Everybody has a set of cookware they can always rely on. However, what it is made of is just as important as the design because it directly relates to health, safety and durability of use. Did you know some of the poorer materials can leach toxins and carcinogens into your food? Cookware materials also differ based on what you’ll be using it for– roasting, braising, frying, tossing, boiling, baking… the list goes on! This guide will break down the best cookware for health based on the material they use.

Best Cookware for Health #1: Cast Iron
cast iron pan-coriander-knife-wooden-board
Does not contain any harmful chemicals

Cast iron cookware is around for the longest time because it’s highly durable. The material also ticks the right boxes when it comes to being one of the best cookware for health. Because it generally doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or coating that could seep into your food due to the heat. What’s more, cast iron becomes naturally non-stick with a little drizzle of oil. So, you don’t have to keep topping up the fat or butter to prevent food from sticking to the pan. Here’s a tip: avoid cooking food with a strong smell because chances are the smell may linger.

Best Cookware for Health #2: Titanium
best cookware for health-best material for cooking-titanium pot
Try titanium-reinforced for better cooking

For proper non-stick pans, consider investing in titanium sets. An all-titanium pan isn’t ideal to cook using because it doesn’t retain heat well and food can stick to the surface. However, titanium-reinforced cookware is your best bet. A tad on the pricier side, they make up for that by being a safe metal with a nonstick surface that is derived from other safe material including silicone and titanium-tempered ceramic.

Best Cookware for Health #3: Glass
best cookware for health-glass bowl-casserole-wooden-board
Use it for all your baking needs

Since glass isn’t coated with additional chemicals, it’s generally considered one of the best cookware for health. Ensure that the glass bakeware you’re using is heat-tolerant to avoid cracks and shattering glass. It’s also the safest to use glass bakeware for baking and microwaving instead of directly placing it on the stove as it will shatter.

Best Cookware for Health #4: Anodised Aluminium
cookware-material-aluminium cookware-pots-pans-wooden-spoon
Anodised coating makes your cookware durable

If you’re looking for aluminium cookware, ensure that it’s got the ‘anodised’ tag. Regular aluminum without the coating could leach trace amounts of the metal into your food, making it very toxic. The aluminum oxide that forms the anodised coating makes the cookware more durable and less likely to corrode due to acidic substances.

Best Cookware for Health #5: Stone
cookware-material-stone pan-food-steam-spoon-fork
Ensure that it is lead-free

Once again one of the oldest types of cookware, stoneware is durable, practical and, most importantly, doesn’t leach toxins into your food. Stoneware is best for baking– while that sounds limiting, there’s a plethora of dishes you can make ranging from lasagna and casserole to pastas and roasts. You can use more specialised stone pans to make breads, pizzas and more. To ensure that the set you picked is indeed one of the best cookware for health, ensure it’s lead-free because some cheaper alternatives tend to have the toxin in their sets.

Over and above budget and cookware type, material is an important factor to consider while choosing the best cookware for health. Because the wrong material could jeopardize your family’s health in the long run.

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