Vastu is the science of energy and it works by elevating the energy of your home using different kinds of elements. Colour is one of the main factors that come into play as far as vastu is concerned. You might have seen firsthand that some spaces go from drab to fab just by changing their colour. Imagine the impact colours could have on a pooja room that is supposed to be filled with positivity. There are many vastu colors for pooja room but we’ve picked the top 5 for you to choose from!

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room #1: Yellow

The sun colour harnesses positive energies

As a ‘sun colour’, yellow propagates happiness, optimism and self-definition. For centuries now, yellow has been considered a sacred colour and it also has spiritual significance, making it ideal to set the meditative tone in the pooja room. Vastu shastra recommends that a pooja room face the north-east direction in order to harness the maximum energy of the sun. Yellow pooja room paint colours facilitate this process.

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room #2: Orange

vastu-colours-for-pooja-room-orange-wall-orange-pooja-room-metal god-pooja-unit
Orange signifies power and courage

Orange and vermillion often accompany yellow in terms of auspiciousness. A radiant orange signifies power and courage while a more muted brick tone exudes energy and provides stimulation for prayer. Consider choosing a lighter shade of orange for a small space to make it airy and fresh. Darker tones tend to be loud and distractive while trying to ease into a meditative state, so avoid those.

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room #3: White

White is the sign of purity

Choosing white from among a set of pooja room paint colors is a step towards building a positive space to relax and connect with a higher being. White signifies purity and cleanliness- both important factors that add to the functionality of a pooja room as a spiritual space. If you’re including a marble structure or backdrop in your pooja room, consider choosing a white or off-white variant with minimal stripes.

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room #4: Green

Green symbolises life and harmony

To instantly soothe the senses and bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your home, consider using green pooja room paint colors. Green is symbolic of life, nature and harmony which are all propitious elements to channel into such a sacred space. The pop of colour also provides the right amount of energy to approach meditation and prayer positively.

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room #5: Golden

Golden colour for a glamorous pooja room

If your pooja room is part of the common areas of your home that have a plush vibe, gold might be the colour you should choose! A rich mustard gold hue makes a space look broader than it is; this illusion of space . Also, gold, like yellow, is a warm color that will have a purifying effect on the energy in your pooja room. 

Vastu Colors for Pooja Room Pro tip: Avoid black!

Black is a disruptive colour in vastu and can weaken the positive and harmonious energy flowing through your pooja room. Vastu recommends avoiding dark colours as a whole, as they don’t attract as much optimism as their lighter counterparts. They also make a space seem smaller and more cramped when used incorrectly. This can hamper slipping into a calm meditative state in time for prayer.

While choosing vastu colors for pooja rooms, do evaluate the orientation of the nook, the positioning of altars and mantaps. This will not only help you smartly match the interiors of the room to that of the rest of the house but channel positive energy.

If you’re looking for some general vastu tips for your pooja rooms, read this: 6 Simple Vastu Tips to Design Your Pooja Room.

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