The area most prone to a fire in a house or an apartment is the kitchen. Also, most Indian kitchens have a wide array of utensils, kitchenware and knick knacks and thus run a high risk of fire accidents. We’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips that can effectively fireproof your kitchen:

Fireproofing tip #1: Cleaning grease and oil stains

Fireproof your kitchen

Due to daily cooking, kitchen surfaces such as slabs, stoves and appliances often have grease, oils etc. accumulated on them and this is especially true for Indian kitchens. Cleaning the kitchen regularly is important as these unattended stains increase the chances of a fire spreading quickly.

While you are at it, don’t miss out on cleaning the grease on the chimneys and exhaust fans as well.

Fireproofing tip #2: Clearing the stove area

Fireproof your kitchen

Avoid storing or hanging things around the stove or hob that can easily catch a fire. For example: wooden spatula, mitts etc. Cabinets directly above the hob can also be hazardous.

Also, ensure that the stove is not positioned in front or opposite an open window.

Fireproofing tip #3: Opt for updated appliances

Fireproof your kitchen

More often than not, kitchen fires start with faulty appliances. Buy safe and good quality appliances and have them regularly serviced.

Ensure that power cords are not frayed or splintered and always remember to unplug appliances when not in use. If your house or apartment is old, fireproof your kitchen by having the wiring around the kitchen checked thoroughly.

A good way to significantly reduce the chances of a fire hazard in the kitchen would be to go for induction cookers.

Fireproofing tip #4: Keep fire extinguishers nearby

Fireproof your kitchen

Fire extinguishers should ideally be placed somewhere near the kitchen but away from appliances like toaster, microwave etc. where a fire can easily start.

Consider the weight of the cylinder before buying one and ensure that every member of the family knows how to use it.

Fireproofing tip #5: Install smoke alarms

Fireproof your kitchen

A good way to fireproof your kitchen is by installing smoke alarms nearby. While you cannot have one affixed in the kitchen itself, an alarm in the adjoining space will warn you if a fire breaks out.

Fireproofing tip #6: Keep flammable knickknacks away

Fireproof your kitchen

The kitchen contains a lot of everyday items that can aggravate a fire such as tissue paper, kitchen rolls, product packages, wrappings etc. Store these objects away from the stove and appliances.

Also, some of the cleaning liquids that are used in the kitchen are often extremely flammable. Always switch off the appliances or the stove while cleaning them with these products.

Fireproofing tip #7: Going for a renovation

Fireproof your kitchen

In case you are renovating your kitchen, you can go a step further and have the contractor use fire resistant materials. It takes longer for these materials to get affected by fire, allowing plenty of time for the home’s occupants to escape.

Fire resistant materials for kitchens include tempered glass, concrete, bricks, drywalls etc. and these are easily available in the Indian market.

Fireproofing tip #8: Double check your gas connection

Fireproof your kitchen

Lastly, never leave your hob unattended and after you are done cooking always turn off the knob of the gas source. This will prevent unforeseen leakage. It’s a simple step that often goes ignored.

Fireproofing your kitchen with these effective tips will ensure that t is a safe place to work in.