Old is gold but even gold needs to be polished once in a while. An old house is like gold — it has its own sparkle and renovating it will only enhance that sparkle. No wonder renovations are our favourite projects! While renovating a house, you not only need to consider the look you want but also the existing aura of the space to ensure a smooth transition between the two. This 16-year old Mumbai flat will show you how it’s done!

Who livs here: Shavika Sindwani with her husband, Pankaj and son, Atharva

Location: Mumbai

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 950 sq ft.

Design team: Interior Designer Tanvir Siddiqui and Project Manager Harshal Rajak

Livspace service: Full home design 

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

At 950 sq. ft., this home is not too small considering Mumbai standards. However, space depends on how you perceive it. When the house is home to two adults and a growing boy, you not only need ample space but also a spacious layout and tons of storage. Also, the owners of this apartment, Shavika Sindwani, her husband Pankaj and her son Atharva wanted a bright, welcoming and modern design. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how our designer, Tanvir Siddiqui, revamped this home!

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#1: Welcome Home!

mumbai house-before photo-foyer-dark
Before: A dark foyer
mumbai flat-after photo-foyer-console table-mirror-laminate frame
After: A bright welcome home!

Do you know what they say about first impressions? The Sindwanis’ existing foyer was dark and dull. The first thing that Tanvir did was to refurbish the main door in a dark, wood-like pattern to match the existing console table. This set the tone for the rest of the Mumbai flat design. To make the narrow passage look spacious, she added a mirror above the console table. The 2-inch ply laminate frame around the mirror completes the entire look.

#2: A Minimal Glam Living Room With a Desi Touch

mumbai house-before photo-living room
Before: A dark and basic living room
mumbai flat-after photo-minimal glam living room-beige sofas-wooden laminate storage units-metal chandelier
After: A minimal glam living room
mumbai flat-wooden pattis on walls-cream sofas-wall art
A partially wood panelled wall cuts costs and highlights the armchairs

What is the minimal glam design style? In simple terms, it is the minimal design style with certain glamorous elements. This style is a favourite amongst Indian millennials as it borrows from the global favourite minimal style but fits in the Indian love for all things bold and bright. The Sindwanis’ original living room was spacious but very dark and dingy. They wanted a modern design that was bright and elegant. Tanvir went for a minimal glam look — the beige sofas and bare walls are symbolic of minimalism while the wooden laminate furniture and metallic accent pieces add the glam element.

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One of the things that we love the most about this Mumbai flat renovation is the smart way Tanvir added storage without wasting space. All the rooms had duct spaces. Instead of wasting that space, Tanvir fit in storage units. For instance, notice the glossy storage unit in the corner? That used to be a duct space which was broken down and converted into a storage-cum-display rack. How smart is that? Also, their son Atharva had his heart set on an open kitchen with a breakfast counter. So, Tanvir added a tall unit that not only served as a display rack but also acted as a partition between the open kitchen and living area.

Tip for Homeowners

If you love the look of wood but want to keep your cost low, opt for wooden laminate pattis for part of your wall instead of the full wall.

#3: The Focal Point of The Entire Home Design is in This Dining Room

mumbai house-before photo-dining area
Before: A simple dining space
mumbai flat-after photo-dining room-wooden laminate crockery unit-wooden laminate mandir-wooden laminate bar unit-wooden laminate tall unit
After: The use of the same laminate ensures structure and continuity

Design continuity is one of the key tenets of good home design. “In the dining area, the crockery unit and mandir were already there. So, we identified the laminate used for those units and used the same laminate across the entire home”, says Tanvir. This ensured that there was a seamless flow across all the rooms. 

The fun element in this room is the storage unit behind the dining set. Believe it or not, that it’s actually a bar unit! The Sindwanis’ wanted a concealed bar unit. So, Tanvir customised the unit to make it look like a storage-cum-display rack with space inside to carefully store the liquor bottles. 

#4: An Open Kitchen With a Breakfast Bar

mumbai house-before photo-kitchen-red cabinets
Before: A red and white kitchen with very little natural light
mumbai flat-after photo-beige kitchen
After: A spacious and glossy kitchen in beige
mumbai flat-breakfast bar-statement lights
This is Shavika’s favourite space where her son can do his work while she cooks

As we mentioned earlier, Atharva was sold on the idea of an open kitchen and a breakfast bar. While the breakfast bar acts as a partition between the dining space and the kitchen, the use of the same laminate ensures continuity. The lights above the breakfast bar are the showstopper — a super low-budget buy —  these add to the glamorous look while lighting up the space!

The lady of the house was quite comfortable in the existing kitchen layout and wanted minimum changes. However, the original red and white kitchen would not fit in with the rest of the home design. So, Tanvir kept the layout the same and only refurbished the kitchen cabinets. She added beige cabinets in a laminate finish that not only opened up the space but also matched the living and dining areas.

#5: A Family That Chills Together, Stays Together

mumbai house-before image-entertainment room
Before: A small room for the TV
mumbai flat-after image-entertainment room-wood laminate and glass accent wall-sofa cum bed-storage in niche
Mirror panels make the space look larger while keeping the costs low
mumbai flat-storage in niche-TV unit
The storage in the corner used to be a duct space niche

“They wanted a place where the family could bond together”, says Tanvir. And she isthe entertainment room. This is the place where the family of 3 love to spend time together. The entertainment room already had the sofa-cum-bed, which Tanvir refurbished into a darker shade to match the aesthetics of this Mumbai flat. The room had duct spaces in both corners, which she converted into storage plus display racks. But, the star of the show is the accent wall! Composed of laminate strips and individual mirror pieces, it is a cost-effective solution as compared to having a fully mirrored wall. The final look is warm, modern and glam!

#6: Plush Bathrooms With Storage in the Walls

mumbai house-before image-bathroom
Before: A dark and cluttered bathroom
mumbai flat-after image-bathroom-ceramic tiles-wall niche
After: A modern bathroom with wall niches that come with hidden lights for a spa-like vibe
mumbai flat-bathroom-vitrified tiles-wall niches-spotlights
The entire layout of this bathroom was changed to give it a brand new look

“The Sindwanis’ were not happy with the existing bathrooms. So, we completely refurbished them”, says Tanvir about the spa-esque bathrooms in this Mumbai flat. While the old bathrooms had basic Italian marble, the new ones got snazzy ceramic and vitrified tiles. Tanvir also added niches with spotlights in the walls to double up on storage space and add to the plush vibe.

#7: The Perfect Indian Master Bedroom

mumbai house-before image-master bedroom-wallpaper
Before: A basic bedroom design
mumbai flat-after image-master bedroom-jaali headboard-leatherette headboard-wooden panels-glossy laminate dresser unit
After: A stunning Indian bedroom design that is warm and elegant
mumbai flat-TV unit-wooden pattis-profile lights-accent chair
The TV unit has profile lights to light up the reading nook in the corner
mumbai flat-TV unit-corner bookshelf-accent chair-wooden pattis
The rack in the corner is a bookshelf

While the living room has a subtle, Western design, the master bedroom, on the other hand, is completely desi. While the wooden details and jaali headboard add the Indian touch, the neutral colour palette keeps the look very elegant and refined. 

Notice the storage unit beside the bed? That used to be a duct space — a 27″ deep one. Considering the depth of the space, Tanvir converted it into a dresser where the couple could store their coats and other formal wear that required space. 

But, the showstoppers of this room are the jaali panelled headboard and the warm wooden details. Be it the wooden pattis above the TV unit or the wooden panels around the bed, the entire look reminds us of a warm cottage up in the hills! And while the jaali headboard is grand in itself, it also comes with hidden lighting for that extra glam effect!

#8: A Room That Has Everything a Growing Boy Needs!

mumbai house-before image-kids bedroom
Before: A compact and cluttered kids room
mumbai flat-after image-kids room-hydraulic bed-suede headboard-storage in niche
After: A bright bedroom that is spacious and storage-efficient
mumbai flat-study unit-bookrack
A quirky mix of red and white with enough space for books and other things
mumbai flat-kids room-wardrobe
The sliding wardrobe does not take up excessive space

What does a 12-year-old growing boy need in his bedroom? A bed, ample storage space, wardrobes, a study unit, a bookshelf and display racks. Imagine fitting ALL this into a small bedroom and still making the space look sufficient! Only an experienced designer like Tanvir could do it! The first thing you notice about this room is the vivid colour combination of red, blue and white, which is in contrast to the rest of the Mumbai flat. The reason is that Atharva  wanted a bright and quirky room. 

The original bedroom had two wardrobes with the bed between them. This made the room look very cramped and cluttered. Tanvir changed the layout of the room by keeping only one wardrobe. Instead of adding an extra wardrobe, she used the duct space in the corner as a storage space. Also, while the bookshelf was already present, she refurbished it and added the custom study unit so that Atharva had ample space for all his things. 

This Mumbai flat renovation is a prime example of what good home design should look like. From multiple design styles to smart storage and design continuity, the Sindwanis’ beautiful home has so many ideas to inspire you!

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