False ceilings have been the rage for quite some time, with options increasing every day. PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride has emerged as a strong contender for materials used to achieve beautiful designs for ceilings. There are many reasons for this, from durability and lightweightness to cost. These innovative, decorative ceiling designs consist of lightweight PVC panels suspended below the original ceiling.

Read on to check out some PVC ceiling design ideas for different areas of your home! 

Cost of a laminate PVC ceiling

The cost range for a laminate PVC ceiling is ₹160 to ₹185 per sq. ft., + 18% GST.*

*These costs are for reference purposes only; exact costs may differ according to location, size of home, nature of requirements, materials/finishes chosen and the scope of work.

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Living area PVC ceiling design #1: Wooden finish

Elevate the look and feel of your living room!

A decorative PVC ceiling design with a wooden panel finish introduces a touch of warmth and sophistication to the living room, seamlessly merging modern design with natural elements. The wooden panels add texture and depth to the ceiling, upping the fanciness factor immensely! Strategically placed false ceiling lights accentuate this focal point, casting a gentle glow that enhances the atmosphere and highlights the elegance of the wooden finish. 

Living area PVC ceiling design #2: Light it up

Light up your living room!

Living room decor with PVC ceilings that have recessed lighting modernises the living room with a sleek design and practicality. The integrated lights discreetly illuminate the space, creating a cosy ambience without sacrificing floor or wall space. This combination of style and functionality enhances your room in more ways than one.

Living area PVC ceiling design #3: Panelling

Panels like these open up your space

A decorative PVC ceiling design with panels and statement lighting brings contemporary elegance to the living room. The smooth PVC panels come with a polished look, along with lights that add depth and allure. This combination elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space and offers practical benefits – such as improved illumination and concealed wiring. Whether for relaxation or socialising, this design upgrade transforms the living room into a sophisticated and inviting retreat.

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Bedroom PVC ceiling design #1: Explore colours

Choose colours and patterns to create a vibe!

An extended bedroom PVC ceiling design with embedded lighting fixtures adds a unique touch to the bedroom, particularly in this deep, rich shade. The extended PVC ceiling design visually enlarges the room. Against the backdrop of a dark-coloured ceiling, the recessed lighting fixtures emit a soft radiance, making it a cosy space. This fusion of elements enhances the bedroom’s visual appeal and offers practical advantages, including improved illumination.

Bedroom PVC ceiling design #2: Try patterns

Class it up with ceilings that suit you

PVC ceiling designs offer a large scope for aesthetics. This innovative design showcases the surprising versatility of PVC, breaking free from plain ceilings, and unleashing a world of creative possibilities. The lightweight and durable nature of PVC is also an added advantage that translates not only to breathtaking aesthetics but also to incredible functionality. Moreover, you can rest assured knowing your tranquil haven is built to last.

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Bedroom PVC ceiling design #3: White party

Ceilings in shades of white for comfort and relaxation

A dreamy bedroom is on everyone’s wishlist – and this PVC ceiling design in crisp white, paired with soft white lighting brings an understated elegance to both the bedrooms. PVC, known for its robustness and longevity, is a reliable choice for overhead installations, guaranteeing years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

The white hue of the ceiling exudes a sense of calm, making the room feel airy. PVC’s lightweight nature simplifies installation, reducing the time and effort required for setup. Additionally, with its ability to withstand moisture and stains, PVC adds practicality to its aesthetic appeal, ensuring a bedroom environment that is both visually pleasing and enduringly comfortable.

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Dining room PVC ceiling design #1: Hanging lights

Make your dining area dazzle

In the dining room, a PVC false ceiling with strategically placed lights brings sophistication and elegance to the space. By incorporating hanging lights and statement pieces, it becomes a focal point making it a great conversation starter perfect for intimate gatherings or elaborate dinner parties.

Dining room PVC ceiling design #2: Brass lights

Choose decor that is one of a kind!

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Consider lights that are beyond the regular for your space. Decorative PVC ceiling design adorned with statement brass lighting fixtures enhances the overall aesthetic. The combination of PVC’s versatility and brass’s timeless elegance creates a unique and visually striking design. When combined with the warm glow of lights, you are left with a luxurious dining area.

Dining room PVC ceiling design #3: Circular design

The options are endless!

This circular decorative PVC ceiling design is not just unique because of its shape, but it also adds a dynamic visual element to the space, instantly capturing attention and adding a touch of contemporary flair. Complemented by recessed lighting fixtures, the circular layout creates a harmonious blend of form and function. Together, these design elements elevate the dining room’s aesthetic appeal.

Kids’ room PVC ceiling design #1: Explore joy

Decorate for joy

One of the most popular trends for kids’ rooms is experimenting with shapes and shades. Transform kids’ rooms into a whimsical wonderland with a PVC ceiling design featuring charming shapes of flowers and clouds. This playful design adds a touch of magic and imagination to the space, captivating young minds and inspiring creativity.

Paired with recessed lighting, the ceiling illuminates the room with a soft glow, creating a cosy environment for bedtime stories and dream-filled adventures. With its delightful shapes and gentle lighting, this PVC false ceiling design transforms the kids’ room into a magical sanctuary where imagination can run free.

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Kids’ room PVC ceiling design #2: Splash of creativity

A room full of creativity

Let your child’s room bloom with creativity and joy by installing a PVC false ceiling designed with enchanting natural motifs. Complementing the brightly coloured walls adorned with pastel hues in playful shapes, this imaginative combination sets the stage for endless fun and exploration.

Kids’ room PVC ceiling design #3: Carve corners

Room corners never looked better!

Paired with strategically placed drop lights, this design creates a captivating focal area, perfect for showcasing special, meaningful objects, or reading. This PVC false ceiling design with a combination of natural elements and lighting transforms the kids’ room into a serene oasis where adventure awaits around every corner.

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