Designing a new kitchen is hard work because it’s a high-value purchase, and a functional one at that. However, that does not mean we have to miss out on all the fun! From choosing different colours to carefully considering the ergonomics, you will find the entire process worth it when you get your dream kitchen. However, most Indians just stick with the good old granite kitchen countertop design. If they want plush, they look at a modern countertop design in marble. But, there are many countertop options to choose from

Here’s a list of the best kitchen countertop design ideas—because you deserve to be spoilt for choice. 

#1:  Classic Kitchen Granite Designs

A sturdy and durable granite countertop

Let’s begin with the most obvious choice: a black kitchen granite design. While this is the most common choice for Indian kitchen countertop designs, there is no denying its functional merits. Granite is sturdy for heavy-duty cooking, and black covers up the numerous curry spills that are bound to happen in Indian kitchens.

#2: Red Quartz Modern Countertop Design for Vastu-Compliant Kitchens

A pop of red adds an element of surprise

If you’re looking to add colour to your neutral kitchen design without overwhelming it, then a pop of red is the way to go. This red modern countertop design stands out in the otherwise grey kitchen. Quartz or Corian stones can be found in a variety of colours and patterns to add a cheerful look to your kitchen slab. Also, red is the colour of fire, and hence, suitable for your kitchen as per vastu. 

#3: Sleek Kitchen Countertop Designs in Soapstone

Smooth surfaces are easy to clean

Looking for a smooth, soft look in a natural stone? Well, if you want something that isn’t made of a resin mix, then a soapstone-made modern countertop design is your best bet. The texture and even surface of soapstone kitchen slab designs make it easy on the eyes and add to the flow of the kitchen. It is resistant to heat, thus making it ideal for Indian kitchens. 

#4: Industrial-Style Kitchen Platform in Granite Designs

Granite blends well with the industrial look

As far as kitchen countertop materials go, granite is one of the most sought-after materials. Its sturdy quality, pricing, design and durability make a kitchen platform granite design a hit among homeowners. In this industrial-style kitchen design, granite adds to the rugged appearance of the space. 

#5: Modern Countertop Design in White for Minimal Kitchens

Balance the kitchen with white counters

Indian households have gotten over their aversion to white in the kitchen. As a result, many homes have white kitchen slab designs and countertops. Using quartz as a kitchen slab is a good option because it is easy to maintain, and it doesn’t absorb stains easily. With some regular cleaning, this countertop design can maintain its fresh look for a long time. 

#6: Contrasting Kitchen Slab Designs With White and Red

Achieve symmetry with the right mix of colours

Here’s another white countertop design that adds to the sleek, shiny look of the kitchen. We love how the colours are balanced well to complement the deep red of the kitchen cabinets. Also, white kitchen slab designs are currently in vogue for a chic minimal look. So you might as well hop on the trend. 

#7: Countertop Designs in Black and White

This sleek black hob is fixed on the white countertop

Gone are the days when gas stoves would sit atop the counter. It is now time to upgrade to sleek hobs that can be fixed easily on the countertop with a chimney overhead. This countertop design can be seen in most modular kitchens as homeowners are now keen to pick ease and efficiency for their kitchens. A Corian kitchen slab stone design is also very durable and low maintenance.

#8: Kitchen Slab Granite Designs in Brown

Who says all granite countertops are black!

Kitchen granite designs are often chosen based on durability and maintenance. However, granite doesn’t always have to be black in colour. You can pick a slightly novel shade of your kitchen slab granite design, like brown, to spruce up the look of your space while sticking to the budget. 

#9: Butcher-Block Wooden Counter Designs for Scandinavian Kitchens

A Scandi-inspired wood-and-white kitchen

Kitchen countertops options of stone and resins are seen aplenty. But, have you considered wood as a countertop? In this Scandinavian-style island kitchen, this wooden counter design brings together the whole look. As a bonus, it also acts as a dining table for the family. 

#10: Easy-to-Maintain Black Corian Stone Countertops

Black is a versatile colour for all looks

Many Indian households employ cooks to get their meals done. And, the biggest concern of spending on expensive kitchens is the rough use of the surfaces. If you’re worried about stains and scratches, then go for a black quartz/Corian stone countertop. It doesn’t stain or scratch easily and is heat-resistant, making it the perfect choice for you. Moreover, there is nothing quite as classy as a black modern countertop design in a well-lit kitchen.

#11: Classic Black and White Kitchen Countertop Designs

A black countertop for an all-white kitchen is a splendid choice!

Black and white is a classic combination of colours and this kitchen is the epitome of that. The black kitchen granite slab design with white cabinets gives the kitchen a neat look while being durable and easy to maintain. Don’t you love an ergonomic kitchen that looks stylish too?

#12: White Countertop Designs That Makes the Backsplash Pop

Thanks to the white countertop, the Moroccan tiles of the backsplash are the centre of attention

Here’s a countertop design that doesn’t fight for space or attention. Thanks to the simple and plain white counter, we can see the intricate patterns on the Moroccan tiles of the backsplash. Sometimes, the trick is in being invisible. 

#13: Laminate Countertop Designs

Sleek countertops save space and look chic

Laminate countertops are quite inexpensive options for homeowners. With the right edge-bending technique, no one would guess that it is not a natural stone. With laminates of varying colours and patterns, you can get the look you want for your home. 

#14: Colourful Kitchens Balanced With Marble

Quirky colours balance the marble

The beautiful marble stone countertop design mellows the effect of a colourful kitchen. The deep veins of the marble surface bring in some patterns and add to the charm. The natural stone also looks elegant in this quirky setting.

#15: Navy and Black is the Cool Kitchen Combination Now!

This space defies the no navy blue on black rule

The kitchen looks posh with its navy blue matte-finish cabinets. Adding to this fancy ambience is the black granite that boosts the overall intensity of the look. Granite’s texture complements the design well, in addition to backsplash tiles.

#16: Corian Countertop Designs for Seamless Green Kitchens

This stylish kitchen has a green backsplash and white counter

Here is another white countertop design that brings together the look of the kitchen by contrasting it with the parrot green backsplash. The cabinet lights amplify the charming look by highlighting the right spots in the kitchen. The countertop design comes off as chic and subtle. 

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