In recent years, modular kitchens have taken the Indian market by storm! This is mainly due to the quality and convenience that they offer over carpenter-made ones. But do all designs suit our compact Indian homes? Not really! The style that ALWAYS looks amazing in modern Indian homes is simple kitchen designs. 

Looking for some kitchen design inspiration? We have compiled a list of 50+ of our favourite kitchen designs from Livspace homes. Check them out!

#1: A Vastu-friendly Kitchen in White

simple kitchen design-white kitchen-vastu friendly colour
White is a Vastu-approved colour for Indian kitchens

What WE Love

The bottle green backsplash adds a pop of colour to this brilliant white kitchen.

Check out the entire kitchen design here.

#2: Beautiful in Beige

simple kitchen design low cost-beige kitchen
The shades of beige go perfectly with the black countertop

What WE Love

The dark and light shades of beige on the upper and lower cabinets, respectively, create a seamless yet striking look.

Get all the details of this kitchen here.

#3: A Pop of Lime 

small kitchen design Indian style-lime green cabinets
A fun and playful look

What WE Love

The combination of the lime green cabinets and the gorgeous monochrome geometric design backsplash.

Take a tour of this bright kitchen.

#4: The Scandinavian Touch

simple kitchen design-scandinavian style-grey and white-profile handles
Sleek and edgy

What WE Love

The Scandi colour palette of grey and white and the sleek profile handles that save space.

Explore this Scandinavian-style kitchen.

#5: Ravishing in Red

simple kitchen design for small house-red kitchen-red cabinets-black countertop
Red is a bright and easy-to-maintain colour for your kitchen

What WE Love

This is one of our favourite simple kitchen designs. We love how the glossy, reflective finish creates the illusion of space.

Check out this kitchen here.

#6: A 20-Year-Old Kitchen Transformation

small kitchen design Indian style-monochrome kitchen design
Stunning in monochrome!

What WE Love

The plush marble wall tiles that match the black and white colour palette of the kitchen counters.

Take the kitchen tour.

#7: A Splash of Colour

simple kitchen design-slate grey and white cabinets-moroccan floor
The perfect combination of minimal and colourful

What WE Love

The Moroccan tile flooring in a gorgeous blue and mustard!

Check out the entire kitchen design here.

#8: A Stunning Open Kitchen 

simple kitchen design-open kitchen-breakfast counter-blue cabinets
Dine in style!

What WE Love

The chic breakfast counter which is perfect for a busy working couple.

Check out the entire kitchen design.

#9: Cheery Vibes

small kitchen design Indian style-yellow cabinets
Such a happy space!

What WE Love

The use of white in the upper cabinets to offset the bright yellow colour of the lower ones.

Check out the entire kitchen design here.

#10: A Smart Partition

simple kitchen design for small house-breakfast counter-partition-American walnut
A gorgeous mix of white acrylic and American walnut

What WE Love

The open breakfast counter serves as a partition between the kitchen and the dining area.

Check out how we designed this stunning masterpiece!

#11: One With Ample Space for a Young Working Mother

simple kitchen design-spacious kitchen-blue cabinets
Beautiful in azure blue

What WE Love

The island counter with the blue granite countertop helps to demarcate the large space.

Check out the entire design here.

#12: Chic Ceramic 

small kitchen design Indian style-ceramic kitchen-floor tiles
An artsy kitchen

What WE Love

The white brick tiles entrance and the patterned ceramic tiles flooring

Take the kitchen tour.

#13: Whimsical Whites

simple kitchen design for small house-white kitchen-white cabinets
A grand affair!

What WE Love

We have some amazing simple kitchen designs and this is one of those. We love the extra prep counter which provides ample space for the family.

Check out how we designed this kitchen.

#14: A Bright and Cosy Entrance

simple kitchen design-yellow entry-dark cabinets
Enter into a striking kitchen

What WE Love

The bright yellow MDF pillar-like structures that highlight the entrance to the kitchen.

Check out all the details here.

#15: A Fresh and Airy Kitchen for a Passionate Chef

small kitchen design Indian style-airy kitchen-black counters-frosted glass shutters
A fully loaded parallel kitchen

What WE Love

The sleek colour palette which keeps the look light even though the kitchen is fully loaded.

Take the kitchen tour.

#16: A Kitchen Full of Happiness

simple kitchen design for small house-magnolia shades-L shaped kitchen
Beautiful, bright magnolia hues

What WE Love

The combination of magnolia and white gives this kitchen a bright and spacious look.

Check out this clutter-free kitchen here.

#17: An Edgy L-shaped Design

simple kitchen design-L shaped kitchen
A minimal and contemporary kitchen

What WE Love

The use of the novel metallic anthracite finish for the lower cabinets which provides the gorgeous sheen.

Check out all the details here.

#18: The One With Oodles of Storage

small kitchen design Indian style-neutral kitchen-storage-segregation
Storage in every corner

What WE Love

Wall cabinets, drawers, base cabinets, open shelves, wicker baskets, racks – this kitchen has everything!

Take the kitchen tour here.

#19: Vibrant Shades of Blue

simple kitchen design for small house-blue and white cabinets
Bright and colourful!

What WE Love

The open layout keeps it spacious.

Check out the complete design here.

#20: A Classy Modular Kitchen

simple kitchen design-white kitchen-pops of blue and yellow-modular
Fun splashes of blue and yellow

What WE Love

The use of blue in the upper cabinets adds to the brightness of this simple kitchen designs.

Take the complete tour here.

#21: Bold and Beautiful

simple kitchen design-blue cabinets-black backsplash
A unique colour combination for an Indian kitchen

What WE Love

The textured black backsplash tiles look so amazing with the dark blue cabinets!

Check out the kitchen design.

#22: Warm Wooden Vibes

simple kitchen design for small house-wooden kitchen-walnut laminate finish
A stunning and fully functional kitchen

What WE Love

The walnut laminate finish is budget-friendly and looks warm and welcoming.

Check out how we designed this kitchen.

#23: Blazing Hues of Orange

small kitchen design Indian style-orange cabinets-backsplash
Oh so vibrant!

What WE Love

The backlighting under the wall cabinets enhance the vibrancy of this simple kitchen design for a small house.

Take the complete tour.

#24: Pearl White and Cyan Blue Wonder

simple kitchen design-pearl white cabinets-cyan blue backsplash
So pretty and pleasant!

What WE Love

The stunning cyan blue backsplash in subway tiles is such a perfect accompaniment to the pearl white cabinetry!

Check out the kitchen.

#25: Doused in Neutrals

small kitchen design indian style-grey cabinets
Functional and modern

What WE Love

The glossy finish of the cabinets and the lacquered glass backsplash maintains continuity of design.

Take the kitchen tour.

#26: Pretty in Purple

simple kitchen design for small house-purple cabinets-backsplash
A beautiful kitchen

What WE Love

The colour combination and the unique backsplash design!

More here.

#27: A Stunning Island Kitchen

simple kitchen design-island kitchen-blue
A gorgeous open kitchen

What WE Love

The membrane-finish of the entire kitchen which gives it a high-end look.

Read more here.

#28: Fun Boho Vibes 

simple kitchen design-boho-denim blue cabinets
A paradise in denim blue!

What WE Love

The combination of the rich denim colour and pops of mustard creates a happy atmosphere. This is one of our favourite simple kitchen designs.

Take the entire kitchen tour here.

#29: A Super-Compact 65 sq ft Kitchen

small kitchen design Indian style-compact kitchen-counters-cabinets-backsplash
Good things come in small packages!

What WE Love

The ample usage of white in the upper cabinets and flooring helps to open up the space.

Take the kitchen tour.

#30: Lovely Pastels

simple kitchen design for small house-blue-light laminate
A pretty picture!

What WE Love

The powder blue cabinetry and the 3D tile backsplash.

Check details here.

#31: Cosy Cappuccino

small kitchen design Indian style-white cabinets-cappuccino
A warm, homely design

What WE Love

The aqua green tiles with pops of turquoise look amazing against the cappuccino coloured walls and white cabinets.

Read more here.

#32: Plush Like a Hotel

simple kitchen design-renovation-bar stools-hanging planters
A touch of greenery

What WE Love

The tapered island with a brushed-line gold trimming and the overhead wine rack with the hanging planters.

Check out the complete kitchen design here.

#33: Kitchen + Entertainment Zone

simple kitchen design for small house-open kitchen
A place to cook, eat and socialise!

What WE Love

The bar counter cum divider with an overhanging sleek metal rack.

More details here.

#34: Basic but Beautiful

simple kitchen design for small house-light laminate cabinetry-glass backsplash
Exuding light!

What WE Love

The lacquered glass backsplash in a light hue of blue adds colour to this light laminate kitchen.

Take the entire kitchen tour.

#35: English Farmhouse Style

simple kitchen design-English farmhouse kitchen-bar stools
Grab a bite!

What WE Love

This English farmhouse style kitchen comes with a high tea pantry and a mini greenhouse display.

Check out the complete kitchen design here.

#36: Industrial Theme

simple kitchen design-Industrial kitchen
Dark and gorgeous!

What WE Love

The massive island counter which is perfect for entertaining guests while you cook.

More here.

#37: Aqua Wonder

simple kitchen design for small house-aqua cabinets-flooring
Love the flooring design!

What WE Love

The cabinets are handleless which helps save space in this compact and simple kitchen designs.

Take the kitchen tour here.

#38: The Kitchen That has it all

simple kitchen design-monochrome cabinets
The cabinets are the showstopper!

What WE Love

The unique colour of the cabinets that blends seamlessly with the entire look of the home. Also, the two-tiered Caesarstone countertop for the island.

See how we designed this gorgeous kitchen.

#39: Summery and Cheerful

small kitchen design Indian style-yellow cabinets-backsplash-lighting
What happiness looks like!

What WE Love

The Persian-style tiles for the backsplash that are highlighted by the bright yellow colour of the cabinets and the profile lights.

Take the kitchen tour.

#40: Rustic Charm

simple kitchen design-rustic kitchen
A striking palette!

What WE Love

The mix of modern accessories and the rustic colour palette.

Full design details here.

#41: Contemporary Masterpiece

small kitchen design Indian style-contemporary kitchen-acrylic cabinets-tiles
From old to a modern wonder!

What WE Love

This 18-year old kitchen was revamped using a combination of brown acrylic cabinets, metallic beige wall units and textured wooden tile flooring to create a modern look.

Get full details here

#42: Striking U-shaped

simple kitchen design for small house-U shaped-red cabinets
The colour of love

What WE Love

The spacious U-shaped kitchen comes with corner units and D-trays. Bonus: The red colour is so lively and gorgeous!

Take the kitchen tour.

#43: Country Style

simple kitchen design-farmhouse kitchen-yellow cabinets-brick wall
This kitchen got every aspect right!

What WE Love

This farmhouse style kitchen has a distinct retro vibe while being equipped with modern kitchen appliances.

Full kitchen details here.

#44: Metallic Hues

small kitchen design Indian style-metallic tones
Metallic tones give a modern twist

What WE Love

The way the subtle metallic white and blue creates a sleek look. Such gorgeous simple kitchen designs!

More details here.

#45: When Playful met Elegance

simple kitchen design for small house-yellow and white cabinets-backsplash
A happy vibe

What WE Love

The vibrant backsplash which creates an illusion of hand-picked flowers.

Check the entire kitchen details here.

#46: Soft Shades of Powder Blue

simple kitchen design-powder blue cabinets
So pleasing and elegant

What WE Love

The transition from a closed, medium-sized kitchen to an open layout that integrates it with the living space. Bonus: the pleasing colour palette.

Read more here: Colourful & Child-friendly Interiors for a 3BHK

#47: Blue with a Tint of Wood

small kitchen design Indian style-wooden base cabinets-blue upper cabinets-open kitchen
Classy in wood

What WE Love

The classic wooden and navy blue combination in membrane finish. This is as timeless as it gets!

Check out the custom interiors of this home at Pioneer Presidia, Gurgaon

#48: Balmy Vibes

simple kitchen design for small house-groove cabinets-laminate
Retro all the way!

What WE Love

The country-style groove cabinets in brown laminate that give it an old world charm!

For more on this gorgeous Bangalore duplex, read: This 4BHK is High on Style & Storage

#49: Hues of Blue

small kitchen design Indian style-shades of blue
We adore the play of blues!

What WE Love

The seamless design and bountiful storage that leaves the countertops free for prep work. Also, grey + blue = what’s not to like?

Catch a glimpse of the blue and grey-themed interiors for this Hyderabad home.

#50: A Warm Chocolate Brown

simple kitchen design for small house-chocolate brown cabinets
Looks good enough to eat!

What WE Love

The printed backsplash and profile lighting give this sober chocolaty U-shaped kitchen the edge it needs!

More details here: New Decor for a 15-Year-Old 3BHK

#51: Luscious in Red 

simple kitchen design-red cabinets-champagne white laminate
Drop-dead red!

What WE Love

This renovated kitchen literally pops with the red glossy finish against the champagne white laminate. And we can’t get over it!

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