A minimalistic kitchen that’s fresh and friendly thanks to the alchemy of a dual-toned look.

L Shaped Kitchen Design

Who livs here: Dickson Gifford with his wife Subiksha Miriam, mom and one-year-old son Naythan Gifford

Location: Bren Palms, Kudlu Gate, Bangalore

Kitchen size: 90 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Sangeetha Rahael Raj with project managers Mohammed Asif and Tejaswi Tulasi

Livspace service: Kitchen design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

After consulting with multiple independent designers, Dickson Gifford and Subiksha Miriam fell for the oft-quoted and misconstrued notion — “modular kitchens are an expensive affair”. They were sure the costs would burn a hole in their pocket, until Livspace interior designer Sangeetha Rahael Raj proved to them that their L-shaped kitchen didn’t have to cost the moon.

Subiksha wanted a cooking space that was nostalgic of a good-old, 90’s wooden kitchen. To keep things minimal, Sangeetha contrasted frosty white wall units with base modules in American walnut.

L Shaped Kitchen Design

The L-shaped kitchen design embodies an effortlessly clean aesthetic thanks to the marriage of simple colours with natural materials.  The white glossy cabinets afford a superior  appearance and balance the more traditional woody hues.

L Shaped Kitchen Design

Replete with spice racks, corner units, wicker baskets and drawers, the kitchen is only minimalistic in aesthetic and not storage.

L Shaped Kitchen Design

The sleek Hettich handles offer hints of glam to the otherwise muted L-shaped kitchen.

L Shaped Kitchen Design

The lilac grey backsplash, which was provided by the builder easily slips into the scheme without too much fuss.  Its neutral matte finish moves easily from boring to clever thanks to the woven textured look.

For designers, it’s always tougher to cater to clients on a budget. But with the wide Livspace catalogue designing for the Dicksons was effortless. I could easily meet all their design requirements with cost-effective solutions.

– Sangeetha Rahael Raj, Livspace Interior designer