Granite countertops are the showstoppers in any kitchen or bathroom, but to keep them in their pristine glossy condition, you need to take good care of them. One of the reasons why granite is the favored pick of most homeowners is the durability offered by it, but it still needs maintenance to keep its sheen intact.

You can follow some very simple processes that will help you maintain the star attraction of your kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchen Granite Upkeep Tip #1: Applying a sealer
Kitchen granite_apply a sealer

You can apply a granite sealer to the countertop which will enhance its shine in the long run and keep away stains. Once the sealer dries out, it needs to be buffed with a rough cloth. In case of a spill, you should promptly clean it up before it penetrates the top porous and absorbent layer.

Kitchen Granite Upkeep Tip #2: The cleaning
Kitchen granite_cleaning

A simple soap and water solution should do the trick as harsh cleaning agents will erode the sealer with time and you will end up with a stone that loves soaking in any spills.

Kitchen Granite Upkeep Tip #3: Cooking Precautions
Kitchen granite_precautions while cooking

Avoid placing any acidic products like lemons, oranges or nectarines directly onto the granite, as the acidity may stain the stone. The bacteria from meat kept directly on the countertop may also damage the stone by getting inside its pores. Something as simple as oil stains created by the underside of oil bottles or containers tends to discolor the granite. This is more likely to happen if the bottle is always kept directly on the surface at the same position most of the times.

Kitchen Granite Upkeep Tip #4: Cook with style and finesse
Kitchen granite_cook with style

Using a cutting board for your chopping will not only save your fingers but will save your knives too from getting blunt edges and your granite countertop from developing ridges. Unbelievable as it may sound, but it is a good idea to part with your precious diamond ring while cooking. Diamond being a hard stone, is capable of chipping your close-to-heart granite countertop. Last, but not the least, once done with your cooking, do not place the hot pans directly onto the granite. Use trivets meant for holding the hot pans, as heat may not damage your sturdy granite but the grit underneath the pan might just scratch the surface.

Kitchen Granite Upkeep Tip #5: Granite countertop in the bathroom
Kitchen granite_bathroom

Make sure you clean these surfaces with soap and water only. Also, do not place any cosmetic products like bleach directly on the countertop. Any hair or body oils too should not be kept on the countertop.

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