When you think about designing or redesigning your bedroom, your mind probably has a thousand ideas. All the décor has to match, the colour palette has to be balanced, the space should be visually aesthetic and so on. While ticking off all these boxes may seem overwhelming, they’re not impossible if you pick simple bedroom design ideas. 

The key to beauty is simplicity. Bedrooms are supposed to be about comfort and convenience. But, when the topic of designing an Indian home comes up, simple is far from what we envision. Although it is tempting to fill your home with a bit of drama. But, if you pick a high-maintenance bedroom design, you will have to invest time and energy in cleaning it. Considering our busy lives, one must keep an open mind to trying simple bedroom design ideas that are affordable to begin with and also easy to maintain in the long run.  

We at Livspace, specialise in making basic yet beautiful homes. And the following are some of our best ideas for bedroom designs that are easy to maintain.

#1: Simple Bedroom Design With Plenty of Natural Light

Amplify space & light with tall windows

Let’s start with the basics. Along with space, the one thing we all want in our bedroom is ample natural light. No one wants to be utilizing electricity all day, not when we are all deficient in vitamin D.  Build your windows in a way that the grid is minimal, and the window frame takes up almost the entire wall of your bedroom. Amplify the light in your bedroom by pulling the blinds away and pushing your curtains right up to the ceiling. This will not only light up your space but also create the illusion of more visual space  in your bedroom. Not only does your bedroom look brighter now, but it also looks more spacious! 

#2: Laminate Flooring for an Easy-to-clean Bedroom

Laminate flooring is affordable and easy to clean

Functionality is one of the most important things to consider when designing your bedroom. One modern bedroom idea you can incorporate is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring, and also isn’t quite the hassle to clean up. While you have to keep in mind that you cannot use water or harsh abrasives on the flooring, you can simply wring a microfiber cloth until it’s almost completely dry and mop it up easily. The most amazing part about laminate flooring is that you don’t really have to mop it every single day unless there’s a stain on it, and it adds great spatial and visual appeal to the room. If you go for a lighter brown with your flooring, it brightens up the room.

#3: Simple Bedroom Design Ideas for an All-white Bedroom

White is not one colour but a spectrum of shades!

A brilliant contemporary bedroom design is to experiment with an all-white bedroom. More white means more reflected light in the bedroom. It’s important to remember that all-white bedrooms don’t have to be boring because white has many shades. You can layer your bedroom with different shades of white and add texture and drama wherever needed to create visual interest.  


Use easy-to-clean finishes like acrylic, laminate and washable soft furnishings so that you can keep your whites spotless clean. 

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#4: Budget-Friendly Laminate Finish for Bedroom

Affordable laminate finish wardrobe and study unit for bedroom

Just see the amount and variety of storage in that wardrobe! Wondering if it costs a bomb? It actually doesn’t because of the affordable laminate finish used here. The simplest bedrooms are beautiful because they have the most usable designs.

#5: Simple Bedroom Design With Pop of Colour

A pop of colour in a small bedroom

For a lot of middle-class Indian homes, colour is a non-negotiable factor. The key is to maintain a balance. If you’d love to move away from an all-white or neutral design, take it one step at a time. A great idea for bedrooms could be adding one or two solid pop colours. You can add them to create a focal point and to compliment the other primary colour in your bedroom. Add a bright colour against a neutral tone and you have a beautiful pop of colour in your bedroom.

#6: Unique Modern Bedroom Design With Low-height Bed

Using low-height furniture can help you connect with your core

An out of the box idea for a simple bedroom design is to simply lower your bed and prop it up against a corner wall. Utilise and accommodate the spatial angles in your bedroom to create a cosy corner for yourself. Layer up the bed with fluffy pillows and cushions and create a colour palette that works for you. You can also use the vertical space left free now to create storage or display art to add some style to your bedroom.

#7: HIS and HER Bedroom Design

A bedroom with ample storage space for both him and her

Storage space is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a bedroom and its functionality. This is especially true if you want to prevent battles over closet space with your spouse. You can always utilise the space around your bed to create some extra storage for yourself and the missus/mister. His and her wardrobes are the trend in modern bedroom designs.


The sliding shutters here allow this bedroom to have two wardrobes.

#8: Build Smart With Wall-to-Wall Wardrobes for Small Bedrooms

Wall-to-wall wardrobe for small bedrooms

If you’re looking for a smart option to utilise all the space you have in your bedroom, a wall-to-wall wardrobe is a perfect idea. They not only maximise storage space and save floor space but also give your bedroom a fourth wall that is different from the others. In this bedroom, the wardrobe adds to the colour palette that is chosen for the room décor beautifully.

#9: A Bedroom With Warm Wooden Finishes

Wood finishing for the floor and furniture

To create continuity of design in your bedroom, take wooden finishes one step further. Team up your flooring with the furniture in your bedroom. Amplifying the brown tones will not only create a beautiful neutral-toned brown base palette for your bedroom, but it will also give your room consistency in design. You can always balance the browns with blues by adding a rug and curtains for a pop of colour.

#10: Declutter and Decorate Your Bedroom

Keep the bare essentials in your room

A no-nonsense approach to simple bedroom design would be to maintain a bare-essential-minimalist kind of space. Keeping your space clutter-free and stored away is one way to make your bedroom look spacious and sleek. Decrease the clutter by keeping only what is absolutely needed at arm’s length, and the rest can go into storage perpendicular to your bed, or under it.  Not to mention, a decluttered bedroom is much, much easier to keep clean. 

#11: Floating Furniture for Small Bedrooms

Empty floor space with floating furniture

Another way to make your bedroom look stylish and spacious is to use floating furniture. Floating furniture is quite the modern-urban trend we see in middle-class Indian households. It helps to make your bedroom look roomier and also very chic. It optimises the space and creates pathways for traffic flow around the room.


Along with the floating bed frame, get a bedside table mounted against the wall, above which you can install sconces for lighting. The novel look helps establish zones in the bedroom. 

#12: Glossy Finish for Small Bedroom Design

Stylish acrylic wardrobe shutters for glossy reflective look

If you want to move away from the traditional wooden look, you can always go for acrylic wardrobe finish and match the neutral tones with your décor. This beautiful acrylic sliding wardrobe neutral creamy peach shade goes hand-in-hand with the dusty pink headboard and the white and cream coloured cushions. This can help you create a monochrome palette and give you a simple bedroom design without too much hassle.


Reflective and glossy finishes make small bedrooms look larger. 

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