Whether you’re hunkering down for a serious study sesh or looking for ways to be more productive in your home office, a designated and well-planned study room design is exactly what you need. We’ve done the hard yards and rounded up unique designs that will inspire you to renovate your study room.

Things to consider for a good study room design

The room for studying or working should be well-organised, outfitted and adorned to boost productivity. This does not, however, imply that it must be austere or uninteresting. If the study area is for your children, it should be created with the correct furniture and colour schemes to encourage creativity and concentration. 

However, it is not necessary to have a huge home to have a beautiful room for studying. With the correct interior design layout, even a modest home can have an effective study space. You could, for example, convert a corner of your bedroom or the library room into a study area to suit your requirements; all you need is a good study table in the room and comfortable chairs near a natural or artificial light source.

Vastu tips for study room design

As a rule of thumb, a room for studying should always be facing the east or the west direction of your home. While studying, you should be facing north and try to have your trophies and accolades on the north wall as well. Here are a few Vastu Shastra tips to remember:

  • Don’t have a door right behind your study chair
  • Don’t have an empty wall in front of the study table in the room. Hang motivating posters for inspiration or whiteboards to jot down your eureka moments
  • Opt for a study table that’s square or rectangular in shape
  • Keep the east and north walls light, use south and west walls for storage and furniture
  • Keep the table lamp on the left side of the study table
  • Colours of the study room design should be subtle

Study room design inspirations

#1. Study room with reading nooks

Study rooms that double as reading rooms? Say no more! If shortage of space is not on your list of problems, your room for studying should definitely include a reading nook. Instead of a reading room, a nook in the bedroom allows you to have a change of scenery when you no longer want to be staring at a screen and would like to get some reading done. Reading corners are not just aesthetically pleasing, they also provide a comfortable space for you to curl up with your book. Place your mini reading room next to a window to make use of natural light and enjoy the outdoor views. 

#2. Bedrooms with study area

Bedrooms with study areas for the win
Colour us cosy with eloquent study room designs

You don’t always need a separate room for studying or working. Take inspiration from our bedroom designs which include study areas; they are a great solution when there are a limited number of rooms in the house. They also come to your rescue if you are in need of some extra storage space in the bedroom

Pro-tip: Avoid facing the bed when seated on the study table to avoid getting lured for a quick nap! 

#3. Luxe study room designs

Beige and dark wood elements for a touch of luxe

Who said the study room or reading room designs need to be boring? Turn your little nook of study and work into an elegant space that whispers luxe and finesse. You can achieve the luxe look by incorporating small elements like the plush ruby red chair with a futon or bold blue accent walls. More often than not, it’s the simple things with a royal touch that turn an empty space into a luxurious one. 

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#4. Study room designs with bookshelves

Wondering how to include a library in the room? Look no further! Study rooms or reading rooms are incomplete without bookshelves. Make the most of a blank wall by adding a long wall-mounted shelf unit or a slew of storage cubbies for books, office supplies and a few decorations. You can have a simple wall-mounted desk and a couple of stools that fit neatly underneath, depending on your height. Everything you require is located overhead and within easy reach, just like in R Iniyan’s house in Noida. Installing bookshelves will also turn your space into a library room!

#5. Modern study room designs

Consider incorporating sleek and modular furniture elements into modern study room designs to optimise space and create a contemporary and functional study environment. Make the most of a blank wall by adding a long wall-mounted shelf unit or a slew of storage cubbies for books, office supplies and a few decorations. You can have a simple wall-mounted desk and a couple of stools that fit neatly underneath this desk, depending on our height.

#6. Abstract study room designs

Embrace the avant-garde allure of abstract study room designs – because your reading rooms deserve to be as unique as your personality. Throw away the cookie-cutter ideas and dive headfirst into a world where walls dance with abstract wallpaper, and chairs are functional sculptures that infuse life into your reading room. These designs aren’t just for aesthetics; they’re statements, bold and unapologetic, tailored to fit your lifestyle and artistic flair.

#7: Colourful study room designs

Who said study room designs need to be bland? Break free from the monochrome monotony and splash your rooms with a riot of hues that mirror the vivacity of your mind. Your rooms for studying are also your reading rooms and they deserve to be colourful. So, say goodbye to bland walls and hello to a spectrum of inspiration!

Adding your favourite colours to study rooms is a great way to reflect your personality and individuality. Colours in reading rooms aren’t just visually appealing; they are great mood boosters that bring a fun element to your study and work space. Dive into the vibrant hues and watch as your productivity soars amidst the kaleidoscope of possibilities.

#8: Minimalist study room designs

One of the most effective strategies to foster a healthy work atmosphere is to keep a study space neat and tidy. Clutter not only clogs up a space and makes it less useful but also confuses the mind. As a result, sticking to minimalist room designs is a good option. In fact, sleek and basic study room decoration can enhance the space much more than bulky or ostentatious alternatives.

Minimalist designs to declutter your mind and space

Your study table in the room might be as simple as a countertop with no drawers or storage compartments beneath it, just like this home we designed in Bangalore. For a clean aesthetic, your one wall can have a solid pop colour and the rest can be white or a warm neutral. White brings a calming energy into a place, which is exactly what you need to concentrate on!

#9: Study room designs with a wooden touch

If a rustic look tickles your fancy, look no further! These bespoke study room designs with wooden elements are just what you need. Wood has a timeless appeal that never goes out of style. Whether it’s rustic or polished, wooden elements add a touch of sophistication to any space, creating an atmosphere of enduring elegance in your reading room. The natural warmth of wood infuses the space with a cosy and inviting atmosphere, creating a conducive environment for focused work. Opt for locally sourced or reclaimed wood that contributes to sustainable design practices.

#10: Study room designs for kids

Designing a room for studying for kids is an exciting opportunity to create a space that fosters both learning and imagination. Start with vibrant colours and playful themes to stimulate their creativity. A great way to inculcate organisation skills is to incorporate ample storage solutions with accessible shelves and bins.

Use educational and inspirational elements, such as a world map, educational posters, or a chalkboard for doodling and note-taking. Don’t forget to infuse the room with a touch of whimsy through fun accessories like colourful rugs, bean bags, or wall decals. Personalise the space with their artwork or achievements to create a sense of ownership and pride. 

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