mumbai home

Who livs here: An affable family of five

Location: An apartment in Vile Parle, Mumbai

Size: A 3BHK home spanning 1,600 sq.ft.

Design team: Interior Designer Rajvi Madhiwalla with Project Manager Mahesh Yadav

Livspace service: Full Home Design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

When a charming couple approached Livspace for their Mumbai home interiors, our designer Rajvi Jhaveri, took on the project with much enthusiasm though she was sceptical about their decision to buy a home in an existing building. However, her preconceived notions took a backseat as she instantly took a liking towards the spacious apartment when she visited. There was so much natural light in the house, she knew this was a palette she would enjoy working on.

The Family Roommumbai home

Apart from being spacious, the living room also has a great view! In cahoots with the family, she used beautiful beiges and browns in the living room to give their guests a warm welcome, while elements of blue were used generously to highlight the room.

mumbai home

Rajvi has given them a combination of a plush blue sofa, couple of old-school wooden chairs and a comfortable daybed — perfect for leisure time with the family and offers good seating options when guests arrive. Giving this set-up an edge is the center table that is a mix of wood and PU-coated tabletop. What a remarkable room to relax and entertain in!

In a Nutshellmumbai home

Even while they were out shopping for interiors, the children took to their books in a quiet corner. This inspired Rajvi to create a special corner for them to indulge in their favourite pastime. The tall library unit with floral reading chairs gives the room a break from solid colours and perks up the corner.

Families that Eat Together…mumbai home

They decided to retain the dining table from their previous home as it fits into the space seamlessly and matched the brown and beige of the living room.

Heart of the Homemumbai home

Inspired by trending bold colours in the market, the lady of the house was keen on getting a similar one. While yellow is considered a gaudy shade by many, Rajvi matched it with an autumn leaf shade with streaks of yellow to balance the aesthetics in this Mumbai home. You can see how stunning this choice turned out to be!

mumbai home

She also put in a smart tambour unit, a.k.a., rolling shutter unit to help them store all their appliances conveniently. The extra counter space beside it allows them to use the appliances without obstructing the person using the cooktop.

Bangalore modular kitchen

A Personal Sanctuarymumbai home

The master bedroom has been given a balmy feel with warm wood and sultry orange shades. The family decided to extend the bedrooms to utilise the balcony space. As a result, the add-on space made for a good seating nook for the couple to catch up on reading or with each other at the end of the day.

mumbai home

Our designer also wanted to add surprise elements to the room. So she used cool blues on the wardrobe to contrast with the warm tangerine furnishings. The wardrobe was also designed to hold a display in the centre for daily essentials, in addition to providing ample storage space for their clothing and accessories.

One for the Agesmumbai home

The couple was sure that they wanted a design that was neither too childish nor too mature for the kids’ room. Rajvi, however, wanted to personalise the room for the kids. As a compromise, she designed two monogram shelves over their beds to hold their prized possessions while keeping the general vibe comfortable and fresh.

mumbai home

With at least a decade of studying to look forward to, Rajvi designed a study corner that could flexibly cater to the kids’ needs in the years to come. This zone also has a pinboard to add assignment reminders or pin up their artwork.

In their Opinionmumbai home
A Comfy Retreatmumbai home

The parents’ bedroom deserved something special; our designer chose a wallpaper with a geometric design to break away from florals and solids that have become a cliche.

Vanity in Voguemumbai home

While the other parts of the home have employed buoyant colours, the bathrooms were kept basic and classy. The stone basin which is perfectly smoothened on the inside and roughly carved on the outside is the highlight of this vanity. If you loved this home, you’ll certainly enjoy the subtle shades used in this Mumbai home too! Check it out!

“The family was lovely to work with and were completely involved in the design choices and shopping outings. As a family that loves to read; I feel the reading corner is one of the best elements of this Mumbai home, something they would all enjoy equally.”

Rajvi Jhaveri, Livspace Interior Designer

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