A kitchen tour that covers glossy interiors!

Kitchen tour-tall unit-cappuccino base cabinets-champagne wall cabinets-fridge-acrylic finish
An L-shaped kitchen

Who livs here: Mrugesh Walimbe and his wife Rashmi, their mothers, and their two children

Location: Ishan Srushti, Pune

Size of home: 170 sq ft approx.

Design team:  Interior Designer Gunja N. Golcha and Project Manager Parv Devenra

Livspace service: Full Home Design 

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

A kitchen is an integral part of the Indian home and hearth. The importance of the kitchen only goes up when it is attached to the dining room – here, the family can gather round while the in-house chef whips up delicacies. So when it starts falling apart, we at Livspace understand how essential it is to restore it to its former glory.

So when the Walimbes approached Livspace, one of the best interior designers in Pune, we knew how vital it was to get things up and running quickly. As their three-year-old kitchen was falling apart, Livspace designer Gunja N. Golcha took on the challenge of designing a kitchen that would fit seamlessly into their homes. Let’s take kitchen tour and find out how it went!

Kitchen Tour: An L-shaped Kitchen
Kitchen tour-acrylic finish cabinets-pantry pull out-loft
Clean and spotless
Kitchen tour-edge profile handles-acrylic cabinets-granite countertop
Sleek acrylic finishes

Since the family was already comfortable with the existing L-shaped kitchen layout, Gunja designed the new kitchen with the same. Moreover, she added a service platform on the opposite side to free up counter space in this compact kitchen. 

As the Walimbes wanted to avoid using white in their kitchen, Gunja designed their kitchen to have cappuccino base cabinets and champagne-coloured wall cabinets. Moreover, with acrylic finishes on the cabinets, the kitchen looks super glossy! In addition, Gunja customised the width of the base cabinets in accordance with the family’s requirements. 

Furthermore, the window in the corner of the kitchen lets in plenty of natural light . Gunja has also provided backlighting under the wall cabinets, to ensure that there is not a single dull moment in this kitchen!

Kitchen Tour: Fitting a Crockery Unit & Prayer Space
Kitchen tour-pantry pullout-fridge-lofts-mandir-crockery unit
Ample storage space
Kitchen tour-crockery unit-frosted glass shutters-mandir unit
A corner for prayer

In a compact kitchen, fitting other elements like a crockery unit is a definite challenge. But what do you do when you have a common space for kitchen and dining? Knowing this, Gunja designed a crockery unit that fit perfectly under the service platform provided on the wall opposite to the hob. Therefore, this crockery unit has frosted glass shutters, with a wicker basket between two units to store vegetables. 

Since the family previously had their mandir in the kitchen, Gunja has made space for prayer in the new kitchen too! This raised unit stands 8” taller than the service platform. Therefore, this distinguishes the service platform from the mandir effortlessly!

Kitchen Tour: Ample Storage Space
Kitchen tour-acrylic wall cabinets-open shelves-granite countertop-tall unit
Carefully customised
Kitchen tour-acrylic wall cabinets-open shelves-granite countertop
Ample space on the countertop
Kitchen tour-acrylic wall cabinets-open shelves-granite countertop
Soft hues
Kitchen tour-acrylic wall cabinets-open shelves-granite countertop
A pull-out spice tray unit

Do not judge this kitchen by its size, for it has ample storage space! Gunja has placed plenty of wall units and base cabinets here. Also watch out for the open units! Since certain ingredients need to be easily accessible for our desi style of cooking, Gunja has provided cappuccino-coloured open shelves in the kitchen. Moreover, since the cutlery unit above the sink is closed at the bottom, Gunja has experimented with jaali at the bottom so that the utensils can dry easily.

She customised the width of the acrylic cappuccino-coloured base cabinets in this kitchen for the homeowners’ ease. Moreover, these come with edge profile handles, making the kitchen look seamless. Subsequently, with this soft-close cabinet mechanism, Gunja has cut down on the operational noise in the kitchen. 

Since the Walimbes were particular about the usage of the tall unit, Gunja has paid close attention to its design. The cappuccino-coloured tall unit has storage space both above and below. Moreover, this unit not only fits the family’s oven perfectly, but also allows for air circulation around it.

For storing the family’s groceries, Gunja has provided a pantry pull-out on the far side of the kitchen. Consequently, this pantry unit is customised to fit perfectly into the space, and there are lofts over it to provide additional storage. Thus, the family has ample space to stock up groceries and packaged food without having to compromise on the space needed to store utensils

“This was my first project with Livspace in Pune, and the process was very smooth. The clients had a clear vision of their kitchen. I wove my design around these requirements, and they were satisfied with the results.” 

-Gunja N. Golcha, Interior Designer, Livspace

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