If you ask your parents what “settling down” means, getting married, buying a home and having two kids will be the most common answer. But this generic principle is no longer acceptable to most millennials. While buying a home is still a milestone that everyone wants to achieve, families are no longer the predominant buyers of homes. 1BHKs and 2BHKs purchased by single professionals (with or without some fur babies) are now a common sight. But what’s the next step after purchasing your dream home? It is to get the interiors done. While that can be an overwhelming process, here’s a comprehensive guide on 1BHK interior design cost that we compiled with some help from our designer Heny Savla as well as our sales team, to help you figure it all.

#1: What Are the Factors That Affect the 1BHK Interior Design Cost?

Know the factors that help you budget

Before looking at a 1BHK interior package, you first need to understand the factors that affect a 1BHK interior design cost. These include:

  • Building Type: Whether the building is a residential or a commercial one
  • Location: A flat that’s located in close proximity to in-demand resources will cost more
  • Flooring: Your choice of flooring material will drastically affect the 1BHK flat interior design cost. For instance, while tiles are the most cost-effective option, a marble floor will cost much more
  • Interior Designer’s Experience: A reputed, experienced interior designer will charge more than a new one. But opting for a renowned service might be a more cost-effective solution
  • Scope: An end-to-end renovation will be more expensive than a basic revamp of the 1BHK interior
  • Age of the Building: Older structures generally require more maintenance work, thereby pushing up the 1BHK interior design cost

#2: Why Do You Need a Professional Interior Designer for a 1BHK?

A designer can help you select space-saving multifunctional units

Why do you even need an interior designer for a 1BHK flat decoration and design? Apart from giving you the best design in accordance with your aesthetics and budget, an interior designer also helps you save costs in the long-run. Here are some of the benefits that a skilled interior designer can offer you:

  • A stunning design that adds value to your home, thereby pushing up the resale value in case you want to sell your flat in future
  • Proper project workflow, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays
  • As it can be a very time-consuming task juggling between the architects, contractors and labour etc, an interior designer has the skills to liaison between these parties on behalf of you
  • The best design, furniture, materials etc within your budget once you come up with a budget
  • Great discounts while designing your home, as most interior designers have resources and contacts in decor, furnishings, landscaping etc

#3: How Much Should You Budget for the Interior Design of a 1BHK?

While budgeting for your 1BHK interior, it’s important to consider all the factors listed above. Generally, a 1BHK interior cost can be around ₹10L, says Heny Savla. This can be both a full home design (FHD) or a kitchen wardrobe storage (KWS) depending upon the extent of the design. However, please note that this is only a basic range and can go up based on your requirements and other external factors.

#4: What is the Per sq. ft. Price Range of a 1BHK?

In order to calculate the cost of a 1BHK flat, you need to first know the per sq. ft. price range. This can help you budget better for your 1BHK interior design. The starting range is ₹2500 per sq. ft.

#5: What Are the Interior Designer’s Charges?

While designing your home, the amount an interior designer will charge can be computed in three ways: 

  • Lump Sum: 5—20% of the 1BHK interior design cost
  • Per sq. ft.: The 1BHK flat interior design cost per sq. ft. can be around ₹550 sq. ft. and above, exclusive of furniture
  • Markup of Products: Here, the designer charges a premium on every product you buy for your 1BHK interior design

#6: What’s the Starting Price Range of Essentials for 1BHK Interior Design Cost?

Essentials first, luxuries later

To calculate the 1BHK renovation cost or design cost, you first need to factor in the essentials that your home must have. Unlike a spacious 3 BHK, a 1BHK generally does not have the space for extra furniture. Here are the units that you should invest in. You can always buy more things that you feel you need later on.

  • Plain False Ceiling Gyproc Board – ₹125 per sq. ft.
  • TV Unit Panelling With MR Ply and SF Laminate – ₹907 per sq. ft.
  • TV Base Unit With 2 Drawers and 2 Open Units – ₹2938 per sq. ft.
  • Kitchen Base Unit With BWR Ply and SF Laminate – ₹4038 per sq. ft.
  • The Kitchen Wall Unit With MDF Ply and SF Laminate – ₹2938 per sq. ft.
  • Kitchen Loft Unit Frames and Shutters With MDF Ply and SF Laminate – ₹1350 per sq. ft.
  • Swing Wardrobe With MR Ply and SF Laminate – ₹2938 per sq. ft.
  • Wardrobe Frame and Shutters With MDF and SF Laminate – ₹1350 per sq. ft.

#7: What’s the Starting Labour Cost for 1BHK Interior Package?

One of the parameters where the labour cost comes into play is painting. While the interior painting cost is usually between ₹12 to ₹35 per sq. ft., the labour charges can vary based on the following:

  • Location
  • Level of experience
  • Exterior vs interior painting
  • Type of paint used

#8: What are the Things To Keep in Mind While You Design Your 1BHK?

Once you have an idea of how to calculate your 1BHK interior design cost, you can create a budget for yourself, which you need to communicate with your interior designer. But before you start designing, here’s everything you should keep in mind:

  • Resale value vs renovation cost: This is for those who already have a 1BHK and plan to renovate it. Before you do so, consider whether it would be more beneficial to sell the home than to renovate it. Another option here is to renovate the home and sell it at a later date, as the renovation will push up the resale value 
  • Usability: A 1BHK is usually perfect as a bachelor pad or a cosy home for a couple. If you plan to have kids or parents staying with you, a 2 BHK would be a better option. Know how to calculate a 2 BHK interior design cost here
  • Professional Assistance: Whether you are getting the interiors done for the first time, or it’s a renovation project, a professional can simplify the entire process
  • Plumbing and Electricals: Before getting the interiors of your flat done, check the plumbing and electricals, and replace the faulty ones. Replacing faulty plumbing and electricals after your interiors have been completed can push up your 1BHK interior design cost
  • High Visibility Items: If you want a 1BHK flat interior design low budget, spend more on easily visible items like furniture, lighting etc instead of non-essentials

#9: Summary of 1BHK Interior Package

1BHK interior design budget₹10 lakhs onwards
Lumpsum designer’s charges5 – 20% of the 1BHK flat interior design cost
Per sq. ft. cost of a 1BHK₹2500 per sq. ft.
Per sq. ft. designer charges₹550 per sq. ft.
Plain False Ceiling Gyproc Board₹125 per sq. ft.
TV Unit Panelling With MR Ply and SF Laminate₹907 per sq. ft.
TV Base Unit With 2 Drawers and 2 Open Units₹2938 per sq. ft.
Kitchen Base Unit With BWR Ply and SF Laminate₹4038 per sq. ft.
Kitchen Wall Unit With MDF Ply and SF Laminate₹2938 per sq. ft.
Kitchen Loft Unit Frames and Shutters With MDF Ply and SF Laminate₹1350 per sq. ft.
Swing Wardrobe With MR Ply and SF Laminate₹2938 per sq. ft.
Wardrobe Frame and Shutters With MDF and SF Laminate₹1350 per sq. ft.

We hope this 1BHK interior design cost guide helped you. If you are planning on buying a 3BHK, calculate the 3 BHK interior design cost here.

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