Building a kitchen from scratch could burn a hole in the pocket but that was before modular kitchens became popular. The latter comprises standardized units or ‘modules’ available in a fixed price range. This way you know your modular kitchen price before investing in one.

How much does a modular kitchen cost?

Most websites indicate expensive package prices without divulging details of every module. Contrary to popular belief, the overall modular kitchen price can be pocket-friendly once we understand our personal priorities.

While the cost of a basic modular kitchen typically starts from ₹1 lakh, it will inch upwards based on the factors given below.

1. Kitchen size
Modular kitchen price

The size and layout (U, L, straight, parallel, with island) of your kitchen directly affects the modular kitchen price. A large kitchen can accommodate more modules, ergo more expensive.

It also depends on how you use your kitchen. For example, a full-time baker would ideally make optimum use of modules in an average sized kitchen. Similarly, a frequent traveler who doesn’t spend a lot of time cooking can opt for bare essential modules in a sprawling kitchen.

Choose from our wide range which includes tall units, cabinets and more.

2. Cabinet material and finish
Modular kitchen price

These are several cabinet finish options available in the market like acrylic, polymer, membrane foil and laminate. Out of these, acrylic and laminate are most preferred among buyers.

Acrylic is the most expensive as it is scratch-resistant and delivers a glossy look. This is followed by poly UV finish.

Laminates are ideal for those on a budget. Hi-gloss laminate finishes are slightly more expensive than matt ones. However, the latter needs constant care and tends to have a muted and sober look. Check out our more detailed comparison of Acrylic vs Laminate Finish for Kitchens to help you pick.

Your modular kitchen price will be affected by both the interior as well as exterior finishes you choose for your cabinet. More details here.

Similarly, keep heat and humidity in mind when choosing materials for cabinets.

3. Accessories
Modular kitchen price

Based on utility, one must select accessories that complement a kitchen design. Not using them frequently will be a waste of money.

For example, if you love your crockery, plate holders are the best way to ensure that they never break. If you have a large family, a double bin holder is a godsend. Here is a list of 5 Modular Kitchen Accessories to Make Life Simple.

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4. Countertop and backsplash material
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Quartz, Corian and polished granites are the favorites for countertops due to their natural, high-end finish. Quartz is the most expensive but each material is available in a varied price range depending upon the quality.

The same can be said for backsplash. Buyers are opting for eye-catching materials like glass, metals or even stone so it becomes the focal point of their kitchens. Ceramic tiles are the most popular in the market right now.

5. Appliance
Modular kitchen price

Like accessories, you should get the appliances that will be frequently used to avoid unnecessary splurging. Built-in appliances like oven, dishwasher are usually more expensive than their conventional counterparts as they are comfortable to use and seamless in design.

Invest thoughtfully in our range of appliances so your modular kitchen price fits your budget.

Armed with this knowledge, you can easily prioritize your needs and create the kitchen you have always wanted!