Moving into your new home is a joy that comes around only once in a blue moon for most of us. And when it does happen, we want nothing but positivity to accompany you. Many believe that to invoke positivity in your home, you need to ensure that it follows vastu rules. While builders often comply with such guidelines, it is not always possible for them to factor in everything. So we decided to help you out with some vastu tips for new home that you can implement on your own.

Why is vastu important for a new home?

Three types of energies surround a person – Earth, Directional and Cosmic. By building a home based on the vastu principles, you allow these sacred energies to flow into your home. This has a direct impact on your health, wealth and emotional wellbeing. So it’s crucial that you fill your home with positive vibes. 

Tip #1: Entryway for positivity

vastu tips for new home-home entrance-Ganesha
Welcome good luck and prosperity

Experts say that the entrance to the home is the channel through which energies enter your home. These simple rules can help you attract energies that promote good health, prosperity and happiness.

– Ensure that the main door faces north, northeast or east.

– Do not build a bathroom near the main entrance.

– Hang well-designed name plates outside your main door.

– Paint or hang pictures of holy symbols like a swastika to allow prosperity to enter.

– Hang bells and torans at your front entrance.

Vastu-compliant colours: Green, white, sky blue and pastels.

Welcome prosperity into your home with these Vastu Tips for Home Entrance.

Tip #2: Energies gather in the living room

vastu tips for new home-living room-ethnic
Use square or rectangular furniture in the living room

The living room is the space where the family congregates and entertains guests. This zone can be a hub of energies, both positive and negative. If you are looking for some vastu tips for buying new flat, one of the first things you need to consider is the design of your living room.

– The living room should face north, northeast or northwest.

– Avoid dark colours like red and black for your living room walls.

– Aesthetic paintings depicting natural scenes or holy objects invoke sacred energies.

– Place heavy furniture in the south or south-west side of the living room.

– Do NOT display artificial or dried flowers as these are deemed inauspicious and attract negative vibes.

Vastu-compliant colours: Blue, green, yellow and tan.

Tip #3: Vastu tips for the bedroom

vastu tips for new home-bedroom
Your bed should always have a head rest, for good Vastu

Your bedroom is your safe place. This is the area where you relax, rejuvenate and just be yourself. A poorly designed bedroom can promote fights between couples, have a negative impact on sleep patterns and cause health issues. 

– Place your bed in the south, west or southwest corner of your bedroom. While resting, your head should point in the same direction.

– Do NOT place a mirror in front of your bed as mirrors can deplete your personal energy and cause fights.

– Use soft, pastel colours like rose, sky blue, soothing green, yellow and white for your bedroom decor.

– Hang artistic paintings depicting a serene landscape to harness happy vibes.

– Do NOT place electrical devices like computers, TV and mobile phones in your bedroom. If you must keep these items, ensure that you switch them off at least an hour before sleeping. 

Vastu-compliant colours: Blue, green, yellow, pink, brown and purple.

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PRO TIP: Your home should be well-lit to welcome prosperity. Use a combination of lighting fixtures and natural light to liven up your home. Ensure that most light fittings are on the north or east walls, which will bring good luck to your home.

Tip #4: Flush out negativity in the bathroom

vastu tips for new home-bathroom
Bathrooms, when not Vastu-compliant, become a hub of negativity

When it comes to Vastu tips for new home, the bathroom area is often ignored. Bathrooms, while being highly functional, are often the most neglected. As a result, this area allows energies to drain out of your home. 

– Always construct the bathroom in the northwest section of the house.

– Use neutral, earthly colours like brown and beige for your bathroom interiors.

– Fix water outlets like wash basins and showers in the north, northeast or east sections of the bathroom.

– Ensure that your bathroom does not share a common wall with the bed, pooja room or kitchen.

– Do NOT use a metal door for your bathroom as it can trap negative energy.

Vastu-compliant colours: Beige, cream and brown.

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Tip #5: Vastu tips for the kitchen

vastu tips for new home-kitchen
The abode of Agni

If you regularly suffer from health issues, especially digestion-related, it is, in all likelihood, due to bad vastu in your kitchen. The kitchen represents Agni, the Lord of Fire. Thus, every component of your kitchen should be in compliance with this fiery element.

– Ideally, you should place your kitchen in the southeast part of your home as this area is governed by Agni. The northwest direction also works.

– To promote good health and positivity, while cooking you should always face east. So place your kitchen items like the stove, utensils etc. accordingly.

– Do NOT place the sink near the stove as fire and water elements clash against each other. Place the sink in the northeast part of the kitchen. 

– Ensure that there is at least one window in your kitchen to allow positive energies to flow.

– Do NOT keep any medicines in the kitchen.

Vastu-compliant colours: Orange, white, green, yellow, pink and chocolate brown.

Fill your kitchen with positive vibes with these vastu guidelines.

Tip #6: Sacred energies flow from the pooja room

vastu tips for new home-pooja room
The pooja room is the source of auspicious energies

When it comes to vastu for new house, the pooja room is the most important. It is crucial that you make this area vastu-centric, to allow positive and sacred energies to envelop your home.

– To harness the positive energy of the sun, place your pooja room in the northeast, north or east sections of your home.

– Place your idols a few inches above the ground and a few inches away from the wall in the pooja room, to allow air to flow. The northeast section of your pooja room is the most auspicious area for placing idols.

– Your pooja room should have a pyramid-like roof as this shape harnesses positivity. It helps in creating a meditative atmosphere.

– Paint your pooja room in soothing, pastel colours like white and pale yellow to promote serenity.

– Diyas, lamps and the agnikund should face the southeast direction.

Vastu-compliant colours: Yellow, orange, white and green.

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PRO TIP: Pure and positive vibes are unable to enter a home that is cluttered and dirty. Remove all unnecessary items from your home. Broken items, especially lights, should be replaced immediately. Don’t keep clocks that don’t work as it represents stagnation.

Now that you have all the intel on vastu, go ahead and start designing your dream home!

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