Haven’t we all sighed dreamily while looking at the gorgeous homes in lifestyle magazines? So beautiful, yet so expensive, aren’t they? Most people think that good interior design can never be cost-effective. But we are here to prove you wrong! At Livspace, we believe in catering to everyone’s needs, so budget design is of the utmost importance to us. And we are of the opinion that a low cost small house design can also be luxurious and stunning! If you think that seems impossible, then this curation of our favourite Livspace homes, all designed under ₹10 lakh, will certainly change your mind!

#1: Low Cost Small House Design in Delhi With Splendid Wall Treatments and Decor

low cost small house design-living room-wooden pattis on wall-false ceiling-yellow sofa-tripod
Classy walls to go with the seriously glam false ceiling!
very small house design-bedroom-wooden pattis on wall-decor
The decor piece gives the bedroom an art deco vibe

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Size: 900 sq. ft.

Location: Rajouri, Delhi

Doesn’t this eclectic 3BHK in Delhi look expensive? Would you believe that it was designed in just ₹8 lakhs? Samrita Singh’s home is all things amazing with stunning wall treatments and decor pieces.

What is ‘budget’ about this low cost small house design?

  • Wood pattis have been used to create statement walls, which are much more cost-effective than complete wooden walls
  • POP (Plaster of Paris) panelling is a great way to create accent walls that are also budget-friendly
  • The modular furniture is from the Livspace catalogue

Designs lessons to steal from this home

Glam can be low-cost and understated. If you want your home to look plush on a budget, opt for accent walls and statement decor pieces.

#2: Low Budget House Design in Hyderabad Under ₹10 Lakhs

low cost small house design-bedroom-red and beige wardrobe-sliding wardrobe-glossy laminate-wardrobe with dresser
A clutter-free bedroom with only the essentials
low budget low cost small house design-kitchen-modular and custom units-mandir
The mandir in the kitchen is Vastu compliant

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Size: 1,430 sq. ft.

Location: Hyderabad

Pradeep Kumar wanted a home that was simple and elegant. However, his 3BHK came with pre-existing slabs and fittings which would require custom work, pushing up his budget. But Livspace designer Ritika Gupta ensured that he got the home of his dreams within his budget!

What is ‘budget’ about this low cost small house design?

  • A mix of custom and modular furniture
  • Multifunctional units in all the rooms
  • Laminate finishes for the furniture

Design lessons to steal from this home

When you have a tight budget, spend on custom furniture only where absolutely necessary. Keep the rest modular.

#3: 10 Lakh Budget House Plans in Pune That has Tons of Storage

low cost small house design-clients-living room-blue sofa
The Kulkarnis love their functional home!
very small house design-bedroom-wallpaper
Pretty and perfect!

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Size: 750 sq. ft.

Location: Pune

A family of three, the Kulkarnis wanted their low budget low cost small house design to be functional with tons of storage. Designed in just under ₹9 lakhs, this 2BHK has some smart budgeting lessons!

What is ‘budget’ about this low cost small house design?

  • The designer used wallpapers to create striking walls that are also low-cost
  • Laminate finishes across all rooms and a granite countertop in the kitchen
  • A custom study unit that was made by combining different storage modules from the Livspace catalogue

Design lessons to steal from this home

When going low on the budget, laminate is your best friend! Choose a laminate finish for furniture, wardrobes, cabinets and storage units.

#4: A Budget Gurgaon Home That is Vibrant and Clutter-Free

low cost small house design-bedroom-wallpaper-accent chair
Pretty lavender shades to make the most of a small room
low budget low cost small house design-foyer-laminate wooden strips-console table
The sleek console table in white looks perfect against the foyer wall with a wood-like finish

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Size: 1,480 sq. ft.

Location: Gurgaon

Home to a doctor couple and their three-year-old daughter, this 2.5BHK in Gurgaon is vibrant and beautiful. In addition, it is also low-maintenance (considering the couples’ professions) and clutter-free (considering their young daughter).

What is ‘budget’ about this low cost house design?

  • Instead of a pricey wooden wall, designer Niriti Negi used horizontal laminate strips that look like wood in the foyer
  • Wallpapers that are cost-effective 
  • A crockery unit with both open and closed storage

Design lessons to steal from this home

When you want beauty on a budget, play with colours. Whether you want bold colours or neutrals, you can get the look you desire without breaking the bank!

#5: Low Cost Small House Design That Looks Spacious and is Child-Friendly

low cost small house design-clients-living room-mirror wall-blue sofa-curtains
Mirrors make the space look bigger
very small house design-bedroom-blue wall-blue headboard
Deep shades like blue are perfect when you have a child at home

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Size: 750 sq. ft.

Location: Pune

Nikhil Kurothe and his wife had tons of ideas for their 2BHK but a tight budget. They wanted a low-cost small house design that was spacious and child-friendly. 

What is ‘budget’ about this low cost small house design?

  • Mirrored shutters composed of multiple mirrors all across the home that are cost-effective and create the illusion of space
  • Wardrobes and cabinets made of MDF, which is a low-cost material
  • An acrylic-painted jaali mandir which is much cheaper than a Duco-painted one

Design lessons to steal from this home

For a very small house design, use mirrors and glossy, reflective finishes to make the home look more spacious. 

A low-cost small house design below ₹10 lakhs may seem like a dream for most people! But at Livspace, we strive to create dream homes for everyone, irrespective of budget constraints. 

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