Compact homes have become increasingly popular among new homeowners and city dwellers and that’s not just because of affordability. People now prefer compact homes for easy maintenance and simple living. As a result, we find many homeowners looking for space-saving furniture ideas and designs that are practical and serve multiple purposes. This is why we’re here to tell you the different kinds of smart furniture ideas to look for when you’re furnishing a compact home.

You need furniture that makes the most of every inch available while also being multipurpose and stylish. So, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite space-saving furniture for small apartments to create an uncluttered and storage-intensive home.

1: Make Use of a Drop-Leaf Table

Go for smart furniture ideas like the drop-leaf style of design for your tables

A clever example of space-saving furniture design is the drop-leaf table. Its innovative design is perfect for small spaces as it offers added counter space without being bulky. If you’re in the market for space-saving furniture ideas, you certainly do not want to miss out on this design.

2: Consider Using a Pull-Out Kitchen Table

Use a space-saving furniture design that also doubles as extra counter space in small kitchens

Small kitchens are most often in need of space-saving furniture ideas that ensure the space doesn’t look cluttered. Luckily, this can easily be achieved with an extendable kitchen table. This is one of those smart furniture ideas that can serve more than one purpose — like this extendable table can also double up as a breakfast counter! It all depends on how you install it.

3: Go for Stackable Chairs

You can stack your chairs over each other to make more room in open layouts

Apart from investing in space-saving furniture ideas, you can also explore making your existing furniture serve your space better. A good example of this would be by stacking your kitchen chairs when they’re not in use. Consider employing this tip as part of the planning for your space-saving furniture for small apartments and it can easily help clear up more space.

4: Use a Space-Saving Desk

A customised desk can be a great option for space-saving furniture for small apartments

Not all space-saving furniture ideas need to be elaborate or intricately designed. In some cases, you can even implement simple customised furniture solutions for your space, like this space-saving desk. Throw in a wide shelf or a sleek table top in any unused corner of your room to create a simple workstation.

5: Explore a Storage Bed

Beds with hydraulic storage, drawers, and lift up units add plenty of storage to a bedroom

Why occupy more floor space with bulky storage units when you can invest in a useful hydraulic bed for your space-saving furniture ideas? With this, you can stow away clothing items, shoes and even suitcases for the season. Storage beds also come with drawers or pull-outs, open and lift-up units, making them a great space saver for bedroom furniture.

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6: Murphy Bed as a Space Saver for Bedroom Furniture

Even tiny rooms can make the most of their space with a pull-down Murphy bed

Besides a hydraulic bed, another type of modern space-saving furniture you can explore for the bedroom is the Murphy bed. Murphy beds are great space-saving furniture ideas that can help open up the floor space in a compact room, as the bed itself retracts into the wall when not in use. 

7: Try a Pull-Out Sofa Bed

A pull-out bed is one of the easiest space-saving furniture ideas to use

When it comes to space-saving living room ideas, you definitely want to consider a futon or a sofa bed. Both these space-saving furniture ideas offer multipurpose utility to the room, as they can be used as a bed or as seating, depending on the situation. You can even use them in spare rooms or study rooms so they can double as space-saver bedroom furniture.

8: Tables With Built-In Storage

You can choose between open-storage tables or concealed table designs

Space-saving furniture ideas can even be as simple as using tables that come with storage solutions. You can either go for modern space-saving furniture with built-in storage, or keep it simple with an open-storage coffee table. 

9: Save Space With a Multipurpose Crib

Plan ahead with a multipurpose crib and save precious space in a growing child’s room

The more space-saving furniture ideas you use in the baby’s room, the better. You can make this possible by looking for a crib that comes with concealed drawers to hold toys and other items. This type of space-saver bedroom furniture is especially helpful as it can open up the rest of the room for playing and other activities. 

10: Make More Room With Bunk Beds

Just as storage takes on vertical alignment, the same goes for your beds

It’s better to embrace vertical space-saving furniture ideas when it comes to children’s rooms since they require sufficient floor space to play. This is why a bunk bed makes a great fit for a kid’s room. 

11: Experiment With Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are the most common space-saving furniture designs you’ll find

Nothing says space-saving furniture design like a pair of nesting tables! Tables that offer this ability work especially well in compact rooms with insufficient space for coffee tables. You can keep them nestled when not in use and bring them out as space-saving furniture ideas when you have company. 

12: Conceal Storage With a Pop-Up Coffee Table

Keep your items and accessories hidden from view with a pop-up coffee table

If your living room doubles up as your workspace, a pop-up coffee table is one of the best space-saving furniture ideas you’ll find. All you need to do is pop the top and use it as a heightened table while using the bottom storage space for your documents and cables. 

13: Go Vertical With Multipurpose Shelving

Use wall space for shelves and wall cabinets to minimise clutter on the floor

There’s no better way to open up your floor space than to embrace vertical space-saving furniture ideas! Wraparound wall shelves are a great example of space-saving furniture for small apartments. You can use these shelves to store everyday items, or as a display area too.

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14: Get a Customised Sofa With Storage

L-shaped sofas with storage provide seating and a space to stow away cushions and linens

Sectional or L-shaped sofas and space-saving furniture ideas always go hand in hand. These pieces provide sufficient seating and pair well with simple ottomans, chairs or even floor seating. This way you can cut down on purchasing a chest of drawers that would take up more space.

15: Play Around With a Utility Cart

You can use a utility cart in your balcony, kitchen or even your dining room

Simple yet unassuming, a utility cart can really help you save space in any room you store it in. Being one of the more easy-to-incorporate space-saving furniture ideas, you can even use the as extra counter space for your bar area.

16: Optimise Internal Wardrobe Space

Organise your wardrobe to make the most of the space available

If you have a compact room with limited storage, ensure that you opt for a wardrobe with loft space as one of your space-saving furniture ideas. Try to pick a design that sections the internal space into two halves so you can segment your belongings better. 

17: Explore Shoe Storage Ideas

A vertical shoe cabinet takes up less floor space and comes in all sizes

Nobody likes a cluttered foyer. That being said, it’s important to invest in sleek space-saving furniture ideas that don’t take up too much space. Similarly, a great space-saving furniture design that can stow away shoes is the vertical shoe cabinet. This movable unit holds shoes vertically, taking up less floor space and more wall space.

18: Maximise Kitchen Storage Units

Invest in tall units that act as a spacious pantry in a compact kitchen

If you’re opting for a modular or semi-modular kitchen, ensure that the design includes several storage units for crockery, food items and containers. You can opt for space-saving furniture ideas like a tall unit, which is designed to maximise storage in a kitchen. It works as a pantry and is used to store non-refrigerated items. 

19: Pack More Storage Into the Bathroom

Install wall mounted shelves in empty corners for added storage

In most cases, if the bedroom vanity is not cluttered, the bathroom is. This happens when the bathroom doesn’t have sufficient space for cosmetics and products. Make the most of the bathroom with space-saving furniture ideas under the sink, behind the mirror and on the walls. 

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