Exasperated every time you walk into your cramped kitchen? Worry not! You can still stretch this small space. Our interior designers give clever, easy solutions for your small kitchen design:

Small Kitchen Design Tip #1: Golden Triangle

The golden triangle rule is one of the most important factors for your small kitchen design.

small kitchen design-white-upper-lower-cabinets-counter-sink-hob-window
Golden triangle ensures efficiency when you are working in the kitchen

Remember to have your hob, refrigerator and sink fall within the lines of a triangle. This ensures ease of access and enough space , especially in a parallel kitchen, for two people to work without bumping into each other.

Twisha Thakker Kothari, Mumbai

small kitchen design-grey-black-wood-lofts-cabinets-counter-window-profile-lights
Golden triangle works well in L-shaped and parallel kitchens

“For narrow spaces, opt for a single wall kitchen. All appliances, storage and the work-space are arranged along a single line. This is a sure shot way to optimize space.”

– Avneet Kaur Hanspal, Mumbai

Small Kitchen Design Tip #2: Dousing in neutrals

Light colors cast a peaceful aura, while giving the kitchen an expansive feel. Not just that, neutrals can be effortlessly combined with a wide range of colors so the possibilities are endless!

small kitchen design-neutral kitchen-grey cabinets-white cabinets-parallel kitchen
Grey cabinets can really open up the space in a compact kitchen

“You could add white on cabinets, countertops, walls and ceiling to create a seamless, roomy space. Layer it with several shades of white or pair with a contrasting texture to ensure it doesn’t look mundane.”
– Akshatha Suresh, Bengaluru

compact kitchen-neutral kitchen-white cabinets-backsplash
Sorbet colours like this one are perfect for a small kitchen

“I always use neutrals to create a wide, spacious look. To jazz things up, I pick colored laminates or add interesting dimensions with tiles, black boards or even stylish handles on shutters.”
– Twisha Thakker Kothari, Mumbai

Small Kitchen Design Tip #3: Visual tricks with cabinets

Don’t look at your kitchen cabinets from a purely functional standpoint, use these tricks to style them and expand your line of vision.

compact kitchen design-lofts-neutral kitchen-kitchen cabinets
Play visual tricks by opting for lofts in a compact kitchen

“Choose ceiling-high cabinets. It will add height by drawing your eyes upward, and you get more storage too.”
– Avneet Kaur Hanspal, Mumbai

small kitchen-frosted glass cabinets
Frosted glass cabinets create the illusion of space

“Use glass doors to add depth. However, if you must have a few solid doors for privacy, then choose recessed panels to create stylish, subtle shadows.”
– Akshatha Suresh, Bengaluru

Small Kitchen Design Tip #4: Modular storage is a god-send

From wire baskets to magic corners, modular kitchen accessories help keep small kitchens organised.

small kitchen design-modular storage-pull out unit
Pull-out trays are perfect space-savers!

“Invest in modular storage to make every inch of your counter count. Install a cabinet at a dead corner to conceal coffeemakers, toasters and other small appliances.”
– Gwyneth Dias, Mumbai

small kitchen design-modular storage-tall unit-modular kitchen
There is nothing like enough storage when it comes to a small space

“Smart storage can really make life simple. For tight spaces, use a slim pullout pantry, so that items in the back are just as easily accessible as the ones in the front.”
– Radhika Thirani, New Delhi

Small Kitchen Design Tip #5: Make It Bright and Airy

If you are building a kitchen from scratch, then use this handy tip to break the boundaries of a traditional kitchen.

small kitchen design-grey-white-cabinets-breakfast-table-black-counter
Extend the counter for a compact breakfast table

“Do away with walls and go for an open kitchen. The counter can be used for preparing meals as well as for dining. This not only ups kitchen aesthetics but also magnifies its openness and encourages socialising during meal times”
– Radhika Thirani, New Delhi

Alternatively, you can incorporate large windows or at least ensure existing windows have minimum coverings and let in plenty of natural light.

kitchen design-white-green-country-style-backsplash-profile-lights
Maximise brightness with white surfaces and profile lighting

Kitchen Interiors Tip #6: The Efficiency of U Shape

The U-shaped kitchen is one of the most convenient kitchen types when your available space is less. This shape fits in a large amount of storage, cabinetry and countertop space within a small area. This helps to keep things organised and clutter-free. 

small kitchen design-U shaped kitchen-purple and white cabinets
Provides ample storage in small spaces
kitchen style-U shaped-blue cabinets
Spacious and elegant

Kitchen Interiors Tip #7: Clean Horizontal Lines

We all know that horizontal lines make a space look wider. So, if you want to create the illusion of space in your small kitchen design, choose designs that use horizontal lines. For instance, wallpapers with rectangular designs are a great way to make your space look larger.

small kitchen design-accent wall-tiles
The horizontal pattern creates the illusion of space
Indian kitchens-wallpaper-cabinets
We love the chessboard pattern of the wallpaper!

Kitchen Interiors Tip #8: Smart Flooring Tricks

If you want to make your kitchen look larger, focus on the flooring. Depending upon the design, your floor can make the kitchen look more spacious. Tiles with too much of design can make the space look cluttered. So, opt for flooring designs that are clean and minimal. 

small kitchen design-flooring pattern
The flooring can make any room look spacious
small kitchen design-flooring-tiles
The flooring should be subtle and minimal

Kitchen Interiors Tip #9: Use the Vertical Space With Open Shelves

When space is less, vertical spaces will come to your rescue. Invest in wall-mounted cabinets to ensure ample storage without taking up too much space. Also, opt for open cabinets instead of closed ones. Open cabinets create the illusion of space and make the kitchen look large and airy. 

kitchen interiors-open shelves-wall mounted
A small space does not mean that you have to forego on storage
small kitchen design-vertical storage
Smart, trendy and storage-efficient!

Use these tips to transform your small kitchen into a commodious yet cozy haven that will make whipping meals a delightful experience.

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