Grey kitchens are the latest fad in contemporary Indian homes. Why? Grey kitchen design is just as versatile as black or white and can be easily adapted to a variety of styles and spaces.

Also, in a warm climate like ours, grey kitchen ideas offer a pleasantly cool dimension to homes. Check out our collection of Livspace grey modular kitchens that are currently in vogue:

#1: Grey and White Kitchen With Glossy Magic

grey and white kitchen
Grey white kitchen is a classic

Glossy surfaces make any space appear larger than what it is, and that’s exactly how the acrylic grey kitchen cabinets and island help beautify this small kitchen. A patterned backsplash complements the grey and white kitchen theme.

Light bounces off the glossy surfaces of this large grey colour kitchen and gives the space a fresh, clean look. The modern grey kitchen cabinets are a pleasant balance between the wood panelled flooring and neutral backsplash.

#2: Grey and White Kitchen Designs With Beautiful Backdrop

This dark grey and white kitchen has a rustic charm

Even with its demure personality, white makes a huge impact in this predominantly grey modular kitchen. The grey kitchen colour combination uses a contrasting backsplash that adds visual appeal to the grey white kitchen design. Also, the modern grey cabinets work very well with the simple, pristine white cabinets.

With its soothing, matte grey backdrop, this kitchen instantly makes a sophisticated statement. White cabinets and shelves stand out beautifully while a pick of quaint furniture gives the space a relaxed, countryside feel.

#3. Pattern Play in This Dark Grey and White Kitchen

A grey white kitchen for a fresh look

A mixture of shades and patterns gives this grey white kitchen a fresh, jazzed up look. The pattered backsplash and white countertop add a dynamic feel and beautifully complement the neutral cabinets.

An alluring, motifed backsplash becomes the focal point of this grey kitchen finished with cerused cabinets. In fact, the dark grey cabinets really stand out!

#4: Luxurious & Stylish Grey and White Kitchen

Grey white kitchen ideas like these scream luxury

If bold colors are not your cup of tea, then you can opt for neutrals for your lower cabinets and overhead shelves. Pair it with dark grey on the walls, the island and the flooring. The effect is grand.

#5. Grey Kitchen Colour Combination on Grey

Grey and white kitchens can be subtle, as well

There’s nothing more beautiful than gradation of a sophisticated color like grey. This traditional-inspired grey and white kitchen uses a light shade of grey in tandem with white and neutrals to keep things interesting.

#6: Mix It Up With Grey and White Kitchen Designs

A kitchen with an airy vibe

Being a versatile hue, grey pairs well with a variety of colours. With pops of appetite-stimulating neutrals and beige among a sea of greys, this modern grey kitchen makes a dashing impression.

This kitchen uses a combination of grey and wooden textures for a cosy yet crisp appearance.

When it comes to kitchen color schemes, black and white kitchens now seem like safe bets as neutrals and grey kitchens are quickly gaining popularity.  It’s a great choice to consider as it magically transforms the look and feel of the kitchen.

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