“When I met Amol Kulkarni and his wife for the first time, I found them to be a quiressential Maharashtrian family. Hence, it was my effort that their interior for 2 BHK must reflect the same,” says Prateek Saraf, who is an interior designer working with Livspace. And we can’t agree more. For the Kulkarni home is indeed a lesson in simplicity and functionality of design. And some smart budgeting as well! 

Who livs here: Amol Kulkarni with his daughter and wife
Location: Pune
Size of home:  2BHK spanning 750 sq ft
Design Team: Interior Designer Prateek Saraf and Project Manager Sushmita Das
Livspace Service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

So let’s take a look at how this interior for 2 BHK was done under ₹9 lakh in a project that covers everything, including furniture.

Living Room

interior for 2 bhk-living room-white tv unit
Neat layout tied up comprehensively by a blue grey theme

Budget Elements: Wallpaper + modular furniture

Indulgence: A simple false ceiling

Although the Kulkarnis asked Prateek to stick with a tight budget, they did not want to compromise on functionality. Hence, every space in their home is a mix of essential functional elements and budget-friendly design. For instance, in the living room, the Prateek cut down on cost by constructing the TV-cum-display unit from the Livspace catalogue. But he managed to squeeze in a simple false ceiling at the same time, adding to the overall aesthetics of the home.

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interior for 2 bhk-yellow kitchen-granite countertop
 A bold colour combination for a storage stocked kitchen

Budget Elements: Laminate finishes + granite countertop

Indulgence: A tall cabinet

Once you’re done appreciating the striking contrast of the yellow and green cabinets, it’s time to analyse the economy of the design. The Kulkarnis wanted their kitchen to be well stocked with storage so Prateek provided a set of lofts in addition to regular cabinets. Also, they broke down a few walls to widen the kitchen. However, the laminate finishes here are affordable as is the granite countertop. They compensate for the tall unit that was provided to accommodate groceries and snacks. They managed to cut costs as they did not opt for any internal accessories. 

Master Bedroom

interior for 2 bhk-purple wallpaper-grey headboard
A pretty purple theme
grey wardrobe-sliding wardrobe-wardrobe with lofts
Don’t miss the lofts for additional storage

Budget Elements: Furniture from Livspace + laminate finish for the wardrobes

Indulgence: Sliding wardrobe

In the couple’s bedroom, Prateek suggested a bed from the Livspace catalogue with a beige-coloured headboard and a pair of side tables. The wardrobe, also from our catalogue, has a black laminate finish. However, the doors of this wardrobe are sliding to make the room space-efficient. 

Daughter’s Bedroom

coral wallpaper-bed without headboard
A bed without the headboard accentuates the wallpaper
 study unit design- modular study unit
 Modular storages that fit safely into the budget

Budget Elements: Laminate finishes for wardrobe + study unit

Indulgence: Wallpaper

In the couple’s daughter’s bedroom, the most note-worthy feature is the study unit that is made from different storage modules picked from our catalogue. The coral colour of the laminate interspersed with white is the little girl’s favourite colour. These paired with a floral wallpaper on the wall, makes this quite a sweet space to grow up in.

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