This isn’t just a bedroom; it’s a Farah Khan creation, reimagined by Livspace. Forget cookie-cutter aesthetics and predictable palettes; this is a #LivspaceBedroom where luxury meets comfort, where bold hues meet subtle textures, and where every corner is a tale of a life lived in the limelight. Get ready to step inside the dreamscape of a cinematic legend, where Farah Khan’s bedroom undergoes a metamorphosis courtesy of Livspace’s visionary designer, Apeksha Jadhav.

On our way to designing Farah’s own haute couture home

Farah, a creative soul with an eye for precision not only in Bollywood but also in architecture, wanted a space that echoed her love for all things beachy and blue, infused with regal touches and Scandinavian accents. Prepare to be swept away by a palette that balances a design with a touch of Bollywood that makes it uniquely HER.

“From the first conversation I had with Livspace’s designer… they understood the vibe I wanted for my home…”

– Farah Khan

Minimalist storage with a twist

Bluetiful balance: storage that blends in, not outshines

Storage was the one thing Farah’s room needed; of course, we had to blend it in with the blue theme she chose. Balancing the white walls with blue side tables created a visual equilibrium, preventing the room from looking oversaturated or monochromatic.

#Redcarpetready? Or, #Blueceilingalert?

Living proof that opposites attract (and expand the room)

“I have been directing Bollywood hits all my life, but when it came to my dream home interiors, I left the directing to Livspace. From the day I met with their designer to the day they handed over the room to me, Livspace took care of everything…”

– Farah Khan

The red rug acts as a focal point drawing attention downwards, while the light blue ceiling visually expands the perceived height of the room, making it feel more spacious.

P.S.: Darker blue ceilings can have the opposite effect and the type and placement of lighting can significantly impact the atmosphere, which is why we created the 70s Bollywood dressing area.

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How to shine brighter than the silver screen?

Who needs filters when you have these magical light bulbs?

These vanity mirrors talk all glamour and drama right from the sets of Om Shanti Om. The diffused light from the bulbs helps to soften the look of the room, making it feel more intimate, personal and comfy.

Tip to recreate: Add some 70s-inspired accessories around the mirror, such as a vintage hairbrush, a floral wreath, or a framed photo of your favourite Bollywood star.

“The moment you step into the dressing area, you’re greeted by a Bollywood touch. While the rest of the space flows seamlessly, this corner screams personality!”

– Livspace Designer, Apeksha Jadhav

Enter the tropics!

Beach vibes done right!

No seaside escape is complete without a touch of flora. To match the sea-facing vibe of the bedroom, we made sure to add tropical floral light wallpaper. Palm leaves, monsteras, and other tropical foliage made sure to bring the sea vibes in.

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THE wardrobe

Totally digging this!

Let’s talk about the star of the show: the wardrobe! This beauty is more than just a place to hang clothes; it’s a storage solution with a clever secret. Along with the usual hanging space and shelves, it boasts a spacious pull-out drawer at the bottom. Now you know where all the designer bags are hidden!

Coffee with the sea and wood

Storage, storage, and more storage!

The beachy vibes extend beyond the walls too. A wooden coffee table brings a touch of nature indoors, while strategically placed planters, bursting with greenery, add pops of green life. It’s a subtle nod to the outdoors, blending seamlessly with the room’s calming aura.

The Bollywood accent

Farah’s got the seats!

And now, the Bolly-twist: two Chesterfield accent chairs, upholstered in a calming beige. This is where Farah’s cosy nook is. Their timeless design and association with luxury make them a perfect fit for period dramas.

Beyond the colours, the room’s true charm lies in the thoughtful selection of materials. Fabrics reign supreme, with a refurbished headboard and custom-made plywood storage units covered in textured fabrics. It’s a testament to Farah’s interest in architecture, where every detail is carefully considered, adding depth and dimension to the space.


As the evening sun sets over the sea beside Farah Khan’s reimagined bedroom, we leave behind a space that speaks volumes; a reflection of Farah’s vibrant soul, a space that inspires, energises, and fuels her creative fire. It’s a reminder that with a little vision and the right collaborators, even the most ordinary walls can become canvases for a life extraordinary.

“Thank you Livspace for turning my dream bedroom into a blockbuster project!”

– Farah Khan

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