A fully equipped kitchen in Bengaluru for a compatible couple!

Welcome to a unique kitchen!

Who Livs here: Rama with her husband Ramesh

Location: Sobha Malachite, Jakkur Plantation Road, Yelahanka, Bengaluru

Size of kitchen: 160 sq. ft. approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Smitha Mole with Quality Manager Pawan Shinde

Livspace service: Modular kitchen design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Before and after


A home renovation mostly starts in parts, and the kitchen is the first essential room that shouts for a change every time it hears “makeover”. For our clients, Rama and Ramesh, getting their kitchen redesigned was the first step to giving their home a facelift.

When we got talking to this light-hearted couple, there was so much that unravelled in a short period. From quick decisions to some amazing inputs from the wife, Rama, there was no stopping this chatty and very humble, retired couple.

Nestled in the Jakkur extension, this villa exhibits unmatched interiors with travel curios displayed in almost every corner. We were floored by the beauty of this home and how they’ve decorated it while paying so much attention to detail. So, right now, the kitchen is starkly different from the rest of the home and we love the fact the clients are ecstatic about their new space. We cannot wait to give you a peek into it. Read on.

#1: A spacious U-shaped layout

Clean lines and oxblood red modular with shutter storage

In conversation with us, the couple told us how they wanted to change the face of their kitchen, and how the kids living abroad were startled at their decision. But, after taking one look at the designer modular kitchen, things took a complete u-turn. The spacious U-shaped kitchen, sporting bright cabinets and some highly functional modules is the highlight of this address.

#2: Modules that fit in just right

A kitchen needs an organised, easy-to-open storage drawers
Here’s what we loved about this project
Shutter drawers and a built-in oven are dream kitchen requirements
Pull-out perfection: organize with style!

When we got talking to Smitha Mole, the designer of this wonderful kitchen, she told us how she went about designing it like a breeze. Speaking about modules, the couple wanted huge tandem boxes and drawers to fit in all their huge vessels and pull-outs that would make cooking an enjoyable experience.

Therefore, Smitha equipped this kitchen with bottle pull-outs, tandem drawers, d-trays and so on. Also, do not miss the roller shutter beside the tall unit with built-in appliances. It takes care of all the peripheral appliances that would otherwise end up occupying unnecessary counter space. We love how simple and functional this kitchen looks and feels!

#3: Designer tiles and countertops that Look classy

Cook, eat, and repeat with a side of dado-tiles!
A tile design that makes a statement

When the couple visited the Livspace Experience Center, they instantly fell in love with the wine-red modular kitchen that was ready to be touched and felt! They knew that very moment that this was what they wanted for their home. The countertop is a classic Caesar stone in white, that breaks the myth about maintaining light-coloured countertops.

Smitha gave the couple a combination of open and closed shelves for the wall units and played around with cream and slate grey for the same. The backsplash sports Moroccan tiles, for which the credit goes entirely to Rama and Ramesh, for their excellent aesthetic sense.

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Dishwasher alert!

Some things had to move around in this kitchen, one of which was the placement of the dishwasher. It finds a place next to the sink, where it should ideally be. The height of the countertop was customised to make it fit right in.

Here’s what the owners have to say!

“Rama and Ramesh were a very happy-go-lucky couple. Decisions were a breeze with them, since they knew what they wanted from the very first meeting. This was one of the fastest handovers by me, till date!”

– Smitha Mole, Interior Designer, Livspace

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