Everyone wants to decorate their home in ways that make it their own. Be it with pretty cushions, warm rugs, lovely photo galleries or even a few potted beauties.

But there seems to be a misconception that interior decor does not come cheap. Sure, getting a personal designer may seem tedious and expensive but we’re here to show you affordable, budget-friendly ways to decorate your home.

So, let’s dive straight in and find out about a host of low budget decor ideas.

1. Framed artLow budget decor ideas_framed art

This is a great DIY idea. You can create beautiful artwork with old magazines and newspapers. Just cut out pictures and words and put them together on an ivory sheet and have it framed. If that seems like too much effort, no problem, paint something fun and simple and have that framed. If you have kids, don’t sweat it just frame some of their paintings.

2. Pots and plantsLow budget decor ideas_potted plants

Plants are the cheapest way to spruce up any space, be it inside or out. They make the ambience fresh and vibrant. Put some plants in pots around your home or get creative and hang them from the ceiling near windows and doors. Better yet, if you have the extra cash to spare, look for funky ceramic pots and unleash your artistic abilities on it.

3. Tealight magicLow budget decor ideas_use tealights

Another low budget decor idea that instantly ups your decor game are fairy lights or tea lights. Create a wall space with strings of lights and hang photos with clips on them. You can also make use of old glass or wine bottles or even mason jars and put fairy lights in them. You could also prop a mirror in a corner and put lights around it.

4. Stack books in a cornerLow budget decor ideas_stack books

If you are a bookworm and have a great number of books, this one is for you. Stack them and place them in a corner to make a statement. Create a makeshift table with them and place tiny potted plants or maybe even a lamp on it. For an artsy look, cover your books with handmade paper and pile them on top of each other. This hack works best on hardbound books.

5. Plate ‘em upLow budget decor ideas_hang plates

Do you have a lot of old plates that you don’t feel like throwing away? Clean them and paint them. You can also paint on simple monochromatic plates. Hang them on your wall and watch it transform.

6. Upgrade hardwareLow budget decor ideas_upgrade hardware

Indian homeowners or renters never seem to understand the importance of hardware. It’s typically the most ignored facet of their home but surprisingly the easiest and cheapest to update to create a fresh look. So if you’re bored of your existing kitchen, for a simple low budget decor idea just replace your cabinet knobs and handles. Be inspired and opt for a variety. You don’t even have to match them. The same rule applies to your bathroom as well. Swap out old towel bars and faucets for a quick and easy uplift.

7. Update cushionsLow budget decor ideas_replace cushions

Yet another fall back for decorators worldwide; simply update your cushions and voila, you have a home that looks as good as new. You could also extend this low budget decor idea to upholstery. If you’re bored of your couch, then don’t replace it, simply refurbish the upholstery. If your bedroom reeks of dullness, simply purchase a fresh set of curtains and bed linen.

8. A fresh coat of paintLow budget decor ideas_paint the ceiling

You won’t believe the wonders a fresh coat of paint can do. Don’t worry, you don’t have to employ a professional. Simply paint a wall on your own and see what happens. You could also purchase printing wooden blocks and apply the prints on an accent wall for an ethnic twist. If it’s a kid’s bedroom, go crazy and have your kids splash the wall with their handprints.

Another no-fail low budget decor idea is painting the ceiling. Paint it a warm yellow or a cool blue and wait for the compliments to flow. If you’d like to be bold and edgy, then paint your front door an emerald green or a sprightly teal.

Use these low budget decor ideas and let us know what you think of these simple, affordable tricks.