For those who don’t know, dopamine is a neuromodulatory molecule that acts on the parts of your brain that evoke feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. Therefore, simply put, when we feel good, dopamine is what lets our brain know that we are indeed feeling good. Now, what does that have to do with decor of any kind? Well, our homes are places that should make us feel good. This is where dopamine decor comes in. Explained in easy terms, popular aspects of dopamine decor revolve around incorporating bright colours and patterns, along with objects that have emotional relevance, to spark joy and soothe the mind.

How do you dopamine-decorate?

With the trend taking off, an important question to consider is – how do you do it? How do you decorate in a way that excites dopamine in your brain? Well, you can very simply start with colours, as many of them are known to stimulate feelings of joy. Blues, pinks, oranges, yellows – the brighter the better! Hence, ‘tis the season for bold, lively patterns that exude vitality, when it comes to dopamine decor.

A door to comfort

Dopamine decor: Doorway to nostalgia

Dopamine decor, at first glance, can be confused with maximalism, and to be fair, there are definitely many similarities. However, maximalism doesn’t need to be adhered to, to excite your dopamine levels. What drives this trend at its heart is emotional significance. Dopamine decor is all about colours, decorative items, and art that have emotional relevance. Basically, things that induce feelings of comfort and safety in people.

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Own your joy

A combination of familiarity and warmth

Therefore, dopamine decor is basically the art of crafting a living space that does more than just welcome you. It is also meant to fill your heart with joy every time you step through the door. It goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that qualifies as a source of happiness, making you genuinely delighted to be home.

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Pick your pop of colour

Storage, but make it fancy! 

While popular aspects of dopamine decor has many elements in common with Barbiecore, art deco maximalism and maximalist boho, it is beyond all three – because its essence hinges on human emotion. After all, it is the happiest design trend in recent times. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to go big with one colour instead of many, there’s room in the dopamine decor trend for you too!

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Don’t say goodbye to favourites

A house that speaks to you, and of you

One of the more inconspicuous features of dopamine decor is sustainability and the creativity that comes with it. Using and re-using decor you are emotionally attached to essentially does away with the pressure and obligation to keep purchasing newer items – and when you’re bored? Just a look into stuff you own and you’re all done!

That poster of the band you liked in the 90s? Well, put it back on the wall! 

Colours to soothe and excite 

Your happy place, guaranteed by colours

The dopamine decor trend is also heavily influenced by colour psychology. Colours like blue, green, red, orange, pink, and yellow are known to tickle the parts of your brain that feel happiness and peace. A space that lifts your spirits with its colours and textures is exactly what you need after a long day at work.

Small move, big impact

Keep your decor fresh, with the smallest of changes!

The freedom that the dopamine decor trend comes with is also one of the reasons it is trending the way it is, with people raving and talking about it in ways that they are. The lack of any make-or-break elements makes it really easy to indulge in this style of decor. Essentially, you can achieve dopamine decor by simply picking contrasting colours for your bedsheets, even if your walls are already painted.

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Spruce up your shelves 

A hit of the good vibes, every time you walk in

Open shelving is a consequential feature of the dopamine decor trend – which basically reaffirms the lack of rules that this style has. Place whatever you wish on your shelves to add colour, character, and warmth to your space! 

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Let your inner child experiment

Chevron for the win!

The idea is mostly to run free. Chevron prints are back in a big way as a popular aspect of dopamine decor. Be it an accent wall, good old art or a certain kind of design that is familiar to you, you do what you want when it comes to this.

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Reinvent the colour wheel

Clashing colours that brighten your space!

In this personalised design trend, clashing colours are not seen as chaotic but rather as a reflection of the diversity and complexity of individual personalities. The juxtaposition of vibrant hues can create a visually stimulating environment, contributing to the overall sense of happiness in the living space.

As bright as the sun

A room for all your moods

Using yellow as a dominant colour in a sunlit room can be a fantastic way to create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere – yes, dopamine decor can really be as simple as that. You can also consider upping the brightness factor with flowers and adornments of your choice!

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A room of calm

Personalise your home to make you happy

In conclusion, dopamine decor emerges not merely as a design trend but as a transformative philosophy that places warmth and happiness at the forefront of our living spaces. The deliberate infusion of emotionally relevant items, personalised art, and the vibrant touch of bright hues create a positive environment. Imagine living in a haven of things you love, adorned by all things you hold dear, sometimes in their original form and sometimes furnished into something else.

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More than just a trend

Nostalgia, solace, and more

Dopamine decors’ emphasis on joy is not only seen in its aesthetic appeal but also in its psychological impact, as it draws on the principles of colour psychology and emotional connection. As we navigate the complexities of modern life, dopamine decor stands as proof that our surroundings have the power to elevate our spirits. For this reason, it is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice, an intentional pursuit of the happiest version of our living spaces, where every corner becomes a canvas for joy, warmth, and the simple pleasures that make a house a truly happy home.

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