Designing a kitchen for your home is like solving a crossword puzzle. With endless design options, the process can be daunting. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. From cutlery units to wicker baskets, this simple kitchen design style quiz will help you decide which kitchen is best for you. Refer to the answer key below the question to find your ideal kitchen type.

kitchen design style quiz-yellow-white-grey-kitchen-tall-unit-storage
A kitchen with ample storage
Kitchen design style quiz question #1: Who does most of the cooking?

A. Me

B. The whole family

C. The cook

If you selected A: Being the sole user of a kitchen, you can opt for one that is more aesthetic than functional. Opt for pretty colours and finishes, or even white!

If you selected B & C: The more footfall in a room, the more maintenance needed. Hence, a kitchen that is used by many should be high on functionality and low on maintenance.

Kitchen design style quiz question #2: How many times in a day do you or your family cook?

A. Once a day

B. Twice a day

C. Thrice a day

D. Multiple times a day

If you selected A & B: The number of times a kitchen is used in a day is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. Hence, a kitchen that is used once or twice a day can have a few shelves and a single work zone. A small kitchen can have standalone units outside the kitchen.

If you selected C & D: When a kitchen is used to cook many meals in a day, it is considered heavy cooking. Therefore, it must have multiple designated work areas. For example, a busy kitchen should have a prep zone, cook zone, clean zone and plenty of storage with clear counter space. 

Prior to cooking, activities such as washing, peeling, cutting, mixing and measuring takes place in the prep zone. You spend most of your time in this zone so make sure its a flawless one. In order to do that, two or more shelves and a dedicated counter top space makes it a convenient process.

As the name implies, the cook zone is the zone where the cooking happens. Therefore, it should have a hob with three or more burners, an oven and a chimney with lights and filters for easy maintenance. 

Lastly, the clean zone is a zone that is separated from the prep zone and the cook zone. To avoid a cumbersome cleaning process, ensure the clean zone has a large enough sink with a glass and plate tray for washed cutlery and utensils. 

kitchen design style quiz-cookware volume
Kitchen design style quiz question #3: How would you rate your cooking pots/ pans/ vessels/ cookers in terms of volume?

A. I have just one of each.

B. I have a couple of pots and pans, and 2-3 cookers.

C. I have excess cookware. Too many to count.

If you selected A & B: The number of shelves required in a kitchen depends on the amount of cookware you own. Light cookware can be stored in one or two cabinets installed in the cook zone. 

If you selected C: The kitchen must have a minimum of two cabinets in the cook zone. Heavy cookware is stored in tandem drawers that are easily accessible with minimum effort. Bottom-most shelves of tandem drawers are an ideal space to store heavy cookware, since they are larger.

Kitchen design style quiz question #4: How would you rate your serveware/ dinnerware/ crockery/ cutlery in terms of volume?

A. I have exactly enough for me or my family.

B. I have enough for a large party.

C. I have so much serveware/ dinnerware some of it is stored outside the kitchen or in the loft.

If you selected A: Keep clutter away from your kitchen with sufficient storage. Flatware for a small family can be stored in a 3-shelf CPT or Cutlery Plate Thali cabinet in the prep zone.

If you selected B or C: For plenty of flatware, a multiple shelf CPT in the prep zone along with glass door cabinets on the worktop unit will suffice.

Kitchen design style quiz question #5: Would you prefer under counter space for gas cylinders?

A. Yes 

B. No

If you selected A: Your cook zone must have units for gas cylinders depending on the number of cylinders in use. Moreover, floor units installed specially for gas cylinders keeps them out of sight. 

If you selected B: All kitchens do not require a unit for gas cylinders. The cylinder can be placed in any convenient area of the cook zone.

kitchen design style quiz-storage for groceries
Kitchen design style quiz question #6: How often do you shop for groceries?

A. As per need; it’s rotational, we purchase groceries 2-3 times a month.

B. Once a week; we purchase in small quantities, we buy only what we need.

C. Once a month; we restock all supplies once a month.

If you selected A or B: A minimum of one or two units in each zone is necessary for every kitchen. Groceries bought weekly or less, do not require more than two units. For convenience, the prep zone can have one or two cabinets for everyday cooking needs and breakfast items.

If you selected C: Households that prefer monthly purchases and stock up on groceries require more storage. Subsequently, tall units for the food storage zone and wicker baskets for the prep zone are the most convenient way to store groceries. For convenience, the prep zone can have one or two cabinets for everyday cooking needs and breakfast items.

Kitchen design style quiz question #7: Do you want storage for extra groceries in the kitchen?

A. Yes

B. No

If you’re wondering how to design your kitchen while accommodating all your groceries, this one’s for you. Keeping your kitchen tidy increases  productivity . However, adding units for excess groceries is a waste of space and must only be installed if it is absolutely necessary.

Kitchen design style quiz question #8: How often do you shop for household cleaning supplies?

A. Once a month; we restock for the entire month

B. Once in two-three months; we purchase in bulk so we never run out

C. As per need; it’s rotational, we purchased two times a month.

If you selected A or B: Homes where cleaning supplies are bought in bulk, require more storage space. Therefore, in addition to a sink unit, you can opt for a single door base unit for storing a large number of supplies.

If you selected C: In this case, most kitchens with minimal supplies can use the space within the sink unit.

Kitchen design style quiz question #9: What method do you use for purifying drinking water?

A. Bubble top or water can

B. RO or water filter

If you selected A: A kitchen is incomplete without a water dispenser. Present in every kitchen, this essential unit requires plenty of space. Subsequently, bubble tops or water cans require a sturdy platform to be placed on.

If you selected B: Whereas, RO units should be placed in a convenient part of the kitchen.

Talk to your designer, armed with this data in hand! Knowing what you need is half the job done.

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