Tired of walking into your bedroom and seeing the same old thing, but don’t have the budget for a YouTube style makeover? Then it’s time to upgrade your bedroom design on a shoestring budget. Here are some great ideas to reinvent your cosy bedroom.

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget #1: Change the layout
bedroom makeover ideas on a budget-window-bed placement
Wake up to sunlight for brighter days

Moving around your furniture is a simple, yet effective upgrade. Re-position your bed against the wall that’s opposite your window to experience the refreshing morning sunlight. You can also try breaking up the space with a folding screen to create multi-functional areas.

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget #2: Repurpose old furniture
bedroom makeover ideas on a budget-repurpose furniture-accent chair
Add a cosy reading corner

Reuse furniture and decor from other rooms in your bedroom design. If you have extra, but unused seating in the living room, bring it to your bedroom and hang a simple pendant light to create a cosy reading spot. Alternatively, you could also turn a few old crates into a lovely accent table. Check out Nutcase, Basant and Kapoor Lights for some nice options for pendant lights and table lamps.

Market price range: ₹ 500 onward

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget #3: Feature walls
bedroom makeover ideas on a budget-feature wall-wallpaper
Give your walls a much needed facelift

Transform an unused wall into a feature wall, to upgrade your bedroom design. Paint it a different accent shade, or opt for wallpapers for an inexpensive, yet effective statement of luxury. Wall decals are also a fantastic budget-friendly option for modern homes. You can check out wall decals from Gloob Decor and Wall Design. Alternatively, Artisan and Talking Textures have nice wallpapers to choose from.

Market price range: ₹ 300 onward

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget #4: Clever storage options
bedroom makeover ideas on a budget-chest of drawers-bedroom furniture
For those with a little extra space

Storage is essential for a good bedroom design, but your choices must also complement the aesthetic. Clever pieces of furniture that also double as storage can free up a lot of room. For instance, some ottomans and poufs allow you to store extra blankets and pillows within. You can also add a versatile piece of furniture like a chest of drawers.

Market price range: Ottomans with storage start from ₹ 500 onward

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget #5: Add pretty lighting
bedroom makeover ideas on a budget-pendant lights-bedside lights
Your bedroom deserves better lighting

String lights or scented candles can make a huge difference to your bedroom design. You can also add a little extra lighting in your bedroom to make it feel brighter. Strip lights under your bed or behind the headboard can lend an opulent aesthetic. You can purchase LED strip lights from Philips at an affordable rate.

Market price range: ₹ 400 onward

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget #6: Switch the knobs
wardrobe handles-door knobs
A simple yet effective update

Replacing knobs on your wardrobes and dressers can immediately change the vibe of your room. Sleek, modern knobs work well for contemporary homes, while a metallic or antique finish suits most homes with a lot of woodwork.

Market price range: ₹ 600 for a set of two

Bedroom makeover ideas on a budget #7: Add greenery
It’s always a good idea to add greens

Plants are a great way to incorporate colour and life into your bedroom design. Simple succulents or cacti are hardy plants that require very little maintenance. On the other hand, good quality imitation plants are also excellent alternatives!

Market price range: ₹ 300 onward

We hope you enjoyed these charming yet affordable bedroom makeover ideas on a budget. What are you waiting for? Go on and have a bedroom makeover today!

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