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Who livs here: Naveen Suyal, his wife Kavita, their two daughters Yamini and Vishaka, and son Namen

Location: L Tower, The Antriksh Golf View 1, Sector 78, Noida

Size of home: 4BHK spanning 2800 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Ranbeer Kaur

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

After living for more than 20 years in their earlier home, the Suyals decided it was time for a change. The family of five found a swanky new flat at Antriksh Golf View 1, Sector 78, which was close to their earlier home. In a discussion with them, they revealed this was their dream home and they wanted it to feel like that with chic and modern interiors.

Designed by Ranbeer Kaur, the home is doused in wooden elements. Also, since Vastu was a priority for the family, mirrors have been used extensively throughout the space. Let’s walk right in!

Warm Indulgence
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First impressions are always important. This home makes a statement as you enter through the stained glass front door. Walking through the foyer with wooden paneling on one side and mirror on the other, the entrance is intriguing at its best. The ceiling is done up in wood as well, fitted with a hexagon panel and an elegant jali as light fixtures. The white satvario tiles add to the glam factor.

Living in Style
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The living room is a burst of attractive and contrasting elements. Since the Suyals have plenty of guests, adequate seating options was a priority for them. Featuring olive green sofas and a complementing chaise lounge, the space is airy and well-lit as well. A coffee table with three cushioned seats tucked neatly under it offers an extra level of seating for special days.

Of course, you can’t miss the floral wallpaper that brightens up the living room. Or the teal wingback chair beside the balcony that makes for cozy seating with a cuppa. Notice the quirky accent light? Ranbeer put it in as a touch of drama to the space. All the elements bask under the warmth of spotlights that are fitted in the elegant false ceiling.

Luxe Dining
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Here’s a dining space that’s sure to start conversations. While the table and chairs are minimal in wood, the highlight is the centre wall. Featuring an intricate mix of panels in laminam, mirrors and trims, the wall is sure to arrest your attention for some time. The rest of the wall is done up in the same floral wallpaper from the living room to offer a bit of continuity.

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A Happy Kitchen
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A vibrant vibe sets the tone of the Suyal’s open and airy kitchen. While all the elements are pearl white, the yellow pop of colour adds a dash of playfulness to the kitchen. Even the backsplash is kept interesting, setting off an illusion of handpicked photographs of flowers.

With the countertop in corian stone, the lower cabinets are in membrane finish and the overhead cabinets in laminate, the kitchen is full of sleek elements. Since the family of five would have a lot of groceries, storage was a priority for them. Ranbeer fitted a roller shutter to tuck away electrical appliances, wicker baskets for potatoes and onions, and plenty of drawers to stash their essentials.

Earthy-hued Bliss
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The master bedroom is minimalist at its best. While the leatherette headboard takes the centre stage, the open shelves with LED strip lights come in a close second. Also, a compact dressing unit comprising of a mirror and drawer stand on eiter side of the bed.

Take a look at the ceiling. The false ceiling features spotlights to add a bit of warmth to the space and a strip of wooden work that runs along the periphery to keep things interesting. The TV unit is neutral and clutter-free.

Floral Dreams
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Much like her parents’ room, Vishaka’s bedroom wears wooden tones as well. Whether it’s the wood paneling for the centre wall, matching bedside tables, or the false ceiling fitted with spotlights, there’s no doubt the family has a partiality towards this classic material. Notice the cozy nook for morning coffee? It’s sits perfectly next to the balcony. Of course, once you take all in the warm elements, your eyes will guide you to the vibrant splash of colours on the wardrobe.

A Dance of Lights
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The highlight of Yamini’s bedroom is the floral wallpaper that has zigzag panels and lights. The dazzling wall acts like a visual treat during slumber. Even the geometric light fixture beside the autumn grey wardrobe adds to the drama in the room.

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“I enjoyed working with the Suyals and I am happy that they feel good about their home. In terms of design, I had fun working with wooden elements, lots of mirror panels and new materials.”

-Ranbeer Kaur, Interior Designer, Livspace

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