You know the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. From cooking your meals to eating together, your kitchen is the space where you spend the most time with your family. As such, most homeowners want a kitchen design that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable and functional. In his journey towards getting his dream home, homeowner Sandeep Chintala from Kochi had some specific requirements for his kitchen. From utility to functionality, his low budget kitchen interior design in Aluva Kochi will help you get your kitchen interiors done in under ₹3 lakhs.

While the kitchen might be the heart of your home, storage is the backbone. The Chintalas, being a family of four, with two growing daughters, required ample storage. Livpreneur Deepthi Susan gave them a low cost wardrobe design in Aluva Kochi that not only matched the aesthetics of the home but also ensured the budget did not cross ₹6 lakhs.

Join us for a tour of this stunning Kochi home.

#1: Low Budget Kitchen Interior Design in Aluva Kochi Under ₹3 Lakhs

Cost-effective kitchen designs in Aluva Kochi in a pleasing champagne colour
Unique lighting to brighten up the compact kitchen interior design in Aluva Kochi
Maximum storage in the form of cabinets, a corner unit and a tambor unit

At first glance, Sandeep’s low cost kitchen design in Aluva Kochi looks classy, spacious and storage-intensive. Livpreneur Deepthi tells us that one of the things that the Chintalas really wanted was an acrylic champagne kitchen. However, to ensure that the low budget kitchen interior design stayed within the set cost, Deepthi opted for a laminate kitchen in a lovely champagne shade.

Hacks to Reduce the Kitchen Interior Design Cost in Aluva Kochi

  • Laminate finish for a low budget kitchen interior design in Aluva Kochi
  • No extra kitchen accessories added except a corner unit

#2: Low Cost Wardrobe Design in Aluva Kochi

Sliding wardrobe designs in Aluva Kochi inside a dressing space
Lofts to maximise storage
A Frozen themed room for the young ladies

A kitchen and three wardrobes wrapped up in under ₹6 lakhs – this home is what dreams are made of! Whether you are a bachelor or a growing family, storage is a necessity that you can never have enough of. The Chintalas wanted a low cost wardrobe design in Aluva Kochi that offered maximum storage space and matched the aesthetics of their home. Additionally, in the master bedroom, their sliding wardrobe is in a dressing space. A partition separates this space from the rest of the room. Moreover, lofts ensure maximum storage for added convenience.

Hacks to Reduce the Wardrobe Design Cost

  • Laminate finish for all the wardrobes
  • The wardrobes only have basic shelves with no extra accessories

#3: The Chintalas Talk About Their Low Budget Kitchen Interior Design

The happy homeowners

When we deliver homes, our reward is to see happy and satisfied customers. So, after designing this low budget kitchen interior design in Aluva Kochi, we spoke to Sandeep to get his feedback on his experience with Deepthi and Livspace. Here is what he had to say:

1. What Was Your Favourite Part of Your Kitchen Design?

A: Maximum utilisation of each and every corner of the room.

2. Was There Anything Specific That You Wanted for Your Wardrobes That We Delivered?

A: Yes, sliding doors and aesthetic handles instead of common ones.

3. What Was the Best Part of Working With Livspace?

A: Transparency throughout the process and a high level of trust.

Livspace helped me understand what I wanted for my home design and delivered the same, even when I was not sure about the same myself.

– Sandeep Chintala, Livspace Homeowner

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