If you have your mind set on installing or redoing your countertops, then the automatic choice is granite. Granite kitchen countertops have always been the ideal choice for Indian kitchens and, here we tell you why this popular choice will take the largest pie from the Indian kitchen countertop market for years to come.

What is granite?Granite kitchen countertops

Play match with charming grey granite countertops and ash-hued cabinets that give your kitchen a sophisticated vibe. A simple, crisp white backsplash illuminates the kitchen and adds to its sheen.

We’re not going to get very scientific and bore you. But in simple terms, granite is an igneous crystalline rock that is harder than marble and has large mineral grains on its surface. Granite is famous for its durability and easy maintenance. With spills, grime and grease a regular affair in Indian kitchens, there’s no puzzle over why granite is a top choice.

Types of granite: Polished or honed granite?
Granite kitchen countertops

Granite kitchen countertops

Add a touch of gloss to your kitchen with reflective granite countertops that have a mirror-like sheen, or go for grey hued honed granite countertops that give your kitchen the ultimate matte finish.

Unlike polished granite that is a highly reflective material, honed granite has a matte, no gloss finish that lacks the mirror like reflection of traditional granite. The soft look of honed granite fits perfectly well into kitchens that do not want the ultra glossy finish. Honed granite countertop looks aged and casual at the same time.

Honed or polished entirely depends on your aesthetic. But since a honed granite countertop wouldn’t have been polished to give out a lustrous finish, it’s more prone to staining since its pores aren’t sealed. So, if your kitchen demands a honed finish, go for it, just remember to polish it once or twice a year. Do the water test to check if you need to seal your countertop. If your granite countertop absorbs a lot of water and stains, then that’s a sure shot indicator that it needs some sealant.

Pros and cons of granite kitchen countertops:

Granite kitchen countertops have taken over Indian kitchens for obvious reasons and below we break down why they’re the natural choice in Indian households.

  • Aesthetic: Granite countertops have a stunning visual appeal and are available in myriad hues with beautiful mineral grains running through.
  • Durability: Granite is strong and durable. If taken care of properly, there’s a surefire chance that granite countertops will last a lifetime.
  • Maintenance: You can wipe a cloth over the surface and your polished granite kitchen countertop will shine like new. It doesn’t allow grime to stick and is stain resistant.
  • Heat resistance: Granite countertops are the ideal choice for kitchens as its heat resistant. It is got from igneous rocks and forms over years of crystallisation of magma. Therefore, don’t think twice to put down your hot pressure cooker or pan on your granite countertop.

Granite kitchen countertops

Clean your granite kitchen countertop easily with a cloth and see it shine like you just bought it. Make sure you install it professionally, to avoid unnecessary staining.

  • Cost factor: Granite is a relatively expensive kitchen countertop material and the installation cost is also a cause for concern. However, since it’s always in demand, there’s typically never an issue with granite stocks, and therefore a slim possibility to get lighter on the pocket with increased demand.
  • Installation: You should seal granite kitchen countertops perfectly, in order to protect it from permanent staining. The process of installation is complex and requires expertise.
  • Hard to remove: Granite countertops last forever. So, if the colour is boring or do not like it anymore, you will either have to learn to live with it or rip it apart.

It’s time to give your kitchen the much-needed granite twist and transform the aesthetic of your Indian kitchen. When upgrading your kitchen countertops to granite versions, make sure you consider acrylic kitchen cabinets as well. This will very well get your guests talking!

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