Have you ever glanced around your bedroom and wished it looked like something straight out of a fairytale? If you have been working up a Pinterest board that is chock full of ideas, it might just be time to transform your drab bedroom into a dream room. 

We can give you a hand with this curated list of dreamy bedroom ideas from the best #LivspaceHomes. 

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #1: Pristine White
dream room-white wall ideas-white wall moulding ideas
The whites in this bedroom are teeming with texture

An all-white dream room complete with billowing curtains, needs gold or brown accents to offset the expansive feeling it renders. Instead of using multiple, small, textured objects, turn a large intricate wall panel into the focal point of the room.

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #2: The Funky Dream Room
dream room-red wallpaper ideas-four poster bed designs
A fairytale bed surrounded by kaleidoscopic patterns

Funky patterns and bold colors offer a contemporary vibe to this room. A classic four poster bed in contrast to the rest of the room, anchors this type of home room design that draws inspiration from fairytales.

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #3: Cappuccino Cove
dream room-pink headboard designs-sheer drape designs
Tinges of pink and diffused sunlight make a perfect setting for daydreams

Coffee may not be great for sound sleep but cappuccino can surely lace your dreams with sugar! This colour has a pink undertone, which when paired with a dusty pink headboard, and topped with textured pillows and a duvet, can result in your dream room.

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #4: A Pop of Pink
dream room-white wall ideas-white furniture designs
The vibrant pink of the canopy is the centerpiece of this room

A simple curtain over a pull-out bed can function as wall decor, and create a dreamy effect when used as a canopy. But the game-changer for this room is the vibrance of the pink that contrasts with the whites. It seems like the perfect dream room for a little girl! 

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #5: The Illusion of Space
dream room-grey headboard designs-wall mirror ideas
The upholstered headboard adds oodles of cosiness to this room

Create depth and dimension in a small room with the clever use of horizontal lines. Install long floating shelves over an end-to-end cabinet across the bed, and include a headboard that extends to the ceiling to make your dream room appear larger.

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #6: The Dream Room Canopy
dream room-white bed designs-white canopy designs
A Grecian combination of white and blue spells magic

When there’s not enough space for a four-poster bed, push your bed against a corner, and opt for white canopy curtains to still enjoy that dreamy vibe.

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #7: Golden Polka Dreams
dream room-polka dotted wallpaper designs-wooden flooring designs
A touch of gold to glam up pastels

A splash of gold can elevate your bedroom instantly. From polka dotted wallpaper, to industrial pendant lighting, the gold hues in this room lend a touch of regalia to the softest of home room designs.

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #8: Floral Feature
dream room-floral wallpaper designs-white curtain ideas
Lacy curtains layer the floral prints in this room

Feature walls are a great way to spruce up your room. Pastel hues lend an understated, almost vintage look, whereas bright, contrasting colours gives you a bold, vibrant look. But don’t forget the bunched curtains that lend a dream-like aura to this bright room. 

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #9: The Colour Blocked Dream Room
dream room-personalised wall ideas-false ceiling designs
Baby pinks and greys have a sedative effect on this room

Distinguish your space by colour-blocking different sections of the room. The combination of pink and grey ensures a cheery, relaxing atmosphere, while the cool white walls around the desk offer a distraction-free space to study or work.

Dreamy Bedroom Ideas #10: Simple & Whimsical
dream room-white bed designs-sheer curtain designs
The contrast of orange wallpaper and white bed works for this room

Minimal decor can lend a sense of calm to a room. A chic white cot with patterned linen offers character to the space, alongside a simple accent wall. White sheer curtains will allow diffused light into this room, adding an aura of romance to it. 

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