A bedroom is one of the most personal spaces we spend most of our time in. Whether you’re just winding down after a long day or simply getting a good sleep in, it is the most sought-after space we retreat to. It’s no surprise that we want this space to be clutter-free and organised. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist or simply looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered with a list of space saving beds.

So, if you’re ready to turn your room into a space saving adventure, grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and read on! 

Space saving beds #1: Murphy bed

Use wall space instead of floor space with Murphy beds

Ever heard of Murphy beds? No, they’re not secret agents, but they might as well be. With a flick and a fold, they vanish into the wall, embracing the essence of minimalist interior design. These space saving wall mounted beds are true game changers as they unlock an abundance of floor space when tucked into the wall. When it comes down to picking the best space saving beds, the Murphy bed lives at the top of the list.

Space saving beds #2: Bed with storage drawers

Turning the under-bed space into a chic storage unit

The best space saving beds are the ones that come with in-built storage drawers. It transforms the often-overlooked area beneath your bed into a treasure chest for seasonal clothing, extra bedding, shoes and accessories. Why let go of that extra space inside the bed when you can turn it into a storage unit? The beauty of this space saver bed lies in its subtlety as it becomes a multifunctional unit. It offers both a cosy space for rest and a hidden storage hub that keeps your bedroom space neat and organised. 

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Space saving beds #3: Bunk bed with storage

Infuse some fun with colourful bunk beds with storage

Bunk beds are turning out to be an evergreen option in the list of space saving beds. The stacked design isn’t just a cosy cocoon for bedtime stories, but it also liberates additional floor space for playtime. Let your children’s imaginations fly high as bunk beds turn into fortresses, rocket ships, or secret hideouts, adding an element of excitement to the room. Opt for bunk beds with storage to stack away all toys, especially the painful LEGO bricks we constantly step on!

Space saving beds #5: Bed with headboard storage

Opt for beds with headboard storage to maximise space

Beds with headboard storage are designed to optimise space by incorporating functional storage compartments into the headboard. The headboard typically features shelves, drawers, or cubbies that provide convenient storage for books, electronic devices, bedtime essentials, or decorative items. These space saver beds prove particularly practical for bedrooms with limited space, where standalone bookshelves or bedside tables might be impractical. They provide a stylish and streamlined solution to keep personal items within easy reach, maintaining a clutter-free environment. These beds serve a dual purpose by not only offering practicality but also becoming the focal point of the bedroom, enhancing both functionality and design.

Space saving beds #6: Trundle bed

Get two beds for the space of one with trundle beds

Who would have thought that the space underneath our beds could be utilised to fit in another bed? That’s exactly what trundle beds do! It fits two beds by using the floor space of one. These space saver beds are a great fit for kids’ rooms to host slumber parties and playdates. Or even sneak in a nap time with our furry friends. Fret no more about surprise guests popping by as trundle beds come to your rescue. So, say goodbye to “where’s everyone going to sleep?” dilemmas and hello to a room that’s always ready for the ultimate sleepover adventure!

Space saving beds #7: Bed with bookshelves

Your favourite reads are now just an arm’s reach away

Book lovers rejoice as this bed is what your dreams are made of! Now you can have your books within arm’s reach with the multifunctional bed with bookshelves. The integration of a bookshelf directly into the bed frame allows for convenient organisation and access to books, personal items, or decorative items without requiring additional floor space. This type of bed is ideal for individuals who value both functionality and aesthetics, as it adds a decorative element to the room while providing a smart storage solution.

Space saving beds #8: Sofa bed

Space saving sofa beds for the win

If your living room and bedrooms have limited space, space saving sofa beds, also known as sleeper sofas or pull-out sofas, are the ultimate solution. During the day, the sofa serves as comfortable seating for socialising or relaxing, and at night, it can be transformed into a bed for sleeping. This versatile design plays a crucial role in smaller living spaces, like studio apartments or guest rooms, where maximising functionality is essential. Students or young professionals particularly favour these space-saving beds, as they can accommodate overnight guests without the need for a separate guest bed. Sofa beds come in various styles and sizes, providing options for different room aesthetics and spatial requirements.

Space saving beds #9: Bed with hydraulic lifting storage

Lifting is made easy with hydraulic lifting storage beds

A bed with hydraulic lifting storage incorporates storage space beneath the mattress, accessible through a hydraulic lifting mechanism. More importantly, the hydraulic mechanism effortlessly lifts the mattress and bed frame, making them accessible for all. Utilise the under-bed storage to stow away items like bedding, clothing, or other personal belongings, aiding in decluttering the bedroom and maintaining an organised space. Beds with hydraulic lifting storage are especially popular in smaller living spaces where optimising every inch of available room is crucial.

Space saving beds #10: Loft bed

Elevate your space, quite literally, with loft beds

Elevate your bed to create usable space underneath with loft beds, which effectively maximise room space, making them particularly advantageous in smaller living quarters. This design finds common use in college dorms, studio apartments, and children’s bedrooms. Get creative with the area underneath the beds and transform them into a cozy study nook, home library, play area, or chic storage unit. Loft beds, renowned for their versatility, offer an efficient solution to optimise both floor space and functionality in a room. Assemble them carefully and take necessary safety precautions to prevent accidents, as with any elevated furniture.

Space saving beds #11: Twin Triple Bunk Bed

Fret no more about the shortage of space – twin triple bunk beds are here!

What’s better than a single loft bed? A triple loft bed! Whether you’re a joint family or have frequent sleepovers, triple loft beds are a great addition to your bedroom space. The multipurpose nature of these beds often incorporates features like desks or storage beneath, contributing to a functional and organised living environment.

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