A 100 sq ft kitchen at DNR Atmosphere that wows us with its simplicity!

dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-grey and white kitchen
A compact kitchen with everything you need

Who livs here: Smitakshi with her husband and son

Location: DNR Atmosphere, Whitefield, Bengaluru

Size of kitchen: 100 sq feet approx. 

Design team: Interior Designer Charul Lodha & Project Manager Meer Ameenuddin.H

Livspace service: Kitchen

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

We won’t be exaggerating if we say that people spend more time in their kitchens than any other part of the house. No wonder, we invest a giant share of our resources dedicated to interiors on kitchens! A project to furnish a compact kitchen is both a challenge and an opportunity for Livspace, which in this case was taken up our designer Charul Lodha. 

Smitakshi and her husband wanted their 100 sq ft kitchen to have all necessary modern accessories without making it cluttered. So Charul designed this kitchen in a DNR Atmosphere apartment in contemporary style using a neat layout that cuts clutter. Read on to explore the entire kitchen.

A Two-toned Kitchen at DNR Atmosphere
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-grey and white kitchen designs
Greys and whites make a balanced colour palette
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-grey and white kitchen-white countertop designs

It is no secret that two-toned kitchens, (kitchens that are furnished in two different or contrasting colours) are quite a rage these days. Smitakshi wanted a darker colour for the base cabinets. This was to ensure that infamous curry stains that are so common in Indian kitchens don’t take a toll on her cabinets. The deep grey of the base cabinets is nicely balanced by the white wall cabinets. Not only do the whites provide contrast, they also help open up the space in this compact kitchen. 

Anti-scratch Finish for Kitchen at DNR Atmosphere
dnr atmosphere-grey and white kitchen-anti-scratch finish for cabinets
When there is a kid at home, anti-scratch finish for cabinets help preserve them
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-profile handle designs

When we invest in kitchens, we invest for posterity. After all, it is the most used part of your home. Hence, it makes sense to ensure that it lasts you a good number of years. So Charul went with anti-scratch acrylic finish for the cabinets in this kitchen. Essentially, this allows you to scrub and clean the kitchen just as much as you want to. And considering there is a child in the house, preemptive measures against scratches are a good idea!

Quartz Countertop for Kitchen at DNR Atmosphere
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-quartz countertop designs
The white countertop matches the cabinets and backsplash
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-white quartz countertop designs

The shimmering white quartz countertop in this kitchen is one of its highlights. It makes the space look larger and goes well with the dark grey base cabinets as well as the light grey tiles on the backsplash. 

Moroccan Tiles for Kitchen at DNR Atmosphere
dnr atmosphere-grey backsplash designs-moroccan tiles designs
The subtle patterns on the backsplash complement the colour scheme of the kitchen
dnr atmosphere-grey tile designs-moroccan tile designs
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-moroccan tiles designs

Smitakshi liked the idea of having Moroccan tiles for her kitchen, so she Charul used tiles with subtle grey patterns for the backsplash. They is a rustic beauty to these tiles that add glamour to an otherwise functional kitchen. 

Kitchen Packed with Accessories at DNR Atmosphere
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-roller shutter unit designs
The kitchen has designated spaces for all modern appliances

This kitchen at DNR Atmosphere might be compact but it has everything you would expect to find in a contemporary kitchen. There is a roller shutter unit for appliances and the waste bin is also an integrated accessory for this kitchen. The Carysil sink is a highlight for its sleek black finish. 

Breakfast Counter for Kitchen at DNR Atmosphere
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-breakfast counter designs
A compact kitchen that includes a breakfast counter is a rarity
dnr atmosphere-two toned kitchen design-white breakfast counter

There is a common belief that breakfast counters take up space and must be part of only large kitchens. However, Charul has managed to fit in a breakfast counter within a 100 sq feet kitchen. This cosy space is a continuation of the quartz countertop and can seat two people. It can also be used as additional working space.

“The family was extremely collaborative and understanding. They were receptive to any suggestion I made regarding design considerations. Working on their kitchen was a very pleasant experience for the design team.”
– Charul Lodha, Interior Designer, Livspace

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