Many of you may have memories of swinging from those huge wooden doors of your ancestral homes. Do you happen to remember just how heavy those doors were? Now, compare that to the door you have in your apartment. The transformation is quite stunning, isn’t it? We have moved a long way from solid wood door designs to the lighter blockboard ones that also happen to be more environmentally sustainable. In the meantime, your options for picking door designs have only grown leaps and bounds. 

So, if you are considering installing a new door or just casually browsing door designs, we have curated some of our favourite designs by Livspace. Check them out.  

Best door designs for Indian homes

#1: Beautiful sliding French doors for the balcony

Sliding glass doors let more natural light in

Mind going European with these sliding French-style doors? Sliding doors like these are optimal to make spaces like this brighter (and prettier). They are ideal for rooms with attached open spaces like balconies.

#2: Wide wooden single door

Dark wood is a timeless door option

You can never go wrong with a wide wooden door for your entryway. The dark wooden door is timeless, and you can accentuate it with steel handles and stoppers.

#3: Elegant glass doors with wooden frame

Glass doors make a great partition if you want the area to look spacious

Nothing says classy like the combination of wood and glass. This glass door with a wooden frame is the perfect partition if you have any large spaces to segregate in your home. 

#4: Sleek folding glass doors with black metal frame

Folding doors are perfect for compact spaces

This black metal framed glass folding door adds that touch of suave, modern look to the space. A good option if you want that minimal yet eye-catching element to your living room while segregating space.

#5: Modern glass sliding doors for a country-style kitchen 

Layout stays open but keeps the smoke out of your living

Who would have thought of sliding doors for a country-style blue kitchen? Bringing a modern touch, these aluminium powder-coated sliding doors go perfectly with the rest of the design. 

PS: It preserves the aesthetics of the open layout but also restricts the smoke and grime to the kitchen.

#6: Solid wood door with traditional carvings

Wooden doors are known to add glamour to desi homes

As Indians, our love for traditional carvings on solid wood is unconditional. Look at this door, it adds warmth to the minimal white setting of the home and also a touch of desi glamour.

#7: Modern grey door with geometric texture

Door handles can also be a prominent feature

If chic grey and patterns are a part of your aesthetic, you will like this main door design. The long gold handle for the grey door is a striking detail that makes it look stunning.   

#8: Etched glass door with frosty finish

Door handles can also be a prominent feature

Doors don’t always need to have intricate carvings. Simple geometric patterns like this work well too. It’s a glass door but you cannot see through because the finish is frosty. 

#9: Wide wooden door with glass details


Traditional but sophisticated

Who would say no to a grand entryway provided you have the space for it? This wide wooden door with a gold handle (paired with the patterned wallpaper) adds a sophisticated touch to the entire space. And don’t we just love the glass pockets that make it look like a traditional jharokha!

#10: Green double door that adds a pop of colour

A door inspired by grand fort entrances

If you feel like you have seen this somewhere, then you are right. This wooden double door is inspired by grand fort entrances. This historically-inspired door design is for those who want to imbibe our culture and heritage in their interiors. Plus, the pop of colour is an added bonus.

To stay true to the origin of this style, stick with distressed finishes. 

#11: Etched glass door with LED lights for the pooja room

Work with etched glass doors for decorative designs

Add more variety to your home with etched glass doors. This pristine white framed glass door is etched with religious symbols, signifying that it leads to the pooja room. The LED lighting ensures that you can’t miss it! Articles

#12: Large folding doors opening up to the balcony

Almost like a glass wall

Large spaces like this deserve some interesting door designs. In this living room, the folding doors with a silver frame blend in seamlessly with the Scandinavian aesthetic. Also, this door is more like a glass wall as it covers the entire length of the room.

#13: Sliding door with a mirror

Door mirrors open up compact spaces

Doors can be multifunctional too! Instead of dedicating a significant part of the room to a dresser, you can opt to attach a mirror to the door like this one. This setup also allows the space to look bigger.

#14: Swing glass door in black frame  

A glass door design perfect for minimalist homes

There are so many ways in which glass doors can beautify a home. This black framed glass door that leads to the kitchen follows a very minimal design but is very aesthetically pleasing. 

#15: A camouflaged flush door

Interconnecting two bedrooms

This door interconnects two bedrooms. It is a flush door designed by Livspace to resemble the TV unit on the other side of the wall so that it does not visibly look like a door. 

#16: Mint green door for urban homes

You can experiment with not only designs but also colours

Doors can be more than just carvings and patterns. Go with a unique colour to make the space more engaging, like this mint-green door with a silver handle. The speciality of this design is that the wall is also in the same colour as the door.  

#17: White framed sliding door to the balcony 

Spruce up your bedroom with glass sliding doors

A compact bedroom with a view, anyone? Sliding glass doors are a perfect fit. Take this door design as inspiration and opt for white-framed sliding glass doors, opening up to a balcony.

#18: Wooden sliding doors that close from two sides

Add rustic charm with wooden sliding doors

This homeowner wanted their open dining area to be concealed. So, the Livspace team installed sliding wooden doors that close on two sides. Brilliant, isn’t it?

#19: Concealed door behind laminate walls

A secret entryway

In this home, the plain bedroom door bedroom is concealed by stone-textured laminate finish walls. This one is for those who want a seamless, uniform look.  

#20: White framed sliding doors with a pop of mint green 

Sliding doors for a quiet nook

Let’s finish with another sliding door. Here, the white-framed sliding doors are installed to separate the quiet open nook from the hustle-bustle of the living room. 

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Do you know what doors are made of?

#1: Solid wood

Solid wood doors can be quite expensive

The most used material for doors used to be solid wood. Remember the large, heavy doors with carvings at your grandparents’ or ancestral homes? Chances are they are solid wood doors. Made of timber, solid wood doors can be customised to your taste and are quite expensive and not exactly eco-friendly options. 

Despite occupying a nostalgic spot in our hearts , solid wood doors have several disadvantages. As it is prone to warping, cracks and termites.  It is also high on maintenance. 

#2: Block Board

Blockboard doors are easy maintenance

Did you know that most doors that you see now are made of block boards? Similar to plywood, blockboard is a type of engineered wood. It comprises many dense layers of wood shavings pressed together with great adhesion. 

Block boards are lighter and less expensive than solid wood. It is a low-maintenance, highly durable as well as sustainable option. The only catch with block boards is that you can’t get those beautiful carvings like solid wood doors.   

#3: Glass door

Though fragile, glass doors are charming and functional

Glass doors are not as common in desi homes and not without reason. They are pricey, fragile (read high maintenance), less secure and curtails privacy. Even with so many disadvantages, glass doors are something we all dream of having at home. They let in more natural light, and who can deny the charm and modern vibes they exude.

#4: Fibreglass door

Fibreglass doors are easily customisable

The material that seems to be catching on among homeowners currently is fibreglass. It is an option you might want to explore further. They are strong, light, durable, easy-to-maintain, waterproof as well as soundproof. Fibreglass can also be customised according to your preferences. But don’t forget that all these features come at a cost. 

#5: Other materials

  • Aluminium: Doors made of aluminium are strong, durable and sleek. It can also be powder coated in several colours. The downside to aluminium is that it corrodes fast.
  • Steel: Tough and durable, steel is an option to consider when safety is of concern. This material is also used for grills and windows. A steel door contains an insulated foam wedged between two steel panels.

    Although tough, steel is prone to dents that are not easy to fix. If aesthetic is important to you, then steel wouldn’t do well.
  • Iron: Iron was a commonly used material for doors earlier. But not so much now, despite iron being strong and durable. Why? Like with aluminium, it is not a viable option as it rusts easily and is high maintenance. 
  • UPVC or Vinyl: The synthetic UPVC is a rigid and flexible material at the same time. Doors made of UPVC are solid and light. It can also sustain high temperatures and provide insulation. Moreover, UPVC is less expensive than wood or steel.
MaterialFinishPrice per sq. ft.
Solid wood Polish₹1100 – ₹1800
Wooden flush Paint₹150 – ₹200
Laminate₹200 – ₹220
Membrane₹200 – ₹250
GlassAluminium₹750 – ₹950
UPVC₹800 – ₹1500
SteelPaint/galvanised₹450 – ₹851

The Different Styles of Door
#1: Single door

A white English-style door

The humble single door with hinges is the most prevalent in India . This standard door style does what it needs to but should not be considered uninspiring. With the right design, you can make it fashionable like the one you see in the picture.

#2: Double door

Double doors are splendorous

As the name suggests, it is two doors instead of one. The idea of having two doors for one entryway is not revolutionary, but it does add more grandeur—perhaps, even a majestic sense— to the space.  

#3: Sliding door

Sliding doors are commonly used to segregate large spaces

A sliding door is installed parallel to the wall and can be opened by sliding it horizontally. The sliding door operates on a sliding door gear mechanism that comes in two standard types: top hung and bottom rolling systems. 

#4: Folding door

For folding doors, glass is the most opted for 

Typically meant for large spaces, folding or accordion doors are multiple panels that neatly pleat at the doorway’s edge(s). Glass folding doors with an aluminium or UPVC frame are a popular choice.

Vastu for door designs

Wooden doors are auspicious according to Vastu Shastra

If you believe in the works of Vastu Shastra, then you must want a door that’s vastu-compliant. Here are some tips for you:

#1: According to Vastu Shastra, the main or front door should be the largest in the home. It should be situated in the north, east or north-east direction. You can also consider having a double door that opens inside as it is auspicious. Beautiful designs, bright colours and lights are also believed to increase the flow of positive energy. 

#2: All the internal doors must be of the same size, as only the main door should stand out. The number of doors inside the house should also be even, i.e. multiples of two (2, 4, 6 etc.)

#3: Vastu experts proclaim that creaky doors can lead to quarrels in the house. So, make sure that your door hinges are sturdy and well-oiled.

#4: Make sure that the materials you choose are also vastu-compliant. Wood is considered the most auspicious. There are also materials for every direction that you can choose for a vastu-approved door:

  • North-facing door: Metal or iron
  • South-facing door: Wood and metal 
  • East-facing door: Wood
  • West-facing door: Metal or iron

#5: As for the colours, choose earthy shades like wood or soft colours like beige, light yellow etc. Avoid using bright colours like red and orange.

We hope you liked our latest gallery of door designs and found the guide helpful. For more door colour ideas, check out Trendy & Offbeat Front Door Designs.

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