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White is not a traditional colour for Indian kitchens, as we typically prefer darker shades. This is primarily because of the rough nature of the Indian style of cooking. It is commonly believed that darker colours for the kitchen will endure curry and oil stains. However, these days, there’s a craze for white kitchen design ideas, as global trends make their way into India. To help you get started, we have curated 65 gorgeous white modular kitchen designs to inspire you!

#1: A Dreamy All-White Kitchen Design

A parallel layout offers extra storage and countertop space

This dreamy white kitchen design makes the space look open and airy, despite being packed with storage.

#2: Modern White Kitchen Cabinets With a Splash of Green

A breakfast bar for two is a convenient option when you don’t have space for a dining room

Who said white can be boring? Add a pop of colour, with a green backsplash, to jazz up your white modular kitchen.

#3: Glossy White Kitchen Design With an Aqua Blue Backsplash

Despite being compact, the colour combination makes this kitchen look spacious and airy

When space is scarce, white can make your kitchen design look spacious while glossy, reflective finishes create the illusion of space. The gorgeous aqua blue backsplash adds a much-needed pop.

#4: Monochromatic Shades of White

In a monochromatic kitchen, use the backsplash design to add texture

A monochromatic white kitchen design is an evergreen option that looks amazing for both small and large spaces. Additionally, use your backsplash and flooring to add texture.

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#5: A White Kitchen Design With a Black Dado

A bold and beautiful choice

White is not a traditional colour for Indian kitchens. We are culturally inclined to opt for darker colours for our kitchens. However, if your heart is set on a white kitchen, opt for a black dado that will camouflage oil stains.

#6: An L-Shaped Modular White Kitchen

Under-cabinet lighting can further enhance the look of your white kitchen

The concept of white kitchens is originally Scandinavian. As the region gets minimal sunlight, the whites accentuate the effect of natural light. To further enhance the bright and airy effect, opt for artificial lights and explore under-cabinet lighting options.

#7: A White Kitchen Design Packed With Storage

End-to-end storage in this pristine white kitchen design

White cabinets come with a natural finesse, which complements the seamless look of a modular kitchen. This is perfect for when you want maximum storage and a clutter-free design.

#8: Traditional One-Wall White Kitchen Ideas

Perfect for compact homes

This serene and soothing modular white kitchen is perfect for small flats. The additional tall unit provides extra storage space for appliances and condiments.

#9: White Kitchen Cabinets and a Quirky Backsplash

A mix of closed and open cabinets for storage

If plain white is too boring for you, a backsplash with a unique design can spice things up. Moreover, this also helps to break the monotony of the white kitchen design, and you can also use it to add some texture to your space.

#10: A White Kitchen With the Warmth of Wood

A stunning combination of modern white and warm wood

White goes great with wood. This white and wood kitchen design has serene white cabinets and the warm beauty of a wooden backsplash and flooring.

#11: White Cabinets and a Glass Backsplash

Glass can give your kitchen a premium look

For a premium and elegant look, go for a glass backsplash. A deep green glass dado will pop out against an all-white kitchen.

#12: A White Kitchen Design That Is Also a Dining Space

Save space by using your kitchen as a dining room as well

When you have a spacious kitchen, but the rest of your home is compact, use the space in your kitchen as a dining area. Also, choose colours for your dining chairs that will complement your white modular kitchen design.

#13: A White Modular Kitchen With Patterned Flooring and Backsplash

Quirky patterns for a fun and vibrant kitchen

Even if you have a white kitchen design, you can play around with patterns for your backsplash and flooring to add a fun element. For a monochromatic look, choose patterns in black or grey.

#14: A White Kitchen With Tons of Greenery

A dash of greenery to add a dose of freshness

Even if you have a compact white kitchen design, you can add a dose of freshness with a few potted plants like this home.

#15: The Perfect Place to Enjoy a Cup of Tea While Cooking

Convenience is king in this kitchen

Another great way to jazz up a plain white kitchen is to add a breakfast bar made of wood. This not only adds some texture, but also provides a place where you can sit and rest while cooking.

#16: A White Kitchen Design With Unique Handles

Enjoy a beautiful view while cooking

A minimal yet effective way to enhance the look of a plain white kitchen is to add some striking handles. For instance, the copper handles here transform the look of the space.

#17: Scandinavian-Style White Kitchen Design Ideas

Warmth and light galore in this Scandinavian-style kitchen

In true Scandinavian style, this white modular kitchen is bright and airy, with pristine white cabinets and hints of light wood tones.

#18: Compact Kitchen Design Ideas

Simplicity is beauty

White works best when you have a compact space. In addition, opt for a basic layout and minimal kitchen accessories.

#19: The Niche in the Corner

The rack in the corner is perfect for displaying your fine china

If you have a small kitchen but want some space to display your crockery or decor, build a customised rack into a niche like this one. This is perfect for decor purposes while also saving on space.

#20: White Cupboards With a Matte Black Countertop

Sleek, handleless cabinets are trending

Another great way to enhance the look of a modular white kitchen is to strategically add some complementing colours. In this kitchen, for instance, the white cabinets make the matte black countertop and backsplash pop.

#21: White and Wood Kitchen With a View Into the Living Room

Whip up delicacies while entertaining guests at the same time

If you’re someone who likes to entertain, this type of open white kitchen is perfect for you. Moreover, it hardly takes up any space.

#22: A White Kitchen Design With Display Space

A seamless and contemporary design

This modern white kitchen stands out due to the nook in the cabinetry – perfect for displaying pretty decor.

#23: U-shaped Kitchen With a View

Who doesn’t like cooking with a view?

Apart from the seamless white cabinets and the extended countertop space, one of the most striking features of this U-shaped kitchen is the large window that offers a beautiful view.

#24: Compact One-Wall Kitchen Designs

Perfect for small homes

When space is scarce, opt for a simple one-wall kitchen in white. Additionally, a glass door can help in keeping smoke and smells from escaping into the rest of your home.

#25: More Glass Backsplash Inspiration

Such a pretty shade of mint green!

When you have a white kitchen design, a backsplash in a soft pastel colour will complete the overall look. Moreover, opt for a glass backsplash for an elegant and premium vibe.

#26: A Beige Kitchen When You Want a Unique Twist to White

Beige is a great alternative to white

Find white monotonous but want a colour that will make your small kitchen look spacious? Beige is the best option for you!

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#27: A Modern White Kitchen With an Island

The wood flooring and grey accent lights add texture to this white kitchen

Island kitchens are extremely popular among homeowners due to the plush look and extra available space. This white kitchen design features an island with an extended counter that serves as a breakfast bar.

#28: A Pop of Yellow

A stunning white kitchen design with a cheery yellow backsplash

If you love colours but want an all-white kitchen, keep the cabinetry white and choose a patterned vibrant yellow backsplash.

#29: White Kitchen Ideas With Ample Space for Breakfast

An open and airy kitchen in white with a peninsula

This white kitchen design features a long breakfast bar that’s great when multiple people eat breakfast together. Additionally, the open shelves help in making this kitchen look spacious.

#30: Sleek Handles and Cheery Yellow in This White Kitchen Design

The colour of happiness

Sleek handles help in creating a clutter-free look in this compact kitchen. In addition, the happy yellow backsplash enhances the look.

#31: Can’t Get Enough of Glass Backsplashes?

A spacious kitchen where the dado adds a splash of colour

Glass backsplashes are trending, no doubt, due to their elegant look! This midnight blue backsplash looks striking against the all-white kitchen.

#32: Red and White Modular Kitchen

A vibrant pop of red

One of the best colour combinations is red and white. Opt for white upper cabinets and red base cabinets for a low-maintenance kitchen.

#33: Monochromatic Black and White Kitchen Design

A luxe kitchen design with under-cabinet lighting

Black and white is one of the most classic combinations that will always remain evergreen. The glossy finish and patterned backsplash adds to the overall look.

#34: An Island Kitchen in Black and White

A smart and contemporary island kitchen

Island kitchens are very convenient when you want to cook and eat simultaneously due to time constraints. The gorgeous colour combination is just the icing on the cake!

#35: A White Kitchen Design With a Wooden Island

A modern look with a cosy vibe in this kitchen

No combination is as warm and cosy as white and wood. If you have white cabinets in your kitchen, go with a wooden island for some warmth.

#36: A Forest Green and White Kitchen

Vibrant hues of green

If you want a unique colour combination, opt for green and white cabinets. A plain black countertop and patterned backsplash will complete the entire look.

#37: Cheery Yellow and Serene White Kitchen

Add some colour to your white kitchen design

Indian cooking involves a lot of curry stains and oil spills. As such, lower cabinets in a colour like yellow can help hide these stains. In addition, you can opt for white upper cabinets and backsplash.

#38: For the Love of Monochromes

Gorgeous hues of white and beige

Monochromatic shades are always a winner when it comes to modern white kitchens. Opt for a combination of white and beige for a classy look.

#39: A Fun Pop of Lime in This White Kitchen Design

A quirky and fun option for your kitchen

If you want an offbeat colour to pair with your white modular kitchen, opt for something vibrant like lime green. However, keep your backsplash and flooring simple to tie the entire look together.

#40: A White and Wood Kitchen With a Breakfast Bar

Chairs in quirky designs can elevate the look of a simple kitchen

A white and wood kitchen can look basic. If you want to jazz up the look, opt for trendy accessories like pendant lights and avant-garde chairs in unique designs.

#41: Vibrant Hues of Green

The brick-like backsplash is the highlight of this kitchen

Who wouldn’t love this gorgeous shade of blue! It goes so perfectly with the white base cabinets, while the brick-like grey backsplash ties up the entire look.

#42: A Light Wood and White Kitchen Design

A place where your family can cook and eat together

The combination of light wood and white gives this kitchen a Scandinavian vibe. In addition, the dining space is a very convenient option to cook and eat together with your family.

#43: A Beautiful Blue and White Kitchen

This colour combination will never fail you!

Blue, white and gold accents – what’s not to love in this kitchen? While the matte blue base cabinets are handleless, the upper white cabinets feature gold handles for a luxe look.

#44: A Kitchen With an Extra Counter

An L-shaped kitchen but with an extra counter

While the white and dark wood combination is definitely striking, the reason this modular white kitchen stands out is due to the extra counter/peninsula. This offers extra prepping and storage space.

#45: Stunning Blue Kitchen With Luxe Accents

This beautiful kitchen is GOALS!

Midnight blue and white is one of the most soothing and elegant colour combinations. In this white kitchen design, the wooden flooring adds a dose of warmth, while the gold handles makes the space look opulent.

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#46: Trendy Lighting in This White Kitchen

A hint of blue in this pristine white kitchen

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a simple space look glam. For instance, the unique lighting options liven up the look of this all-white kitchen. Moreover, the Moroccan backsplash adds a splash of colour.

#47: A One-Wall Black and White Modular Kitchen

Open shelving above the sink is a very convenient option

One wall kitchen designs can also be trendy, as can be seen from this example. The bold black base cabinets look gorgeous with the pure white upper cabinets. When you want a spacious look, opt for a mix of closed cabinets and open shelves.

#48: A Black and White Island Kitchen

Aesthetics + Maximum Storage = The Perfect Kitchen

Black and white is one of the safest and most stunning colour combinations. This is especially true when you have a spacious kitchen. Apart from the colour, go for a mix of matte and glossy finishes for an appealing final look.

#49: Vibrant Colours in This Island Kitchen

The showstopper is the geometric backsplash and its contrast with dark blue cabinets

What’s better than two colours? Three colours! This vibrant kitchen features midnight blue upper cabinets, white base cabinets and a yellow island. Additionally, the yellow-grey-white backsplash adds both colour and texture.

#50: A White Kitchen With a Vibrant Lime-Green Island

A kitchen resplendent in happy colours

For the ones who love peppy colours, this one’s for you! While the kitchen itself is all-white, the lime green island and patterned yellow backsplash help add pops of vibrant colours.

#51: Dazzling Shades of Red and White

Convert your peninsula into a cosy breakfast bar for two

#52: A Bold Peninsula Kitchen in Black and White

The glossy shade of black is so striking! Isn’t it?

#53: An Evergreen Combination of Blue and White

The stunning backsplash complements this blue and white kitchen design

#54: Luscious Chocolate Brown and White Kitchen Design

A chocolatey shade of brown is one colour that is both stunning and low-maintenance

#55: A Scandinavian-Style Island Kitchen

An island can serve as both a prepping counter and a breakfast bar

#56: A White Kitchen Design With a Black Island and Lighting

The pendant lights adds to the opulence of this kitchen

#57: The Warmth of Wood and a Kitchen Island

The green backsplash adds a pop of colour against the neutral wood and white kitchen

#58: A Mustard Yellow and White Kitchen Design

Mustard yellow is a great alternative when you want a bright yet subtle colour

#59: Be Bold in Black Like This Stunning Kitchen

A matte black kitchen with a white island and pendant lights is the definition of luxury

#60: Grey White Kitchens With a Pop of Red

The perfect example of a vibrant and neutral kitchen

#61: White and Grey Modular Kitchen With a Red Ceiling

Use your ceiling to add some colour to your modular kitchen in white and grey

#62: A Glam Alternative to White

This kitchen is the definition of luxury in textured grey with blue and gold chairs

#63: Glossy Green and White L-Shaped Kitchen Design

Go for a deep green colour that complements your white cabinets

#64: A White Kitchen With a Bright Yellow Fridge

The fridge adds a vibrant pop

#65: A White Kitchen Design With a Black Backsplash

A matte black backsplash will complement an all-white kitchen

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