Most homeowners dedicate their budget to the bedroom and for good reason. At the end of the day, it’s the room where you and your partner can unwind after a long day. Here at Livspace, we have mastered the art of making functional yet elegant bedroom designs. We understand every homeowner’s wish to get that distinct master bedroom that best reflects their personality and style. The bedrooms we work on, therefore, are all different, diverse and interesting. We’ve shortlisted some of our favourite designs for bedroom ideas that we simply had to share with you. These master bedroom designs will definitely  make your jaw drop. Take a tour!

Cost of bedroom design

SizeCost range*Scope of Work
1BHK₹2,35,938 – ₹4,17,506Wooden flooring
Side table

*These costs are for reference purposes only; exact costs may differ according to location, size of home, nature of requirements, materials/finishes chosen and the scope of work.

#1: Add a touch of vivid wallpaper to your bedroom designs

Do not miss the chevron-patterned nightstand that mimics the headboard

A budget-friendly option to making a stunning home is the use of a bold wallpaper. This was well proven by this 3BHK in Gurgaon that flaunts textured walls and ceiling designs fit for royalty. The master bedroom, as you can see, is the crowning glory of this high-octane home.

What we ❤️:

  • The show-stopping Krsnaa Mehta wallpaper
  • Bold pop of pinks and reds that enhance the drama of the room
  • Chevron-patterned headboard that complements the textures of the room

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#2: A long headboard for a child-friendly approach

Soothing vibes pervade this master bedroom dressed up in neutral tones

This plush master bedroom belongs to a Mumbai 4BHK that is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the homeowners. The master bedroom has a muted palette that is the perfect backdrop to relax and unwind in after a long day at work.

What we ❤️:

  • Floor-to-ceiling headboard that gives the illusion of height
  • The soft fabric of the headboard is child-friendly
  • The neutral tone makes the space appear bigger

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#3: Add a glass sliding wardrobe to your room for a seamless look

Natural light reflecting on the glass wardrobe gives the room a touch of oomph
The chest of drawers is great for storage

This 2BHK Bengaluru home does not compromise on style despite the space constraints. The best part? The designs for bedroom implemented here  ensured it is still packed with storage and had a clean and decluttered look!

What we ❤️:

  • The white-and-beige combination gives this room a clean look
  • The sliding wardrobe that has a seamless finish and glass doors make the room seem bigger than it is
  • The built-in workstation is ideal when the homeowners have to work from home

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#4: Opt for bedroom designs packed with storage

Storage for days

This straight-out-of-a-magazine Mumbai home is an absolute winner when it comes to compact comfort. It offers storage in the form of a nightstand and two wardrobes. Look out for the colour scheme that manages to give this room a tranquil, contemporary look.

What we ❤️:

  • Side nightstand acts as concealed storage
  • Customised hydraulic bed that comes with extra storage
  • Blue headboard that gives the room a pop of colour along with an added dose of comfort  

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#5: Jaali work amplifies the desi touch

The closed dresser can also hold long coats and sweaters

This elegant Mumbai home transformation boasts of cosy interiors. The bedroom design was turned from basic to minimalist with a restrained touch of desi glamour in the form of a jaali-patterned panel behind the bed. This room also features duct space that is 27 inches deep and converted to a dresser. 

What we ❤️:

  • The jaali panel with backlighting that adds glamour to the room
  • The deep duct space that works as a dresser for the couple 
  • Warm walnut-coloured wooden panels that complement the neutral colour pallet

#6: Get chic bedroom designs with easy-to-maintain whites

A Scandinavian look with an Indian twist is all you need

This luxe white master bedroom is the definition of chic. With warm lights and a white palette, this room uses the best of natural materials to create a look that balances the Scandi style with modern Indian. What’s more, it breaks the stereotype that Indian homeowners have of white decor being high maintenance. 

What we ❤️:

  • The plush bed is the show-stealer with its Chesterfield headboard
  • Swapping the tabletops with white onyx that resembles marble but is easier to maintain 
  • The high-gloss laminate furniture opens up the room 

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#7: Go basic with a warm brown palette

An Indian household can never go wrong with the basics!

Basic and beautiful is a tried and tested recipe, as can be seen in this master bedroom. Bedroom designs that use warm browns, like this room, ensure simple yet elegant interiors, while the storage details keep it functional. 

What we ❤️:

  • The mix of modular and custom-made furniture to fit the budget
  • The plush headboard adds a glossy element to the room
  • Upholstery fabrics add desi glam to the room

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#8: Choose pastels for dreamy bedroom designs

Doesn’t this bedroom look like something out of your favourite British drama?

This Gurgaon home is splashed in pastels, as is the master bedroom, which has a dreamy vibe. Using pastels can be tricky business as you have to maintain colour continuity; that is why our designers chose pops of dusty pink with little splashes of mint greens.

What we ❤️:

  • Wood laminate flooring and TV unit that offset the pastels
  • Wallpaper that works well with the decor of the room
  • The ottoman adds a contemporary English touch to the look

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#9: Bedroom designs can be redefined with funky headboards

Fun colour combinations will always make a bold statement
Whites and blues ensure a cool contemporary look in the room

Sometimes all we need is to put oodles of our character when designing our bedrooms. This 3BHK oozes just that from this bedroom. The overall white theme contrasted with the bed wall creates quite a stir in this room.

What we ❤️:

  • Alternate veneer and PU paint wall treatment blends with the headboard
  • PU paint with veneer panels for the wardrobe
  • Hanging shelves for extra storage space

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#10: Revamp your bedroom design with a Moroccan touch

Douse your room in some drama with a lively wallpaper

This bedroom revamp was all about space optimisation while maintaining the aesthetic because of the compact size that our designers had to work with. The design of this bedroom was kept light and airy and a touch of drama was added with a brightly patterned Moroccan wallpaper. Storage requirements are taken care of with concealed storage such as the hanging side table and wardrobe. 

What we ❤️:

  • Study-table-cum-side-drawer that resolved storage woes
  • The turquoise theme that complied with the ‘light and airy’ style
  • Moroccan-style wallpaper boasts pops of yellow and blue

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#11: Bathe bedroom designs in cream tones for a luxe look

This pristine beige is made even better with a pop of Indian touch wallpaper
A glossy wardrobe will make your room appear bigger

This plush and hotel-like bedroom in a compact space owes its luxurious vibe to the colour palette. The warmth radiating from the creams, beiges and browns of the room is completed by the natural light pouring in through the large balcony. 

What we ❤️:

  • The floral wallpaper creates a single focal point
  • Glossy white laminates for the furniture create the illusion of space
  • The sliding glass wardrobe gives the room a seamless look 

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#12: Create an accent wall with a floral mood

Surprisingly, the main character here is the headboard despite the pretty accent wall, which plays an important role in colour continuity in this bedroom design. Aside from that, the room has plenty of clever storage and a mix of laminates that make this room lively.

What we ❤️:

  • Pop colours used throughout highlight the headboard and the accent walls
  • The mirrored shutter wall cabinet that creates the illusion of space
  • Connecting shelves from the bed to the entryway ensure maximum storage in this compact bedroom

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#13: Pop of mustard with greys, a classic combo

Bright colour and an open shelf carved into an all-white wardrobe break the overarching neutral tone
The use of wood laminate makes the shelves easy to maintain

This 4BHK master bedroom is packed with storage. The mustard pop adds a cheery vibe to this grey bedroom. The hanging lights on both sides impart a chic, modern style to the room. Do not miss the TV-cum-study unit that packs so much storage as well as utility. 

What we ❤️:

  • Full-height wardrobes, lofts, wall-mounted storage areas and a hydraulic bed with storage
  • Grey MDF panelled walls adds texture in the room
  • Minimal veneer dresser area and a TV-cum-study unit

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#14: A textured pastel wall for soothing interiors

Bring in a contrasting element to add appeal to your bedroom

The design for this house, including that of the master bedroom, added colours that would never be boring and tons of storage that the homeowners wanted.  As seen in the bedroom design here, everything from the textured walls to the layered drapes and pastel colour scheme ensures the decor never seems monotonous.

What we ❤️:

  • The pastel green wall texture that gives the room character
  • The muted pink headboard pops against the textured wall
  • Chest of drawers and nightstand for hidden storage

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#15: Give your room height with a floor-to-ceiling headboard

Add huge headboards to add height and glamour to the room

This room is designed with luxury in mind. As you can see, the side wardrobes goes well with the large headboard and the colour of the room. The design continuity makes it look like a put together unit that you can relax in at the end of the day. 

What we ❤️:

  • The floor-to-ceiling headboard creates the illusion of height
  • The minimalistic design story
  • The glossy floor tiles that open up the space 

#16: Upholstered headboard

Stay royal

The designer has introduced a touch of luxury and sophistication with an upholstered headboard, instantly elevating its aesthetic to a regal level. The plush fabric and intricate detailing exude opulence.

What we ❤️:

  • The rich colour of the headboard as a contrast, adding character to the room
  • The drop light against the white wall, opening up the space
  • The wooden wardrobe and door

#17: Divided headboard for reading support

lates-bedroom-design-for-bed-with-reading support
Quality reading time made possible

The divided headboard offers not only a stylish accent to this bed but also functional support for reading enthusiasts. With its unique design featuring distinct sections, it provides targeted support for your back while sitting up in bed, making reading or lounging more comfortable and enjoyable!

What we ❤️:

  • The divided headboard also has divided upholstery for maximum comfort
  • The decorative yet functional lighting above the bed
  • The chest beside the bed for storage

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#18: Wooden cut-out headboard

Rustic and comforting

This wooden, cut-out headboard brings a touch of rustic charm and artistic flair to this bedroom design. The intricate patterns and carved details create a focal point, adding character and warmth to the space.

What we ❤️:

  • The pastel tones sprinkled throughout the room
  • The transparent curtains keep the room airy and sunny
  • The bed is a divan, which means storage!

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#19: Carve out different area with wallpaper 

Claim your corner

By juxtaposing wallpaper against painted walls, the designer has ensured that that specific area becomes a striking point. This intentional design choice not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of dimension and uniqueness, making the corner a standout feature in the modern bedroom decor.

What we ❤️:

  • The geometric wallpaper
  • Curtains matching the wall paint
  • The wooden workstation

#20: Velvet headboard

Warm tones forever

In a modern bedroom interior design, the choice of a velvet headboard with gently curved ends adds a touch of luxury and comfort to the space – exactly what Aishwrya Mohanraj was looking for. The plush velvet material exudes sophistication while also inviting you to sink into a cozy retreat at the end of the day. The curved design softens the lines of the bed, creating a sense of intimacy and warmth within the room.

What we ❤️:

  • The yellow drop lights on one side, complimenting the green headboard
  • The vintage side-table
  • The glass window by the bed, with the option of blinds

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We hope you enjoyed our tour of these master bedroom designs! They were easy designs for the bedroom to implement and led to comfortable and elegant spaces! Looking for more tips? Read The Ultimate Guide to Help You Master the Main Bedroom Look.

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