What is that one thing that binds us urbanites together? Yes, it’s the shared joy of a cramped rental apartment! Frankly, there is nothing more annoying than stubbing your toe against your bed because your bedroom is too small. Yes, we’ve all been there before. And there’s not much you can do about it, because the space isn’t yours! So we stick to superficial changes. Small bedroom designing for rental homes can be quite fun if you have the right advice. These 6 amazing budget décor ideas will transform your small bedroom into a stunning haven!

Bedroom Designing Idea #1: The Walls

Walls maketh or breaketh a room! When you enter a room, the first thing you notice is the walls. Beautiful wall décor can make even the plainest of rooms look like a masterpiece! But when you live in a rental home, your landlord’s rules will not allow you to paint or make other permanent changes to your walls. So here are some wall design tips that are temporary but look amazing!

bedroom designing-bed-wallpaper
Neutral wallpapers can open up a space!
  • While painting may not be allowed in your rental home, it doesn’t mean you can’t change your walls. As tenants, wallpapers are your best friend! Gorgeous, low cost and versatile, the right wallpaper can revamp your small bedroom design.

Look for light, neutral shades and small patterns which will make your bedroom look bigger.

The best part about wallpapers? They are removable and will cause no damage to your walls!

small bedroom design-side table-table lamp-wall sticker
Wall stickers are a more convenient version of wallpapers
  • Don’t fancy a complete transformation of your walls with wallpaper? Opt for wall stickers/decals instead. Available in unique designs and patterns, they can add that burst of joy on your walls with minimal effort. Choose simple and elegant designs which will go with the walls of your small rental bedroom. 
bedroom interior design-blue wall-gold wall decor-cushions
Statement pieces for your walls can take your room from ‘bleh’ to ‘WOW’!
  • Statement wall décor pieces too can highlight any wall. Décor items from Amazon and thrift stores are also very cost-effective.

Invest in some 3M command hooks so that you can decorate your walls without having to drill a hole, lest you lose your deposit.

bedroom designing-wall mirror
Mirrors create the illusion of space
  • Here’s a design tip for you – mirrors can make the smallest of spaces look big by creating the illusion of space. If you can, try to get yourself a full-length mirror which will give a spacious look. If that isn’t possible, a small wall mirror/ or a long floor mirror will also do the job. Look for some statement piece to add some glamour to your walls.
small bedroom design-bed-wall photo gallery-side table
Create a wall of memories
  • A simple DIY small bedroom design option is to create a photo gallery on your walls. You can create the look you want by using simple, glam or quirky photo frames.
bedroom interior design-wall mounted cabinet-open and closed units
Save space while creating a unique look
  • One of the most important tips to design a small space is to look for multi-functional décor items. So, why not get some wall-mounted cabinets in bright colours? Available on Amazon in multiple designs, these serve the dual purpose of looking trendy and providing storage and display space.

Bedroom Designing Idea #2: The Floor

The next part of your bedroom designing plan for a small rental room is the floor. Here are some flooring décor tips that are easy to implement and look amazing!

bedroom designing-bed-blue rug
Rugs make great decor pieces!
small bedroom design-carpet-bed
A cosy look!
  • What is a cost-effective and easy way to decorate your floor? Rugs and carpets, of course! Be it a small rug or a full carpet, these decorative items are a must-have for your small bedroom design. 
bedroom interior design-cushions-candle-flowers
So comfy!
  • Your mother might be unimpressed by you keeping pillows on the floor, but trust us, if done properly, these can look stunning! Throw in some colourful cushions and add decor items for a striking look.

Bedroom Designing Idea #3: The Windows

When your bedroom is compact, the biggest mistake you can make is to create a dark ambience. Let in the sunlight and watch your small bedroom design change into a bright and spacious area.

bedroom designing-long blue curtains-sheer drapes-bed
A combination of long and sheer curtains will make a space look big and bright
  • When we talk bedroom designing for small rooms, curtains can play a pivotal role.

While choosing curtains for a small bedroom, keep two things in mind – the curtains should create the illusion of height and let in ample sunlight.

 Floor-length curtains in a solid colour, vertical stripes or minimal designs are your best option. You can also add a sheer drape that will allow light in while maintaining your privacy. 

small bedroom design-potted plants
A dash of fresh green!
  • A dash of green can do wonders to make your small bedroom design look trendy! Make good use of your windowsill by placing some low-maintenance potted plants like the snake plant and money plant. Some fresh plants are a great way to dress up your windows while ensuring an ample supply of oxygen in your home. 
bedroom interior design-fairy lights-window-cushions
A magical space!
  • And finally, fairy lights! For all those living in rentals, fairy lights must already be a major part of your bedroom decor. Just hang a string of twinkly lights over your windows for a magical look.

Bedroom Designing Idea #4: The Furniture

The right furniture is key to creating a unique and homely space. However, in small rental bedrooms, there are several constraints like space constraints and landlord rules. Here are some smart furniture tips that will not take up too much space in your bedroom.

bedroom designing-yellow hydraulic bed-yellow side table cum dresser
The side table cum dresser is a smart furniture choice!
  • The most important furniture in your bedroom is obviously the bed. Considering the space constraints, hydraulic beds are the best option for you.

Hydraulic beds come with storage, which helps you save on space.

If you want to add some drama to your small bedroom design, choose a bed in a bright, peppy colour.

small bedroom design-wall mounted display unit-lighting
Space-efficient and classy!
  • Next, we come to display units. In large bedrooms, there is ample space to install cabinets and display your curios. Not so in small bedrooms. But a small space does not mean you cannot do some trendy bedroom designing!

In small rooms, utilise vertical space instead of horizontal space.

Look for sleek wall-mounted units to display your curios that will not take up too much space.

bedroom interior design-bed-side table-cum-seating
Save space with furniture that serves multiple purposes
  • Another important trick for a small bedroom is to look for integrated furniture. Save on both space and cost by opting for furniture that serves more than one purpose.
bedroom designing-sleek storage-vertical storage
Sleek and minimal
  • When your bedroom is tiny, space-saving furniture will come to your rescue! Steer clear from bulky furniture that takes up too much space. Instead, look for sleek options that can fit into corners and narrow spaces.
small bedroom design-football bean bag-bed
So playful!
bedroom interior design-pouffe-bed
Colourful pouffes look lively in a small room
  • Love entertaining your friends, but no space to add seating in your bedroom? Instead of heavy chairs, get some bean bags, ottomans and pouffes in quirky colours. You can move these under the bed when not in use, thereby avoiding clutter.

Bedroom Designing Idea #5: The Cosy Nook

A bedroom is a place where we eat, sleep and rejuvenate. And in case you share the rental home with other flatmates, you must create your personal nook in your bedroom itself. So, here are some ideas to create a cosy nook in your small bedroom. 

bedroom designing-blue accent chair-table
Enjoy a hot cup of tea!
  • If you have a gigantic window in your bedroom, take full advantage of it! Place a statement chair beside the window along with a small table for a comfortable and relaxing space. On rainy days, sit back with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the weather outside. 
small bedroom design-daybed
Sit or sleep, it’s your wish!
  • For those lazy ones who can never get out of bed, a small daybed is a great option. Place it in a corner or beside the window. A daybed will give you the motivation to get out of bed while also giving you the flexibility to lie down if you tire of your day!
bedroom interior design-floor seating-cushions
Sit back and relax!
  • But what if you just don’t have enough space for these extra furniture pieces? Not a problem! While bedroom designing, create your personal corner by throwing in a quilt, some pillows and a table on which you can keep your coffee.
small bedroom design-book corner-armchair-cabinet-books
The perfect corner for bibliophiles!
  • We bibliophiles love our cosy corners, don’t we? If you have a limitless collection of books, invest in a small bookshelf or cabinet. You can also look at wall-mounted options if space is scarce. Place an armchair beside the cabinet where you can sit and get lost in your favourite book!

Bedroom Designing Idea #6: The Lighting

And finally, the lighting! Proper lighting can brighten up boring spaces and create a glam look. Dim spaces look smaller than they actually are. Thus, perfect lighting is a must for your small bedroom design. 

bedroom designing-bed-sconce light-side table
Light up the room!
  • Sconces are the perfect option if you want to light up your small bedroom.

Being wall-mounted, sconce lights do not take up any space.

The best thing about these lights is that they are not glaringly bright, drawing attention away from the smallness of the room. 

small bedroom design-table lamp-side table
An easy and budget option!
  • The next obvious option is table lamps. Cost-effective and available everywhere, table lamps serve as a great decor piece. The only drawback about a table lamp is that you can only invest in one if you have enough space for a side table.
bedroom designing-pendant lights-bed
An intimate ambience
  • Want to give your small rental bedroom a glamorous, hotel-like look? Some classy pendant lights are the perfect option for you! These lights look sophisticated and create an intimate ambience.

More lighting tips:

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