The perfect countertop can be a game-changer for the look of your kitchen. And it’s not just about the looks! It is expected to be stain-proof, scratch and heat resistant, extremely durable, and aesthetically gorgeous. Not to mention, easy on the budget as well. The key to choosing the right fit for your kitchen lies on your requirements. From relaxed to formal, luxurious to practical, here are six of the most popular countertops that Indian homes are loving. 

Kitchen Countertops #1: Kalinga Stone
Kitchen Countertops-kalinga-stone-white-brown-cabients-brick-tiles-plate
Kalinga stone countertop paired with wheat oak and pristine white cabinets
Kitchen Countertops-kalinga-stone-white-brown-cabients-brick-tiles-plate

Kalinga stone comes with an everlasting value. Its aesthetical beauty and high performance feature gives it an advantage over granite. These are anti-microbial and food grade certified. In addition, Kalinga is non-porous which makes it extremely hygienic. Preparing food on its surface is quite safe. 

These are available in a wide array of colors, varying thickness, flaunting an extensive range of designs and sizes. Also, Kalinga stone is one of the hardest materials used to create kitchen countertops.  

Kitchen Countertops #2: Granite
Kitchen Countertops-granite-white-black-yellow-cabinets-parallel-pot-stove
Granite countertop complements the Moroccan-themed backsplash
Kitchen Countertops-granite-white-black-Moroccan-Tiles-Pot-Stove

Delivering beautiful aesthetics, granite countertops have always been the go-to option for Indian homes for years. And for good reason! These are cost-effective as well as stunning in appearance. Granite is a natural stone and because of its unique virtues like heat and scratch resistant, it becomes an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. The heavy and durable granite slabs are a premium choice for building countertops.

Fueled by rich beauty and a timeless appeal, granite countertops elevate your kitchen’s aura. And because of the stones availability in many shades, it becomes very convenient to find the right blend for your kitchen. 

Kitchen Countertops #3: Caeserstone
A Tuscan Dawn Caesarstone

For those who love cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Caesarstone will fit the bill. Caesarstone is a pioneer in quartz surfaces with a content of 93% quartz along with a patented mix of 7% polymer resins, adhesives and additives. It is heat resistant, withstanding up to 250 degree Celsius, which is approximately 100 degrees more than what oil boils at. In addition, it is resistant to stains, scratches, and is non-porous.

Available in 50 shades, this type of countertop is sure to add an elegant vibe to your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops #4: Marble
Kitchen Countertop-marble-Scandinavian-white-cabinets
 A marble countertop fitting perfectly in a Scandinavian-influenced kitchen
Kitchen Countertop-marble-Scandinavian-white-cabinets-brick-tiles

Homeowners are often inclined towards marble. While Pinterest and Instagram can’t get enough of marble tops, this material comes with a bit high maintenance factor. Marble countertops are softer in comparison to other materials, so you need to always use a chopping board to avoid scratches. Also, it is porous in nature which would mean any wine, coffee or tea spills would need an immediate cleanup.

But, apart from these little hiccups, marble is highly heat resistant, waterproof, and adds exceptional beauty to your kitchen with its unique veining. 

Kitchen Countertops #5: Corian Stone
Corian countertop for a modern setting

Corian is one of the best solid-surface countertops available.  Manufactured in sheets from an amalgamation of polymer resins, minerals, and colorants, Corian countertops are durable, hygienic and non-toxic. These are non-porous in nature, which makes them highly resistant to stains and very easy to maintain.

Corian countertops are repairable, so even if they are prone to scratches, their solidity benefits them by sanding out any scuffs and dents.These are also available in several hues, from solid to the stone pattern to metallic.

Kitchen Countertop #6: Quartz
Quartz countertop in a country-styled white kitchen

Quartz is another popular countertop that has been gracing Indian homes. It looks smooth, sleek and uber modern. You can easily play around with choices for your kitchen since they have a wide variety of colours. Quartz is non-porous, which means they don’t stain easily. You don’t have to worry about festering bacteria. On the other hand, a quartz countertop is not as resistant to heat when compared to granite. 

Every homeowner can find a suitable material for his/her very own kitchen countertop. With a diverse range of materials available, all the advantages and disadvantages of all these materials must be taken into account. Considering the advantages and features of each material, choose the right product meeting your kitchen needs.

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