It’s not enough for a home to be just beautiful—it must also serve a purpose and fulfill all the needs of the homeowners. Each homeowner may have unique requirements and preferences. For Pushpanjali and her husband Amit, both IT professionals, having an easy-to-maintain home was essential! Additionally, they wanted their Noida home to be simple, with a soothing pastel colour theme.

Join us for a tour of this beautiful home design in Noida.

Who Livs here: Pushpanjali and her husband Amit
Location: Ratan Pearls, Noida Extension
Size of home: A 2.5BHK spanning 1,200 sq. ft. approx.
Design team: Interior Designer Seema Joshi and Project Manager Rakesh Tiwari
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹10 to ₹13 lakhs


Design Brief

To design a simple and low-maintenance home with a pastel colour theme and teak wood furniture

What We Loved

The way soft, pastel colours have been used to make this compact home look spacious

Look Out for

— The smart space planning
— The combination of pastel colours with wood furniture

Smart Buy

The multifunctional TV and study unit in the master bedroom

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#1: All Things Pretty in the Open Concept Living and Dining Room!

This living room beautifully exemplifies the elegance of simplicity
Solid teakwood furniture to infuse warmth
Simple decor and sleek furniture sums up this living room

What’s Amazing?

The blueish-grey trims on one wall adds texture and personality to this living room. Additionally, the simple decor elevates the look.

What’s Smart?

  • The colour theme of greys, whites and pastels makes this small living room look more spacious
  • In addition, the furniture, like the sofa set, doesn’t take up too much space

What’s Budget?

Most of the furniture in this room, like the TV unit, door and centre table are all an economical laminate.

#2: The Smartly Designed Pooja Room

All you need is a nook to welcome divinity into your home
An unused storage unit can help you recreate this pooja corner

What’s Amazing?

  • The powder blue wall maintains design continuity with the living room
  • In addition, this pooja room doubles as a 2nd guest bedroom

What’s Smart?

  • This Noida 2.5BHK originally had a servant’s room. Our designer Seema broke down the wall to create a nook in the living room to fit in the pooja unit. Moreover, this also helped in making the living room look more spacious
  • Additionally, the pooja unit is simple and doesn’t take up a lot of space

What’s Budget?

The laminate pooja unit.

#3: A Ton of Storage in the L-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen boasts ample storage and is equipped with various accessories
The dado lighting enhances the look of the kitchen

What’s Amazing?

Although it is compact, this silver frost L-shaped kitchen design has all the necessary accessories. This includes a Tambour unit, wicker baskets, a carousel and a microwave unit, and a spice rack. Moreover, despite being equipped with all these accessories, it doesn’t look cramped.

What’s Smart?

  • Seema reduced the depth of the cabinets on one side to create space for the fridge. This also helped in making the kitchen more spacious
  • Pushpanjali and Amit wanted acrylic kitchen cabinets. However, acrylic would have increased the cost. To stay within budget, Seema suggested the silver-blue frost colour which gives the cabinetry the look of acrylic

What’s Budget?

The cabinets look like acrylic but are actually laminate.

#4: The Nature-Themed Master Bedroom

The bedroom faces the garden, which is reflected in the green theme
Multifunctional units are perfect for compact homes

What’s Amazing?

The master bedroom faces the society garden. To achieve a sense of the outdoors entering the master bedroom, as requested by Pushpanjali, Seema chose a green theme and floral curtains.

What’s Smart?

  • The multifunctional TV and study unit doesn’t take up too much space. Moreover, it is perfect for the couple when they are working from home
  • The air conditioner was initially situated on the wall that now features the green accent wall. To preserve the aesthetic, Seema relocated the air conditioner from its original position to the window above the study unit

What’s Budget?

The laminate TV and study unit.

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#5: The Lovely Lilac-Themed Guest Bedroom

The dreamy guest bedroom design
Wood and pastels – a beautiful combination

What’s Amazing?

The beautiful and soothing lilac theme in this bedroom. Moreover, the wooden furniture adds a touch of warmth.

What’s Smart?

The lack of wall panelling and minimal furniture makes this room look spacious. The pastel colour scheme also opens up the space.

What’s Budget?

Minimal use of furniture helped reduce the budget. Additionally, the homeowners opted for a simple false ceiling.

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