Modular kitchens have become somewhat of a necessity these days. Any homeowner moving into a new home typically opts for a modular kitchen and wardrobes at the very least. Most people do not stop to question whether a modular kitchen is the right choice for them. Yes, we can see that question taking shape in your head, too — is there an alternative? In fact, for those who might not know, a semi-modular kitchen is a wonderful option. And what’s more, they are now available with Livspace.

Not sure what a semi-modular kitchen is? Let’s break it down for you!

What didn’t you know about a semi-modular kitchen?

semi modular kitchen-blue kitchen
They are also called civil kitchens

This type of kitchen is also called a civil kitchen because it is installed without making any civil changes to the kitchen. For instance, if your builder has already installed a sink and a countertop, you cannot install a fully modular kitchen without demolishing these. But a semi-modular kitchen can be installed without tampering with the existing kitchen, thereby making judicious use of your resources. 

What’s the difference between a semi-modular kitchen and a modular kitchen?

semi modular kitchen-yellow kitchen-island kitchen
SITE CONDITIONCan only be installed in a completely empty kitchen
MAKEModules are factory-made and assembled on-site.
CUSTOMISATIONPre-set dimensions. Minimum customisation is possible.
MATERIALSMade with plywood and a set of finishes.
TIMECan be delivered in 45 days.
REPAIRHas to be disassembled per module and fixed in the factory. Articles
SITE CONDITIONCan be installed even if you want to retain the counter, sink or other features.
MAKEMade primarily on-site. Some parts like cabinet doors are made in factories.
CUSTOMISATIONKitchen can be customised to fit different and often irregular dimensions. 
MATERIALSCan incorporate strong materials like aluminium that have a higher resistance to corrosion.
TIMECan be delivered in 45 days.
REPAIRHas to be fixed on-site.

When do you need a semi-modular kitchen?

How a civil kitchen takes shape?

Now, we all know that modular kitchens are very useful and efficient. No wonder they are so popular. But whether you should opt for a semi-modular or modular kitchen depends on many different factors.

Here are some of the reasons why a semi-modular kitchen might be the right choice for you:

  • Your builder has already given you a countertop and a sink, or you want to retain the existing counter/sink/tiles in your kitchen. In short, you don’t want to make civil changes.
  • You have a kitchen that is irregular in shape so modular cabinets will be difficult to fit in.
  • You don’t want a plywood kitchen. Instead, you want something more durable like aluminium.
  • You want to ensure complete space utilisation. As modular kitchens come in pre-set dimensions, this may not be possible. But with semi-modular kitchens, you can customise the dimensions of the cabinets as per your specifications.
  • Additionally, if you have pillars or columns in the lower half of your kitchen that you don’t want to tamper with.

Cost of semi-modular kitchens

Let’s face it, we Indians as are a price-sensitive lot. So when you tell us that something is great, it has all the positives and you should totally go for it, our immediate response is that it must be expensive. But, for once, you will be surprised. Semi-modular kitchens are quite cost-effective and definitely not more expensive than modular kitchens. 

Let’s hear what our in-house expert has to say about the cost of a semi-modular kitchen. 

A semi-modular kitchen comes at the same price as a modular kitchen. However, you have to account for some additional savings. For instance, a client does not have to pay for demolishing the existing counter or wall dado tiles. This results in a sizable amount of savings that comes from avoiding civil work, which would otherwise have been inevitable.

Abrar Siddhique, Livspace Kitchens

Semi-modular kitchen designs in India

Technical details apart, civil kitchens are just as good-looking as their modular counterparts. In fact, the only way you can tell the difference is when you open the cabinets. So, if you are in need of some inspiration, make sure you explore some of our designs. 

#1: Two-toned kitchen

semi modular kitchen-two toned kitchen
It takes two tango

A mix of neutrals and white is perfect for a compact kitchen like this one. Moreover, the darker neutrals pop against the lighter ones.

#2: L-shaped kitchen

l shaped kitchen-blue kitchen

We follow the thumb rule that we must never block a window. In fact, this L-shaped kitchen is proof. 

#3: Open and closed storage

yellow kitchen-l shaped kitchen
Bring the sunshine indoors

Even when you opt for our semi-modular options, you can still have both open and closed storage options. 

#4: A pop of red

red kitchen-small kitchen
Red kitchens are favourite with Indians

Everybody loves a red kitchen, be it modular or semi-modular!

#5: Wooden finish for the kitchen

wooden kitchen-l shaped kitchen
Warm wooden finish for a classic kitchen

There is nothing quite as elegant as wooden tones when it comes to kitchens. 
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