The best interior designer in Noida weaves a home that exudes luxury!

foyer-tufted couch-mughal living room decor
A slice of luxury

Who livs here: Rajat and Shilpi Arora and their daughter Rabya

Location: IFS Apartments, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

Size of home: 1,150 sq ft

Design team: Interior Designer Archie Ahlawat with Project Manager Vivek Chandra and Design Manager Richa Katiyar

Livspace service: Full home design, excluding one bedroom

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

When there is ample living space along with pre-existing furniture, an interior designer’s work becomes doubly difficult. Why so, you may ask. Well, when the furniture is already in the picture, the design of the house has to be woven around it. All this while also delivering a fresh look. When Rajat and Shilpi Arora approached Livspace, they wanted a designer home that allowed them to showcase their existing furniture. Livspace designer Archie Ahlawat surprised them by weaving a story around them for their dream home.

With its use of colours ranging from vibrant pinks to warm lilacs, this home effortlessly makes a style statement. Let’s take a look inside this home that shows how old-world elegance and modern designs can co-exist in harmony.

Reminiscing a Bygone Era
best interior designer in noida-wall ornament-foyer cabinet
Warm and ornate

As you step in, you are greeted at the foyer by a warm ceiling light enclosed within a jaali. This sets the scene for some old-world charm. A few steps ahead, the ornate wall ornament over a cabinet further enhances the mood. Functional yet stylish, don’t you think?

Mughal Elegance for a Regal Home

With the tufted sofas already present, nothing short of a Mughal-esque living room could suffice for the Arora family. Archie set the tone for the perfect old-world living room with the bougainvillea-themed wallpaper. You’ll see the curtains tie in perfectly with the couches. Additionally, the hints of gold in the fan, and the marble-topped centre table add to the grandeur.

The regal setting is further enhanced by the two golden pendant lights. Subsequently, the lights were carefully chosen to tie in with the elegance of arches and domes. The room is thus enveloped in a glow that dims the present and takes you on a trip down the lanes of history!

A Simple Dining Room

The designer suggested a simple yet functional dining room in the IFS apartment. She used pre-existing furniture here too. Finally, the wall provides space to display curios and art, while the low lighting sets the mood for intimate conversations.

Modern and Bright Kitchen

For the kitchen, the Aroras wanted something subtle yet striking. The family and the designer mutually decided upon a combination of yellow and grey. So yellow PU finish wall cabinets were married to grey membrane finish base cabinets. It creates an array of colours and textures that laid out a feast for the eyes. Likewise, the decision to use a quartz countertop was to give the kitchen a fresh look. A pleasure to create some culinary magic in, according to the best interior designer in Noida.

Master Bedroom

Woven around the existing bed, the master bedroom in this IFS apartment has been imagined anew in white and florals. The floral wallpaper provides a laid-back atmosphere while the pendant lights allow for soft lighting for those bedtime conversations.

Furthermore, the white wardrobes tie in with the wallpaper and curtains, while making the bedroom appear clutter-free.

On noticing a convenient niche at the master bedroom window, interior designer Archie suggested a seating design. The red seat grabs eyeballs with ease, adding a pop of colour to the room.

Kid’s Room

For little Rabya’s room, the Aroras wanted a warm, inviting colour that would infuse warmth and security. Consequently, the lilac-coloured wardrobes provide ample storage space while making the room pretty. In addition, the best interior designer in Noida suggested an owl-themed wallpaper to foster creativity in the growing child.

However, in order to showcase little Rabya’s collection of toys and favourite wall accessories, Archie installed some wall shelves. Besides, these artsy shelves have quickly become a hit, allowing breakables to be displayed safely.

“Since Shilpi and Rajat already had the furniture for their home, the design for the interior was woven with that in mind. They were open to ideas and quick to decide, making it a seamless experience.”
Archie Ahlawat, Interior Designer, Livspace

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