to have a good study area design. With the correct interior design layout, even a modest home can have an effective study space. You could, for example, convert a corner of your bedroom into a study area design to suit your requirements; all you need is a good desk and comfortable chairs near a natural or artificial light source.

Vastu Tips for Study Room Design

As a rule of thumb, a study room should always be facing the east or the west direction of your home. You should face the north while studying. Try to have your trophies and accolades on the north wall as well. Here are the other things you should remember:

  • Don’t have a door right behind your study chair
  • Don’t have an empty wall in front of the study table. Hang a poster for good vibes
  • Opt for a study table that’s square or rectangular in shape
  • Keep the east and the north walls light, use the south and the west walls for storage and furniture
  • Keep the table lamp on the left side of the study table
  • The colours of the study room design should be subtle

If you need some inspiration, here are six Livspace-designed study room ideas that might do the trick.

Types of Study Room Designs

#1. Abstract Themed Study Room Interior Design

Ergonomically designed furniture can help boost productivity

Your study space should be designed to fit your lifestyle and demands. A desk and chair are the key components of any study room design, and they may make or break you or your child’s work environment. On one hand, the work surface/desk must be sturdy, steady and at the proper height. The chair, on the other hand, must be supportive, comfy and, of course, attractive. That is why custom ergonomic furniture is such a great choice. 

This study room design planned for Mumbai-based Manoj Kanodia is a perfect example of what you need from a simple and spacious study room. It is important to invest in furniture that is ergonomically designed. It helps you to work in comfort and thereby prevents body aches and strains. Ensure that furniture, such as cabinets, chairs, study tables, bookshelves and other items, are created or purchased according to your specifications.

#2. Dedicated Small Study Room Design

A corner desk makes the most of the available space in a small study room design

If you have a small home but still want a quiet study room, then these small study room ideas will definitely help you. A wall-mounted desk and open shelving will help you maximise your space, just like it did for our Delhi-based client, Grishma. A slim workstation against a wall takes up less space and provides a clean, tidy surface on which you can place your laptop. These straightforward design concepts will yield the best outcomes. You can set up a study with everything you need and work in a stress-free environment.

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#3. Luxe Study Room Design With Bright Pops of Colour

A minimalist study room design

One of the most effective strategies to foster a healthy work atmosphere is to keep the study area neat and tidy. Clutter not only clogs up a space and makes it less useful, but it also distracts the mind. Thus, sticking to simple study room design ideas is a good option. In fact, sleek and basic study room decoration can enhance the space much more than bulky or ostentatious alternatives.

Your desk might be as simple as a countertop with no drawers or storage compartments beneath it, just like this home we designed in Bangalore. For a clean aesthetic, one of your walls can have a bright colour and the rest of the walls can be white and basic. White brings a calming energy into any place, which helps you to concentrate!

#4. A Study Room With Plants

Use subtle colours to add a calming vibe to your study area design

Not only do you need to customise your living room to your needs, but also your study space. Find methods to personalise your study room design with items like an area rug, whiteboard, calendars, wall décor and a storage and organisation design plan. Make your study room a reflection of your personality by going all out with the design. To help you move forward with zeal in your work, create vision boards, artwork and inspirational phrases.

Check out this study room we designed for Prashant in Gurgaon. The room is spacious and has a little pop of peach on the wall. Prashant asked us to keep the study room design extremely simple. There is a window to offer a glimpse of the surroundings and relax between work or study. The ergonomic chair and customised cabinet facilitate ease of work, while the indoor plants add a much-needed dose of green.

#5. Study Room Design With Bookshelves

A great study room design idea is to add bookshelves

Make the most of a blank wall by adding a long wall-mounted shelf unit or a slew of storage cubbies for books, office supplies and a few decorations. You can have a simple wall-mounted desk and a couple of stools that fit neatly underneath this desk, depending on our height. Everything you require is located overhead and within easy reach, just like in R Iniyan’s house in Noida. 

#6. Modern Study Room Design

A beautiful study room in brown and white can really jazz things up

If you’ve a tiny spare or a bedroom corner you’d like to utilise better — turn it into a study room. This modern study room features an end-to-end desk and a mixture of open and closed shelves for storage. It also plays with colours, but manages to keep it subtle all the way. Amazing, isn’t it?

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