Functional wall shelves and sleek button tufted sofas lend the Malhotra’s contemporary
living room a very 
Indo-Scandinavian vibe.

Who lives here: Dhiraj Malhotra with his wife, Simran, their daughter, Saloni, son Lakshya and parents

Location: Mayur Vihar, Delhi

Home type and size: A 2-floor home spanning 1,300 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Radhika Thirani with project manager Vineet Sharma

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

A comfortable modern vibe flows through every corner of this Delhi home, located in the heterogeneous and vibrant melting pot of communities, Mayur Vihar. The home belongs to the Malhotras, who love simplicity and elegance.

When Dhiraj, an investor by profession, visited his friend’s home in the suburbs of Delhi, he was blown away with Livspace’s impeccable design and clean lines. Thus, the seed to renovate his 28-year-old home was sown. The busy couple, who are self-proclaimed design novices put their faith in the trusty hands of Livspace designer Radhika Thirani, who went on to give their home a new lease of life.

Colour-blocking is the key to this contemporary living room. Floral cushions add a wisp of drama.

Their main entryway opens up into this cozy living room that has been rendered into a contemporary mix of what one can only call Indo-Scandinavian — bold hues woven into clean, mid-century modern pieces. The minimalism is further amplified through the muted hues of the blushing beige backdrop.

Radhika employed a shrewd design layout to open up the limited space to allow movement and flow. She traded their hefty 90’s sofas for trim furniture and finished the look with a modest coffee table and ottoman pair, and uncluttered wall shelves.

Saloni and Lakshya enjoy studying and playing in their new bedroom. The modular fittings like their all-white wardrobes with lofts and hickory toned hydraulic beds afford the family the space to bury their unsightly clutter.

The bright and bustling kids’ room, is unanimously the family’s most treasured space post the transformation. Through an application of apricot orange and a neutral ivory to cut through the vivid hues, Radhika gave the siblings a cheery spot that speaks of functionality and taste. Shared between 13-year-old Saloni and 7-year-old Lakshya, the room is truly an unbiased space that the brother and sister won’t outgrow for at least another five years.

The living room and the kids’ room share the floor with the kitchen that was once chaotic and awkward. A sweeping overhaul has now birthed a fully functional and organised kitchen for the family to enjoy cooking meals together. Complete with pull-out cabinetry and a well-structured cooking station, this modular kitchen is the dream of every food connoisseur.

Plenty of sunlight through the large picture window brightens the kids’ bedroom. We love the sprightly interplay of apricot and white on the wall above the study desk and the abstract 3D wallpaper backdrop.

 The top floor of the apartment houses the master bedroom, a relatively quiet cocoon that is mirrored in the choice of poised wallpapers, while functional wardrobes have thrust the pride of the age-old Godrej almirahs into dysfunctional repute.

The Malhotra’s home is proof that limited spaces can be stretched and optimised to create maximum dynamic movement without overshadowing the understated sophistication that runs throughout the home.

“It was wonderful working with the Malhotras. They gave us full freedom and support to ideate and work through their functional conundrums. It was an absolute pleasure to design the kids’ bedroom since we could experiment with colours. This project was a real challenge in terms of expanding their limited real estate to comfortably accommodate their family of six without selling out on aesthetics.’’
Radhika Thirani, Interior Designer

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