The concept of a designer kitchen that we have in our heads is essentially flawed. There is just one reason for it; we assume that a kitchen done by a designer cannot be in the budget kitchen’s category. Let’s help you look past this misconception and set the standards straight. Even a designer kitchen could cost you less than ₹4 lakh. 

To prove our point, we have curated a list of the most popular Livspace kitchens that come under the budget category. 

Best Budget Kitchens #1: Classic Two-toned Kitchen

budget kitchens-two-toned kitchen-white countertop design
Two-toned kitchen
budget kitchens-two-toned kitchen-serving window design
A serving window for accessibility

Place: Bengaluru
Size: 100 sq. ft.
Budget: ₹3-4 lakhs

This Livspace kitchen in a Bengaluru duplex is rather spacious and airy. We have furnished it with white wall cabinets and grey base cabinets in high-gloss laminate finish. And guess what? Our designer managed to fit in tall units as well in a budget of under ₹3 lakhs! However, the real stunner in this kitchen are the white backsplash tiles set in herringbone pattern. Additionally, there is a serving window here that opens into the dining area. 

You can get a detailed view at Chic Two-toned Kitchen in Bengaluru Duplex

Best Budget Kitchens #2: Budget Kitchen in Grey & White

budget kitchens-two-toned kitchen-grey and white kitchen
Grey and white combination
budget kitchens-two-toned kitchen-floral tiles for backsplash
Etched floral backsplash tiles

Place: Ghaziabad
Size: 70 sq. ft.
Budget: ₹2-3 lakhs

Grey and white is a colour combination that never really goes out of fashion. No wonder Sushmita and Faizan, a pet-parents to two dogs and a cat, were keen on it. Our designer suggested breaking down the closed kitchen in favour of an open layout. This allowed the design team to fit in a breakfast counter with a concealed bar unit within this compact kitchen. But, the aesthetic highlight of this kitchen are the floral etched backsplash tiles.

You can get a detailed view at Compact Open Kitchen in Ghaziabad 2BHK

Best Budget Kitchens #3: Rustic Kitchen High on Storage

budget kitchens-two-toned kitchen-membrane kitchen cabinet finish
Natural membrane finish
budget kitchens-two-toned kitchen-kitchen with lofts
Packed with storage

Place: Bengaluru
Size: 70 sq. ft.
Budget: ₹2-3 lakhs

This Livspace kitchen in Bengaluru is as tiny as they come. But our designer has worked wonders with it. The two-toned kitchen comes with plenty of storage in wooden-textured membrane finish. As this kitchen has some decent vertical height, the designer has used it to provide end-to-end lofts. Also, the cabinets are packed with accessories.

You can get a detailed view at Compact & Efficient Kitchen on a Budget.

Best Budget Kitchens #4: A Kitchen for Too Many Chefs

two-toned kitchen-ergonomic kitchen
Kitchen ergonomics at its best!
two-toned kitchen-ergonomic kitchen-black granite countertop
Task lighting for efficient kitchen

Place: Dwarka, Delhi
Size: 100 sq. ft.
Budget: ₹3-4 lakhs

The kitchen is a functional space and hence, the focus must be on its usability. This family in Dwarka, for example, has many enthusiastic chefs. And their kitchen can accommodate them all. Our design team has furnished this kitchen so ergonomically that everything is within reach. Adding to this convenience is the sleek beauty of the membrane finish cabinets. 

You can get a detailed view at Neat, Clutter-free & Functional Kitchen

Best Budget Kitchens #5: Renovated Semi-modular Kitchen

livspace kitchens-semi modular kitchen
Semi-modular for a purpose
livspace kitchens-semi modular kitchen-neutral kitchen
Neatly neutral 

Place: Pune
Size: 170 sq.ft.
Budget: ₹3-4 lakhs

This 3-year old Pune kitchen was coming apart but we have renovated it to be as good as new! What is great about this kitchen? It has a glossy acrylic finish for starters. But the real challenge was to accommodate semi-modular furnishings into this space that fit it without a whisker. 

You can get a detailed view at Neatly Neutral Semi-modular Kitchen in Pune.

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Disclaimer: All contents of the story are specific to the time of publication. Mentions of costs, budget, materials, finishes, and products from the Livspace catalogue can vary with reference to current rates. Please get in touch with a designer for more details on pricing and availability.