Your bedroom holds a special place in your life and you don’t even know it! Well, you wake up there everyday and the bedroom interior is the first thing you see. What you see around you should be nothing short of perfection. But if you are not very happy with the way your bedroom looks and can’t put your finger on what exactly is wrong, we’ve got you covered.

You could be living with these design errors that are silently but surely ruining the ambience of your bedroom. Let’s first identify them and then help you sort them out. 

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #1: Not measuring the room

Before you do anything at all, you must measure your bedroom. And don’t get into approximations; take a measuring tape and measure out your bedroom from one corner to another. Not knowing the amount of space you have is the biggest reason for making design errors.

bedroom interior-measure bedroom
No approximations please, measure it out!

How to fix it?

Prevention is better than cure, so measure your bedroom before you design it. Then, measure every item that you intend to put in your bedroom. See if all of it fits the amount of available space. It’s time to put on your high school math skills to test!

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #2: Buying a bed thats too big

bedroom interior-bed designs
There are more things to keep in the bedroom

Most people end up buying a bigger bed than they need for the bedroom. In India, it is mostly done with an eye on the future when you either get married or have children. It could also be because you want to accommodate visiting guests. But the first and most important consideration, which should be the dimensions of the room, are often forgotten. 

How to fix it?

bedroom interior-bed design-trundle bed
Opt for a trundle bed instead

When in doubt, buy a trundle bed that has a pull-out bed in case you have guests or need more space. It could be a single or double bed trundle depending on how big your bedroom is. 

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #3: Covering up a window with furniture

bedroom interior-bedroom design mistakes
Never cover a window

Natural light is the biggest asset of any room. Don’t ever compromise in favour of fitting in furniture. 

How to fix it?

bedroom interior-pink wall paint-bay window seating
 Instead, use the space by the window for seating and storage

If you are intent on using the space around the window, convert it to window seating with storage space underneath it. 

Bedroom Design Mistake #4: Choosing a headboard that is too bulky

bedroom design mistakes-headboard designs
Pick a headboard as per your room

Headboards are a fashion statement that are here to stay. But don’t let fashion override your sense of proportion. The height of your ceiling and dimensions of the bedroom should decide how bulky or tall your headboard should be

How to fix it?

bedroom designs-headboard designs
Pick functional headboards

You can opt instead for functional headboards like this one that serve as side-tables or have additional storage space. 

Bedroom Design Mistake #5: Having a bigger wardrobe than your room can afford

 bedroom design mistakes-wardrobe design
Wardrobes don’t have to be bulky to have plenty of storage space

Wardrobe could mean the cupboard where you keep your clothes. It also means your collection of clothes. If the latter is massive, you need to be smart about the first. Wardrobes can be designed smartly to fit into small spaces. 

How to fix it?

bedroom interior-wardrobe design-U shaped wardrobe
Smartly designed wardrobes fit into the tiniest of spaces

This U-shaped wardrobe used a niche in the bedroom. You can also cast a wardrobe into a niche in the walls that don’t table up any extra space. Articles

Bedroom Design Mistake #6: Hinged VS Sliding: Choosing the right option

bedroom design mistakes-sliding wardrobe
In some cases, sliding wardrobes are your choice

When you have a compact bedroom, always opt for a sliding wardrobe. Not following this thumb rule can get you into all kinds of trouble.

How to fix it?

There is really no option other than switching to sliding doors for your wardrobe. In fact, you should opt for mirror, glass or reflective shutter finishes to further accentuate the illusion of space. 

Bedroom Design Mistake #7: There is no place to move around

bedroom design mistakes-french window
You have to account for free space in a bedroom

This is one the most common complaints in a bedroom where everything has been fit in without accounting for free space for movement. And mind you, it is mighty uncomfortable for young people and downright dangerous for older people to sleep in such bedrooms. The risk of tripping and falling or bumping into things is very high. 

How to fix it?

 bedroom design-wardrobe design
It also depends on the placement of furniture

We will have to go back to the first point here. Measure, measure and measure again before you buy furniture. If you have already bought furniture, replace it in favour of sleeker pieces. 

Bedroom Design Mistake #8: Not segregating space for different functions

 bedroom design mistakes-wardrobe design-bed design
How many functions does your bedroom have?

Even within a bedroom, there are a number of things you do. You sleep, you read, you dress up and probably even work out of that space. Each of these spaces within the bedroom must be designed accordingly. 

How to fix it?

bedroom design-beige headboard-dressing area
You must allocate space for each function

The dressing area needs some privacy while the bed needs to have a tranquil aura around it. If you have a workstation, make sure it is close to the window so that you get sufficient natural light. 

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #9: You don’t have enough plug points and in the right places

bedroom design mistakes-plug points
Have them and in the right place

First of all, make sure that you have plug points. But it is not enough to have them, you need them to be handy too. If not, you will have to keep holding your phone at the right angle while it charges. 

How to fix it?

If you don’t have enough plug points, get a few made. It’s worth the effort and cost. If that is not possible, use extension cords and spike busters as a stop-gap arrangement. 

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #10: Bedroom is too dark or bright

bedroom design mistakes-bedroom lighting
You need more than one kind of lighting for your bedroom

Lighting is a tricky issue for bedrooms. If it is too bright, it will hinder your sleep. If it is too dark, you can’t work or read in your bedroom. So, never stick with just one kind of lighting.

How to fix it?

 bedroom design-bedroom lighting
So switch on the type of light you need

The key here is to have different kinds of lighting. For instance, you can have recessed lights for ambient lighting along with a reading light. If there is a workstation, it needs an independent light source. And if you have dimmers for your lights, it works like magic for your sleep hygiene. 

Now that you have sorted the errors, it’s time for some inspiration. Check out our best bedroom designs from the years gone by. 

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