American chef Andrew Zimmern rightly said, “Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen”. As such, kitchens need to be designed with tons of love, care and a dash of interior design expertise. So today, we’re going to give you a tour of S Krishnan’s Chennai kitchen, one that is a functional masterpiece designed under ₹2,15,000.

The first thing that stands out in this kitchen is its bold and striking magenta colour. While most Indians love colours, the kitchen is not usually the place where homeowners experiment with unique colour combinations. However, S Krishnan opted for this stunning shade of purplish-magenta.

Despite choosing such a dark colour, the kitchen still looks open and airy. How did we achieve this? Join us as we reveal the design secrets of this budget Chennai kitchen.

#1: How to Take a Unique Twist on Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Welcome to S Krishnan’s kitchen version of Magentaverse, showcasing a stunning shade of purple
Livspace homeowners love their stunning new kitchen design

Every year, Pantone releases a “Colour of the Year”. In 2023, the colour is “Viva Magenta”, a rich and seductive shade of magenta, with deep red undertones. However, not everyone is a fan of red, especially in the kitchen area.

This home is a prime example of how you can take a trendy colour and tweak it to fit your tastes. Instead of the vivid magenta, S Krishnan opted for a deeper shade with lush purple undertones. Not only is it a unique choice, being a dark colour, it is also low-maintenance.

#2: The Best Colour Options for Small Spaces and Indian Kitchens

Opt for a mix of light and dark shades in your kitchen
Glossy and reflective finishes for your kitchen cabinetry are a winner

The problem with most Indian homes is the size. With flats getting smaller, kitchens are often compact spaces. The rule of thumb that many designers will tell you is to use light colours in small rooms. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego your love for bold, vibrant colours! If you have a small kitchen, instead of choosing a single dark-coloured theme, opt for a mix of light and dark shades, like magenta and white.

Another tip to make a small room look more spacious is the finish of the cabinetry. Glossy and reflective finishes can create the illusion of space. Thus, if you are going with bright colours for your kitchen cabinets, ensure that the finish is glossy.

When you choose the colour theme for your kitchen, while your tastes and preferences play a vital role, maintenance is also a concern. Indian cooking involves the heavy use of spices like turmeric, which can leave stains on your base cabinets and countertops. Therefore, try to go with dark-coloured base cabinets and countertop. You can always choose light colours for your upper cabinets and backsplash.

#3: The Cost Factor

While the cabinets might be bold in purple, the walls, upper cabinets, flooring and backsplash are neutral
The black countertop looks perfect with the purple cabinetry

Would you believe that this spacious, stunning and storage-efficient kitchen cost only around ₹2,15,000? This is despite having maximum storage, including base cabinets, upper cabinets and lofts. The secret here is the material used for the cabinetry. This magenta purple kitchen is entirely made up of laminate, one of the most cost-effective materials in the market.

#4: Let’s Talk About the Layout

How often do you come across such seating inside a kitchen?
Open kitchens look spacious and are perfect for entertaining

As you can see from the photos, the clients were an elderly couple. Therefore, comfort was a must, which played a role in coming up with the kitchen layout. The kitchen has a spacious, L-shaped open layout. This makes it easy to move around without bumping into things. Also, seating inside the kitchen ensures that the clients can quickly sit down and take a break while cooking.

#5: Add Texture by Introducing Patterns on the Floor and Backsplash

A simple backsplash in beige looks great when you have such vibrant base cabinets
The patterned flooring in shades of beige goes well with the backsplash

Texture is an important facet of good interior design. An easy way to add texture to your room is through patterns. For instance, patterned flooring and backsplash has been used in contrast to the cabinetry to add some texture. By opting for neutral shades, our designer ensured that the bold magenta colour of the base cabinetry will stand out.

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