One of the major concerns for any Indian home is the kitchen — how it looks and functions. Considering that homeowners spend 2.5 to 3 hours in the kitchen everyday, on an average, it is but obvious that the kitchen should be well designed. When you decide to upgrade your kitchen to a modular one, there are plenty of questions to address, ranging from kitchen materials to modular kitchen cost. We at Livspace hope to address these major issues and tell you more about modular kitchen designs price points. Read on.

What Is a Modular Kitchen?

A stunning modular kitchen in red

Before you find out the cost of modular kitchen in India, you need to understand what exactly is a modular kitchen. Modular kitchen designs with price is a new and innovative solution to the challenges posed by traditional kitchens. Functional and durable, it makes everyday kitchen tasks easy to manage. It’s a term used for a modern kitchen layout that consists of modular units/cabinets, made of various materials, which can hold appropriate accessories. If you are looking for modular kitchen designs price points, you have come to the right place for some expert advice!

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How Much Does a Modular Kitchen Cost?

For starters, unlike designing interiors for the rest of your home, the kitchen interior design price does not depend only on the square footage. While size can determine the modular kitchen designs price, it isn’t the only influencing factor. The type of modules, their complexity, size and depth, raw materials, the finish of the body, shutters and handles are some of the factors that affect the small modular kitchen price.

Carpenters may give you a per square foot cost to build your kitchen. However, carpenters use traditional methods to build these and they aren’t specific to your needs. Furthermore, a carpenter-built kitchen also doesn’t come with a warranty.

A fully functional modular kitchen designs price can cost ₹1 lakh or more. But at Livspace, no matter what your modular kitchen cost budget is, we can customise an option that fits your wallet, lifestyle and preferences. With our transparency, you will love the overall experience.

Expert Recommendations: 

Here’s everything that you should and should not have in your kitchen, keeping in mind your budget:

I have a limited budgetI have a decent budget
Regular handlesSlimline handles
No wicker basketsA couple of wicker baskets
No tambour unitA tambour unit in PVC
No top-lift wall unitsInclude top-lift wall units
Granite or synthetic countertopMarble or quartz countertop


Functional and stunning

Before looking at the modular kitchen cabinets price range, you must first know the benefits. Modular kitchen designs enjoy several advantages when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. But it’s a lot more than that! Let’s look at some of these:

Easy AssemblyIt can be easily assembled. Individual parts can be repaired as necessary.
CustomisationIt can be customised with specific modules, colour schemes and designs.
Best Use of SpaceModules are built to make the maximum use of space.
Efficient Storage OptionsThe modules come with maximum storage capacity.
ConvenienceThere is no mess as the modules are built in the factory and only assembled onsite.

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Multiple factors determine the space layout and modular kitchen designs price

While the modular kitchen designs price is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right kitchen layout, you just also consider the downside of modular kitchen designs along with their numerous advantages and benefits. And when you’re making a decision so big, you should know both the pros and cons of what you might consider purchasing. Check out the disadvantages of modular kitchen designs price.

Cost FactorThe modular kitchen designs price is higher when compared to conventional kitchens due to their added benefits.
High MaintenanceModular kitchens require regular cleaning.
Professional HelpOnly professionals can install a modular kitchen.
Delicate UsageNot feasible for too much rough usage.

How Do You Buy One?

There are a number of factors to keep in mind before making the final decision

Determining the cost of modular kitchen in India requires expertise and by now, you must have understood that only a professional agency can help you get it. Finishes and materials play an important role in defining modular kitchen designs price and it might seem like a bad investment if the right kind of materials and finishes aren’t chosen. At Livspace, we can help you get customised modular kitchen designs with price points that work for you. But what are the things that you need to keep in mind before you get a modular kitchen?

Your kitchen cabinets should be long-lasting. Livspace Durabuild cabinets come with a 10-year warranty and promise high durability.

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The first step to getting your dream modular kitchen is measuring your space. This is a major determinant for modular kitchen designs price. You should opt for a layout that will facilitate smooth work. There are a couple of popular layouts out there that you could take a look at.

Types of Layouts:

  1. Straight: As the name suggests, a straight kitchen is one in which the cabinets are all in a single line. This modular kitchen designs price is best for people who like to keep everything handy while they are busy whipping up meals. This layout is also best when you have a compact space and is ideal for nuclear families. The counter length should not cross 10 to 12 feet to ensure comfort.
  2. U-Shaped: You can invest in a U-shaped kitchen to create more space than what already exists in the area. It is suitable for people who cannot do with less storage space in their kitchen. U-shaped kitchens have a lot of corner space, which can be used to fit in modular accessories like blind units.
  3. L-shaped: One of the most practical and popular modular kitchen layouts for modular kitchen designs price, this is sought after by most homeowners as it offers the perfect balance between functionality and storage. It is ergonomic and provides an effective work triangle.
  4. Parallel: With cabinets along two opposite walls, a parallel kitchen offers more storage space with the potential to spread out shelves and drawers. This is your best bet if you typically use the kitchen a lot!
  5. Island: If you have a straight, L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen layout, and have plenty of space for movement, you can add an island counter. This counter can serve as a prep-work station, a breakfast counter or even a counter to lay out your dishes in your modular kitchen designs price. To place an island, ensure that there is at least 5 feet between the two counters.

Check out kitchen design ideas:

Countertop Material and Cabinet Finishes

The answer to the question how much does a modular kitchen cost lies also in the countertops and cabinets you pick. The majority of the homes today have built-in countertops but you can still opt for getting a customised one with the desired material if it fits your modular kitchen designs price. From granite to marble and Kalinga to quartz, there are multiple choices available in the market. And don’t forget to look for options for finishes available for your cabinets, too. Your choice of material and finish will ultimately play a role in the modular kitchen cabinets price.

Kinds of Storage

Storage is an important determinant for modular kitchen designs price. If you are thinking about getting a modular kitchen, think about the kind of storage you’ll need. What sort of activity do you do in your kitchen? Would you need more large drawers or numerous smaller ones? All of this will affect the small modular kitchen price.

Golden Triangle

Ergonomics form a very important role in your modular kitchen designs price. If you want to have a pleasant cooking experience, you need to consider the golden triangle. It ensures ease of movement and convenience. Each side of the triangle  — that is the distance between any two sides — should be between 4 feet to 9 feet. The total sum of all the sides should be between 12 feet to 26 feet. You can easily bank on the golden triangle for modular kitchen design.

Expert Recommendation: Place your refrigerator near the entrance of the kitchen as it is used most frequently.

Colour Scheme

Don’t forget the colour scheme while fixing your modular kitchen designs price! Do you like contrasting blends of warm and cool colours? Or neutral palettes made adventurous with solid streaks? There are many options for choosing the colour scheme for your kitchen, which will play a role in your kitchen interior design price.

Electrical and Plumbing Concerns

You need to keep in mind slots for electrical and plumbing points as well when it comes to considering the modular kitchen designs price, especially for apartments. In the case of an independent house, you can plan these according to the modular units.

What Is the Difference Between a Factory-Made and a Carpenter-Made Kitchen?

Nowadays, while buying a home, most homeowners also consider modular kitchen designs price. While the norm for years has been to reach out to a carpenter to build your kitchen, a factory-made kitchen is the go-to option if you want a modern one. As the name suggests, a carpenter-made kitchen is built from scratch by local carpenters. These are done in a traditional method, right from design to the execution. However, its factory counterpart or modular kitchen comes in modules of neat cabinets that are made of a variety of materials.

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Now that you have a fair idea about what the modular kitchens designs price points are, the cost of modular kitchen in India and how you can get one for your home, we thought we should give you some information regarding efficiency and compact spaces, too.

How Do I Make a Modular Kitchen More Efficient?

Convenience and ease of use can affect modular kitchen designs price

While several factors affect modular kitchen designs price, convenience should always be of utmost importance. If you want to make sure your kitchen is spot-on in terms of functionality, invest in the golden triangle. This will ensure everything is at an accessible distance. For  your storage woes, pantry units are perfect to stow away your groceries in bulk.

Livspace modular kitchen promises efficiency and convenience with an ergonomic design.

Can I Have a Compact Modular Kitchen and How Do I Make it Work?

The size of the kitchen will impact the modular kitchen designs price

Do you have a compact kitchen and still want a fully functional modular kitchen designs price that doesn’t feel cluttered? The size of your kitchen will not only determine the look and theme but also your modular kitchen designs with price. Here are some amazing tips for you.

  • Try neutral colours for your cabinets
  • Use up all that dead wall space
  • The Lemans corner and magic corner units (accessories that fit into dead spaces) will ensure that you make effective use of the corners.

The next time you’re thinking about modular kitchen designs price, let this be your go-to place. We tried to address all concerns, be it big or small. And we hope that you’ve found all your answers to all things modular kitchen-related here!

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