Modular kitchens are slowly becoming the norm in Indian homes. And they come in a variety of styles! Do you vibe with blends of warm and cool colors or neutrals with a metallic touch? Or is it the classic all-wood kitchen or neutral palettes with solid streaks that excites you? Whichever it is, following the right color palette will convert the heart of your home into a stunning space that is sure to stimulate the senses and evoke emotion. To help you with this, we have listed some of the top color schemes for your kitchen. Check them out. 

What Are the Most Popular Color Schemes for Kitchen?

Color Schemes for Your Kitchen #1: Wooden Warmth

colour schemes for your kitchen-wooden kitchen designs-island kitchen designs
Wooden finishes and whites make a kitchen look spacious

Wooden tones add a warm, earthy touch to the kitchen. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to overdo the wooden modular kitchen colour combination, use it only for the lower cabinets and pick see-through glass cabinets for the wall cabinets. Further, you can team up the wooden elements with a black or white countertop for a perfect finish. And if you are looking for more color schemes for your kitchen, you can also pick a white backsplash with an abstract design or a textured white backsplash as a chic addition.

Color scheme: Various wooden tones and textures like Maple Brown, Mahogany, Oakwood etc.

Modular Kitchen Colour Combination #2: Neutral with a Pop of Color

colour schemes for your kitchen-white kitchen designs-pop colour kitchen
The vibrant orange pop adds life to the neutral kitchen

Neutrals, on their own, are a good choice for a kitchen colour combination. However, they might come across as a tad bit dull. Hence, adding a pop color to neutrals like white, grey, beige or brown infuses the kitchen with life and vitality. In such cases, using bright and bold color schemes for your kitchen like orange, yellow, green or teal can be most effective. Merging pop colors and neutrals is probably the best colour combination for kitchen.

Color scheme: Pops of orange, yellow, green or blue interspersed with neutrals

Color Schemes for Your Kitchen #3: Vibrant Colors

colour schemes for your kitchen-red kitchen designs-white kitchen countertops
Bold and bright colors for the kitchen make a style statement

Solid colours are one of those Indian kitchen colour ideas that you must try! They are striking and help make a statement kitchen. For example, you can paint all your cabinets blood red with a white backsplash and countertop to complement it. When it comes to color schemes for your kitchen, whites and lots of natural light work as the perfect background for the crisp and dense color to stand out.  

Color scheme: Cobalt blue, orchid purple, wine red, bone white and mango yellow

Modular Kitchen Colour Combination #4: White on Wood

colour schemes for your kitchen-wooden kitchen designs-white kitchen designs
The zesty monochrome patterns add glamour to the wooden cabinets 

The Indian kitchen colour combination of wooden tone and whites is like fire and ice; wood is a warm finish while whites add a touch of bright coolness to any space. Wooden finish color schemes for your kitchen look elegant with white countertops and backsplashes. While wood provides texture, whites add glamour to the kitchen.

Color scheme: Wooden shades and textures peppered with whites

Color Schemes for Your Kitchen #5: Contrasting Shades

colour schemes for your kitchen-blue kitchen designs-yellow kitchen designs
A contrast of blue and yellow accentuates the clean lines of this kitchen 

Ever heard the age-old saying opposites attract? We think that they surely do. How else does a navy blue go with a pretty yellow like this one! Contrast is the best color for Indian kitchen walls and a great way to make your kitchen striking. This color scheme comes in handy when you have to demarcate areas within a large kitchen. In fact, contrasting color schemes for your kitchen work very well for island layouts.

Color scheme: Any two contrasting colors like red and yellow or blue and yellow

Modular Kitchen Colour Combination #6: Peppy Colors Teamed With Earthy Hues 

colour schemes for your kitchen-wooden kitchen designs-moroccan tiles for kitchen
The eloquent patterns of the backsplash add texture to the earthy tones of this kitchen

Pairing rich, earthy colors with a splash of vibrant or citrus hues can result in out-of-the-box kitchen laminates color combination looks that work very well in medium- to large-size Indian kitchens. The backsplash can turn into a work of art for an extra pop of colors. You can pair this with grey or beige walls and flooring to complement the bright color schemes for your kitchen.

Color scheme: Earthy browns and beiges with cobalt blue, royal blue, tiger orange or olive green

Color Schemes for Your Kitchen #7: Two-toned Kitchens

color schemes for your kitchen-two toned kitchen designs-red and black kitchen designs
Two bold colors come together in perfect harmony 

A two-toned modular kitchen color combination is a mix of two different shades for the base and wall cabinets. These kitchens are quite a rage these days, particularly in Bangalore. Having two colors in a kitchen can serve several purposes. If you are looking for color schemes for your kitchen that is small in size, adding white to deeper colors like grey or black can brighten and open up the space. A touch of white always makes a kitchen look larger. However, Indian kitchens must be made immune to oil spills and curry stains. Thus, darker shades are often used for the base cabinets to ensure easy maintenance.

Color scheme: Any two suitable colors can be used 

Modular Kitchen Colour Combination #8: The Might of White

colour schemes for your kitchen-white kitchen designs-island kitchen designs
The white membrane finish of this kitchen contrasts with the warm wooden flooring

When it comes to Indian kitchen colour ideas, white is a sure winner. A white kitchen colour combination is essentially a European concept but it has caught on like fire in India over the last couple of years. Aesthetically, nothing can beat the pristine beauty of white kitchens. However, white color schemes for your kitchen are difficult to maintain. There are several variations of white with a smattering of different elements that work as a modular kitchen color combination. If you don’t want to try the naturalistic membrane finish in white, high-gloss laminate or acrylic can give a gleaming and sleek finish.

Color scheme: Various shades and textures of white

How do I Choose a Color for My Kitchen?

Choosing color schemes for your kitchen is a tough decision to make. Here are some tips to help you select the best colour combination for kitchen:

  1. Look for inspiration for color schemes for your kitchen. Use resources like Pinterest to create a mood board.
  2. Don’t overlook the flooring. The flooring design or color plays a crucial role in tying the entire look together.
  3. Opt for neutrals as they are easier to work with. Countertops, backsplash can be the places where you add a splash of color. 
  4. Don’t go over the top with too many colors. 
  5. Pay attention to your lighting arrangements as they impact the appearance of the colors in your kitchen.
  6. The color of your appliances too must be in contrast with the rest of the room to be aesthetically rich.
Check out these modular kitchen designs for some more interesting color schemes

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