Indian living room designs with plenty to offer!

indian living room-blue wallpaper-gold wall mirror
Gold elements can add a touch of luxury to any home

Who livs here: Rudhesh Chauhan and his family

Location: Sector 44, Noida

Size of living rooms: 500 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Ritu Shiboo Deshpande and Project Manager Madhur Jain

Livspace service: Living room renovation


A home should narrate the story of the owner’s life. With Sector 44 being one of the prime residential locales in Noida, Rudhesh Chauhan’s home lives up to the hype. The Chauhan family has been residing in their spacious Noida home for the past 20 years. They felt the need to renovate their traditionally designed living room into a contemporary space, while including a hint of grandeur!

They told us that they enjoy having relatives and friends over on a regular basis. So they required ample seating to host their guests. Keeping this in mind, one of the best interior designers in Noida, Ritu took up the task and delivered her best.

The interesting part? The living room is divided into two sections. Both, seeking two completely different styles. One formal living room, for social gatherings and one casual lounge, for family and friends but both designed for quality time with loved ones.

Living Room Glazed with Grandeur
indian living room-gold ottomans-blue wallpaper
Plenty of seating for fun social gatherings

The overview of the formal Indian living room has a balanced and plush vibe. When it comes to the colours used, neutral hues give the living room a calm appearance whereas the gold details add a hint of luxury. This spacious living room seats about ten people and with two patterned ottomans it becomes the ideal space for large social gatherings.

In addition to the windows that allow ample sunlight into the living room, Rudhesh selected striking wood panelled chandeliers for more light and warmth. What makes the living room extraordinary? It is divided by a wall that encloses the other room flaunting unique pieces of furniture.

indian living room-gold vase-gold cushion
Details make the design
indian living room-brown cushions-wall mirror

With a pastel blue motif textured wallpaper, the accent wall is subtle but striking. In addition, gold elements such as the geometric wall mirror, vase and cushions have been used sparingly throughout the house. As a result, the harmonising of gold with neutral shades, makes the living room look luxurious.

indian living room-client image-rudhesh chauhan

“After seeing my home post renovation, I am very glad to see all the improvements made. Thank you for all the hard work and effort put in. All the designs meet required conditions and everything is just the way we wanted. I am looking forward to utilising your services in the future again.” 

Rudhesh Chauhan, Livspace Homeowner

Cosy and Casual Living Room
indian living room-Blue chairs-white walls-coffee table designs
A living room where every feature has a story to tell
indian living room-coffee table designs-sofa cum bed

We love how the next living room is separated from the formal area by elegantly designed partition! The gold curtains definitely add a touch of drama. In addition, the wall niches feature unique fretwork.

Because of the white walls and detailing in wood, it gives the room a bright and contemporary look. As soon as you enter the casual area, you notice the catchy charcoal brown panel. Notice the gorgeous panel behind the TV unit? It’s made out of charcoal and polystyrene to keep things interesting.

Two blue accent chairs and a sofa-cum-bed offer plenty of seating. Above all, the space-saving coffee table is definitely a unique piece of furniture. You can tuck the ottomans under the table for more space or pull them out for more seats. In addition, one of the best designers in Noida, Ritu custom designed a wall with wood panels and POP grove fitted with LED lighting.

This has been a one-of-a-kind experience in terms of design. Since Rudhesh let me be creative, I loved the entire experience! He gave me complete liberty to make decisions and I chose to keep it simple and contemporary with a touch of luxury. Moreover, execution of my design was seamless thanks to the Business Manager, Shivangi Agarwal and Project Manager, Madhur Jain.”

Ritu Shiboo Deshpande, Interior Designer, Livspace

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