The search for gender-neutral bedrooms for couples has led to an intriguing discovery of colors, pattern, and aesthetics. No one wants a room that’s overtly feminine or masculine.

But when pretty curves meet stark architectural lines, there’s sure to be an outburst of aesthetics. So, below are fun and stylish gender neutral decor ideas for your bedroom that truly harnesses the best of both worlds.

Popular Colours for Gender Neutral Bedrooms for Couples

Bedrooms for Couples #1: Spotless White

Gender Neutral Bedrooms for Couples-exposed brick wallpaper-display shelf-wooden bed-pendant lights
Industrial design

White never goes out of style, so it quite easily finds its place on our list of gender neutral bedrooms for couples. This industrial design comes complete with an exposed brick wall and a pair of pendant lights, making it look as pretty as a picture!

Bedrooms for Couples #2: Brown-eyed Beauty

Gender neutral bedrooms for couples-brown headboard-abstract wallpaper-orange chair
Earthy tones make for a soothing room

If you’re a couple who loves warm tones, then this one’s for you! A beautiful blend of masculine and feminine aesthetics are reflected in the burnished browns and abstract prints. A break from the overall scheme are hints of white used on the TV unit, linen and the walls.

Bedrooms for Couples #3: A Pop of Colour

Gender neutral bedrooms for couples-grey textured wallpaper-blue velvet headboard-upholsterd furniture
Textured wallpaper with a pop of colour

If you love your neutrals but still want a pop colour and plush fabrics, this one’s for you! Backed by a textured grey wallpaper with MDF detailing on the wall, the blue velvet headboard creates a pop of colour.

Decor Styles for Gender Neutral Bedrooms for Couples

Bedrooms for Couples #1: Modern Melody

Gender neutral bedroom for couples-grey headboard-mirrors-wooden flooring-plants
Modern decor

This bedroom decor is infused with elements that are a win-win for both partners. From the herringbone-patterned chic headboard to identical mirrors on either side of the bed, with subtle grey patterns on the curtains, such decor ranks high on our list of gender neutral bedrooms for couples.

Bedrooms for Couples #2: Contemporary Chic

Gender neutral bedrooms for couples-marble wallpaper-white bed-bay seating
Marble-textured wallpaper adds to the sophistication

A fresh, snowy white bed with matching furniture and linens creates a restful appearance. But if you think it needs that ‘wow’ factor, throw in a statement wallpaper. Take a cue from this marble-textured wallpaper that makes this room look straight out of a hotel!

Bedrooms for Couples #3: Desi Touch

wooden bed-cream wallpaper-traditional design
The quintessential desi touch

Imagine walking in and out of your very own suite every day? This bedroom exudes understated luxury through every very fiber of the hotel-like space. Packed with rich tones of beige and creams, this gender neutral bedroom has a plush muted palette that’s  ideal for a couple with very refined taste.

Stop the endless nitpicking between your partner and you on what should stay and leave your bedroom. Use our all-encompassing decor ideas for gender neutral bedrooms to pick the right look that fits the likes of both of you.

Now that you’ve picked your bedroom decor, what about the furniture? Check out The Rule of Five for Bedroom Furniture for ideas!

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