Traditionally, Indian homes were usually quite colourful. However, in recent times, homeowners are opting for more neutral colours as opposed to vibrant shades. Livspace homeowner, Saikarthik, also decided to go with a contemporary and neutral tone for his 3BHK in Hyderabad. Our designer coupled this understated colour palette with unique textures, resulting in a striking and glamorous home.

Join us as we take you on a tour of this beautiful 3BHK in Hyderabad designed under ₹27 lakhs. Additionally, we will also be giving you the costs of the products and services that were included in this premium budget.

Disclaimer: All contents of the story are specific to the time of publication. Mentions of costs, budget, materials, finishes, and products from the Livspace catalogue can vary with reference to current rates. Talk to our designer for more details on pricing and availability. 

#1: Stunning Wall Treatments in the Living Room

The etchings on the mandir doors help in maintaining the textured theme of the living room
Wall trims on the opposite wall create a classical look

When you first step into Saikarthik’s living room, it stands out due to its earthy tones. Our designer chose beige as the primary colour and accented it with rich shades of chocolate brown. However, the actual showstoppers in this room are the amazing wall treatments.

While the wall behind the sofa features classical trims, the TV unit wall has a subtle gold wallpaper with intricate floral patterns. These textured wall designs add a striking element to this otherwise neutral living room. Moreover, to continue with this theme, our designer included some texture in the furnishings as well, like the curtains and the sofa.

Most Indian homes are incomplete without a pooja room. Our designer fitted Saikarthik’s mandir into a nook within the living room itself. This gorgeous frosted and etched glass unit has sliding doors to ensure privacy.

Cost of Items

  • TV Unit – ₹85,814.58
  • Wallpaper – ₹25,960
  • Pooja Unit – ₹43,186.27

#2: The Textured Theme Continues in the Drawing Room

The dainty floral wallpaper is the focal point in the drawing room
The wall behind the sofa set features a different, but equally pretty wallpaper

Saikarthik’s beautiful 3BHK hides a surprise. It has not one, but two living rooms! The open layout living and dining areas came with a private nook, which is where our designer created the second living room. As in the case of the main living room, this area also features textured wallpaper. The overall look has been kept minimal here with a black sofa set, a TV unit with storage, and spotlights.

Cost of Items

  • TV Unit – ₹31,503.86
  • 3-Seater Sofa – ₹45,290
  • 2-Seater Sofa – ₹34,090
  • Single Sofa – ₹25,390
  • Wall Treatment – ₹50,000

#3: Rich Wooden Vibes in the Dining Room

The wooden partition separates the dining area from the smaller living room. A similar partition segregates the sink
The crockery unit is a functional and efficient addition

While the main living room and dining area are in an open layout, our designer created a wooden partition to segregate the smaller living/drawing room from this space. Since the drawing room is quite compact, the partition we provided Saikarthik is light and sleek. Additionally, the open slats ensure an airy and lightweight look.

The main focus of the dining area is the crockery unit. The glossy laminate and frosted glass shutters all contribute to the spacious look of the dining space. Moreover, the wall behind the unit features a honeycomb pattern for added texture.

Cost of Items

  • Crockery Unit – ₹1,13,286.78

#4: A Spacious and Contemporary Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen provides ample prepping, cooking and storage space
We added an extra counter on the opposite side, as well as a tall unit

As compared to the rest of the home, Saikarthik’s kitchen is more minimalist. Apart from the basic L-shaped layout, we also added an extra counter on the opposite side. As a result, there is more than enough space for prepping and cooking. Additionally, apart from the upper and lower cabinets, we have also included a Tambor unit, a tall unit, wicker baskets and spice pull-outs to ensure the homeowner never runs out of storage space.

Cost of Items

  • Kitchen – ₹9,40,732.44

#5: A Plush, Hotel-Like Master Bedroom

The warm colour palette maximises the cosiness in this bedroom
The bay window seating is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea

Saikarthik’s master bedroom is as plush and rich as the ones you would find in luxury hotels. While the colour palette is neutral, the warm tones create a cosy effect. As with the rest of the home, the master bedroom also follows the textured theme. The wall behind the bed features an understated beige wallpaper with gold trims to up the glam appeal.

Another notable aspect of this bedroom is the sliding wardrobe. While the addition of the lofts ensures maximum storage, the glossy finish makes the bedroom look more spacious. Our favourite spot in this room is the bay window area. We added a storage unit under the window to create bay seating, making it perfect for some ‘Me’ time!

Cost of Items

  • Sliding Wardrobe – ₹5,12,322.76
  • King-Sized Hydraulic Bed – ₹43,890

#6: The Only Room With a Vibrant Colour

A gorgeous pop of blue
A minimal study unit built into a nook

While Saikarthik’s entire home is understated and neutral, this room is all things bright and vibrant! Firstly, our designer created a gorgeous accent wall in a bold shade of blue. However, to maintain design continuity with the master bedroom, we added gold trims on this wall. Isn’t this wall the perfect background to click photos?

To match the wall design, we opted for a glossy, blue-and-white sliding wardrobe. The sheer number of lofts ensure maximum storage for Saikarthik. Additionally, we also inserted a minimal study unit within a nook in the wardrobe.

Cost of Items

  • Sliding Wardrobe – ₹3,70,249.68

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